26 Fun Things to do in Dubai

Fun things to do in dubai

List of top fun things to do in Dubai: This has been transformed into a fabulous city of malls and glass towers from a small fishing village, has many things to offer for tourists at present. Except for the beaches and the desert, everything here is artificial which makes the city quite appealing. Here, you will come across many points of interest that will provide you with a wonderful memory for a long time to come.

Below, we have mentioned the top 26 fun activities in Dubai right now.

  1. Dubai Museum of Illusion

Museum of illusions Dubai tickets

In case you are a person who loves illusion, then this place will be ideal for you. Incidentally, it happens to be the biggest museum on the planet. After entering the museum, you will come across 8 different types of interactive exhibits including a rotating cylinder, a vortex tunnel,and many more. These will definitely seem to you to be incredible that will entertain you as well.

  1. Skydive in Dubai


Skydiving is something that is suitable only for adventure enthusiasts out there. This is because you need to jump from a height of 5,000 m. However, in case you are not prepared for it and want to do something which is less terrifying, then it will be a good idea to visit the iFly Dubai. Here, you will come across an acrylic glass tunnel that will provide you with a wonderful experience. This activity is meant for children as well.

  1. Camel Ride

Camel ride in desert safari

You’ll be able to explore the desert in Dubai with the help of the Camel Desert Safari. Here, you will enjoy a 45-minute journey in the middle of the dunes where you will also be able to watch the sunset falcon show as well. Moreover, there will be conventional Emirati dances much to your delight.

  1. Sail Sweet on Abra

While you’re in Dubai and want to do something interesting, then you can indulge in water activities as well. For example, the Arabian Abra Ride will provide you with a great time without fail. Here, you can make use of compact-sized motorized taxis known as Abras that has the ability to accommodate approximately 20 people simultaneously. The fun thing regarding this particular ride is that you will be able to sit while facing the boat’s sides which will provide you with a clear view of the skyscrapers of Dubai.

  1. Enjoy the Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

In case you want to watch something really relaxing, then the Dubai Fountain will help you to do so. It will provide you with an astounding display of light, music, and water. It happens to be the tallest fountain with water jets rising to a height of 500 feet into the air with relaxing conventional Arabic music as well. This fountain comes with as many as 25 colored projectors and more than 6,000 lights which makes it the second biggest choreographed fountain at present.

  1. Mountain biking

Mountain biking activities

It is a fact that mountain biking happens to be an unusual yet exciting activity that will be appropriate for adventure buffs out there. So, become prepared to start biking from the well-known Hatta Mountain in Dubai. While biking, you will be able to enjoy the fabulous views of the city as well. The good thing regarding this trail is that it is open around the clock throughout the year.

  1. Sensation Club

In case you like to spend the night partying and dancing, then this location will be the best place to do so. It happens to be a vibrant nightclub located in Crowne Plaza that will provide you with live DJ performances as well as an eclectic dance floor. The themed nights here consist of Massive Fridays, RnB Mondays, and Mamacita Saturdays which you should not miss by any means.

  1. Ice cream lab

Ice Cream Lab Dubai

This location will be ideal for you in case you want to cool off from the heat of Dubai. The shop has a reputation for serving freshly prepared ice cream from a sophisticated liquid nitrogen machine. It will make sure that you will be able to customize your cup according to your preferences and tastes. Here, you will be able to come across your favorite flavors due to the fact that there are lots of options to select from.

  1. Emirates Golf Club

Mini Golf Dubai

This one happens to be amongst the premier golf locations in the city of Dubai. This golf course consists of 36 holes and features three major courses, namely, The Majlis, Par 3 Academy Course, as well as the Faldo Course. Incidentally, the 9-hole Par 3 course will be ideal for you in case you happen to be a newbie. Here, there are several fabulous dining options as well.

  1. EKart Zabeel

EKart Zabeel

There is hardly any doubt that EKartZabeel will provide you with a nerve-wracking experience. It happens to be a car racing track offering plenty of entertainment and enjoyment for individuals of every age. This particular go-karting zone which is situated in the Dubai Mall Zabeel will make sure of top-quality equipment and standards.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon getting ready in dubai desert

The idea of floating over the Dubai desert will surely be an interesting one. This ride will allow you to witness some stunning desert vistas as well. The baskets will be able to accommodate approximately 24 individuals simultaneously. You can return to the ground after the ride and celebrate the flight in the best possible way.

  1. Wild Wadi Water Rides

There is hardly any doubt that this Arabian Folklore theme amusement park will provide you with an exciting experience. Offering as many as 30 rides for individuals of all ages, this waterpark should not be missed while you are in Dubai. There are some astounding rides available here such as the stunning BurjSurj and Tantrum Alley. Moreover, the Riptide Flow riders and Wipeout provide the best surfing experience as well.

  1. Underwater aquatic zoo

Dubai Underwater Zoo And Aquarium

  1. Indulge in an enjoyable Dubai Dolphinarium Activity

Dolphin with Girl

We all know dolphins to be extremely intelligent creatures that are quite friendly as well. The Dubai Dolphinarium will provide you with a variety of shows that feature playful seals, skilled birds, as well as lovable dolphins. This memory is something that you will be able to cherish throughout your life. You will also have the opportunity of kissing, dance, hug, and play with these dolphins.

  1. Sandboarding

Sand dune bashing sunrise desert safari

This will be one more fun activity that you can try while you are in Dubai. In this case, you need to drive through the sands after hopping in a Hummer. There are different grades of sandboarding which implies that there is no reason for you to worry in case you happen to be a beginner.

  1. Perform plenty of shopping

Couple shopping in Dubai mall

Dubai and shopping are something which is connected to one another. As a matter of fact, you will find virtually everything in these shops out there. For example, you will be able to purchase electronic items, gold jewelry, luxury items, everyday commodities, and so forth. There are also some massive shopping malls together with outdated souks where you will find almost everything from clothing to spices to carpets and so on.

  1. Try dune bashing

Dune bashing Dubai

This activity can be considered to be a type of extreme sport that will make you feel excited while coming down from the slopes of the dunes at great speed. It will be a good idea to go for the evening session or morning session since it will allow you to enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner along with Arabian coffee.

  1. Spend your time at the kid-friendly OliOli

The OliOli museum in Dubai will provide you with both education as well as amusement with some astounding child-focused activities plus games. It will be possible for the children to create, build, and play in this vibrant educational world. The Water Gallery, for example, will allow the children to discover the principles of physics and engineering in an enjoyable manner. They will also be able to construct rockets capable of withstanding inclement weather conditions.

  1. Helicopter Tours

12 minute helicopter ride in Dubai

There is no doubt that the best skyline on the planet is in Dubai. Riding in a helicopter will allow you to witness the landmarks of the city from the top such as the Burj Al Arab hotel, Palm Jumeirah islands, and Ras al Khor wetlands. You may also book a gyrocopter tour right here that will take you to a height of 1,500 m above sea level.

  1. BurjKhalifa Observation Deck


This particular observation deck is situated on the 124th as well as 125th floors of the Burj Khalifa. Go to the summit at a speed of 10 m every second in glass elevators and watch the fabulous city disappearing below you.

  1. Exciting rides at Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Water Park Dubai Ticket

This is one of the biggest water parks situated in Dubai and will provide you with an experience which will find hard to forget. Nothing will be better than the thrill of riding some exciting rides such as the Tower of Poseidon and Anaconda. Here you will come across several hundred meters of a pristine beach waiting for you and the waterpark plus multi-watering delicacies at eateries as well.

  1. Scuba Diving

Dubai scuba diving

You will be able to perform the fun productivity of scuba diving at Jumeirah Beach. Here you can witness more than 70,000 marine species while appreciating the rich sea life of the UAE. The good thing is that you will come across several scuba diving courses available on the beach at different diving centers. Some well-known diving sites consist of Martini Rock, Sharm Rock, and Dubai World Islands right here.

  1. Flyboard in Dubai

Flyboarding UAE

It will be a good idea to perform this activity in case you are not satisfied with the regular rides in the waterpark. By performing flyboarding, it will seem to you that you are soaring over the water when powerful water streams will shoot you upwards in the air.

  1. Having dinner in the Sky Dubai

Dinner in the Sky

In this case, you will be able to have a fantastic dining experience for a span of 90 minutes in the clouds. However, while doing so, you will be provided with the most sophisticated safety features for ensuring your safety more than anything else. While having the meal at a height of 50 m, you will be able to get 360-degree views of the Atlantis, Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab as well as BurjKhalifa.

  1. Visit Atlantis waterpark

This particular waterpark is considered to be the biggest in the world that will provide you with as many as 105 slides. Covering an area of 22.5 ha, this waterpark consists of more than 2 km of River Rapids as well as 1 kilometer of private beach. It will be feasible for animal lovers to come in close contact with sea lions, dolphins, sting rays, and sharks.

  1. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

It will be a good idea to capture your photo with the biggest frame on the planet. The height of Dubai Frame is approximately 150 m and it was opened to the public in the year 2018 on New Year’s Day. During this journey, you will have the opportunity of admiring the innovations and diversity of the city in the best possible way.