Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets- Dubai Creek


Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets- Dubai Creek

Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets

Dubai Dolphinarium Show is one of the most popular Dubai events. With an unlimited number of tickets, you can catch these beautiful creatures today!  Join the fun while you watch and learn all about dolphins live in Dubai.  Contact us for Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets

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Dubai Dolphinarium -The Dubai Dolphin Show is designed to help you know more about these graceful creatures of the sea, what makes them so interesting and unforgettable. You will be amazed by their flawless beauty and whether their ability to perform amazing tricks! The show includes fascinating presentations, acrobatic and intellectual performances from trained animals with amazing talent.

The Dubai Dolphinarium is located in the Riyadh Street, accessible by metro or taxi, and is open daily all year around. Tickets are available at a discount price for the dolphin show. The big attraction is the chance to see free dolphins swimming around in the water, stunning show – this is truly an experience of a lifetime!

Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets FAQs

When is the ideal time to visit Dubai Dolphinarium?

You can visit Dubai Dolphinarium any time of the year. It opens daily from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm, except on Tuesdays. One can have a great time here with the adorable dolphins. You can feed them and witness some cheerful performances by them.

Is swimming allowed with the dolphins?

Visitors can swim with the dolphins at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Hence, you can tell it is a never-before experience and is a must-try. Besides, the entire activity is safe as the supervisors keep a check on everything.

What’s the hype about the Mirror Maze in Dubai Dolphinarium ?

It is one of the fun challenging activities here. You must concentrate during the activity as every second will seem confusing due to the reflection of the mirrors in the labyrinth. However, you will get out in a jiffy, once you find the way out.

Is the activity safe for kids?

Dubai Dolphinarium is ideal for every age due to the various fun activities surrounding the adorable dolphins.

What are the major attractions at the Dubai Dolphinarium?

Some of the attractions at the Dubai Dolphinarium that you just have to visit are,

  • Creek Park Exotic Birds Show: You’ll love the vibrant show by exotic birds here. Birds of more than 20 species present a mesmerizing show that shall remain etched in your mind forever. Lovely macaws, parrots, cockatoos, hornbills and other birds take your breath away
  • The Dolphin and Seal Show: You’ll be charmed by these amazingly intelligent aquatic animals as they perform stunning acrobatics and other tricks. You’ll see the crowds cheer out loud when the dolphins jump into the air from the water
  • Swimming with the Dolphins: Under the supervision of experts, you can swim with the very friendly dolphins and enjoy every moment of a truly special experience

Is the Dubai Dolphinarium worth a visit?

Of course it is. The dolphins put up a spectacular show performing stunning stunts. No wonder the crowd goes wild. The show featuring exotic birds is no less spectacular. The bright colorful birds are a treat for the eyes. The many attractions make a trip to Dubai Dolphinarium very exciting indeed.



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