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Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets

The Dubai Dolphinarium Show is one of the most popular Dubai events.  It’s a perfect show for everyone ranging from the kids to adults as they will experience unique activities and beautiful dolphins. Also, it’s a place where you can create marvellous memories while swimming and interacting with these dolphins. With an unlimited number of tickets, you can catch these beautiful creatures today! Join the fun while you watch and learn all about dolphins living in Dubai. So, contact Travel Saga Tourism now and book your Dubai Creek Dolphinarium Tickets.

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About Dubai Dolphinarium

Well, the Dubai Dolphinarium is Dubai’s most popular and favourite event. By having access to a particular event, you will be eligible to encounter beautiful and intelligent creatures. Moreover, you will enjoy the stunning shows and amazing activities performed by the dolphins. Through this show, tourists will learn about the different creatures of the sea. By watching the amazing skills of these creatures and also their beauty, you will be amazed. During the show, you will get a chance to enjoy great acrobatic, intellectual and acrobatic performances. 

  • Dolphin & Seal Show Dubai Tickets

Dubai is popular for its outstanding attractions and stunning beauty. Due to the same reason, a majority of people visit Dubai, but among all the excursions, the best one is the Dolphin and Seal Show Dubai. It’s a fantastic show in Dubai Dolphinarium, where you will be going to enjoy the activities performed by dolphins and seals. Stunning flips, splashes and interacting are some fine activities you will enjoy. Moreover, you will experience dancing, singing, jumping through hoops, juggling, playing ball and enjoying amazing stunts. Furthermore, tourists can swim with these dolphins and enjoy everything to a great extent. 

  • Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

If you are a bird lover and live to interact with the amazing birds, it’s time to go for the Creek Park bird show. Here you will find all sorts of fantastic things like charming aerial displays and stunning activities related to their intelligence and celebration. Moreover, here you will get a chance to see the captivating personalities and their natural talents. In addition to this, you will have a chance to get a close encounter with these birds. Certainly, the most popular birds here are Amazon parrots, blue & gold macaws, hornbills, falcons & Eclectus parrots, and sun conures. Last but not least, the Steller’s Sea-Eagle is the most popular among all birds in the creek park.

  • Dolphin Encounter Dubai

Firstly, you must know that among all the mammals, dolphins are the most intelligent and they are very friendly. So, if you also want to experience the gorgeous dolphins, it’s time to go for the dolphin deep water encounter Dubai show. Here you will see the amazing dolphins performing fantastic activities and stunts. In addition to this, you will get a chance to swim with the dolphins by holding their dorsal fins and exploring the entire water area. Moreover, you can feel, touch, hug and kiss these beautiful dolphins. Not only this, the experts will guide you and by following it properly you will get an amazing experience.

  • Dolphin Meet & Greet

Certainly, as stated by the name Dolphin meet and greet, it means that in this show you will get a chance to meet and feel them. So, if you ever dreamt of meeting beautiful dolphins in real life, it’s time to book tickets for this show. As these mammals are the cutest among all, you can interact accordingly and make them friends. By watching their amazing stunts and great talent you will be amazed. Overall, experiencing these amazing dolphins is a mind-blowing way to take your Dubai city tour to the next level.


Finally, it’s the best way to experience the Dubai Dolphinarium show and enjoy watching the awesome shows. For the same, one needs to buy the Dubai Dolphinarium tickets first and then go to catch the marvellous activities performed by beautiful dolphins and seals. In this way, you will not only experience lots of amazing activities and things through the show but also add more spice to your Dubai city tour. 


Q. When is the ideal time to visit Dubai Dolphinarium?

You can visit the Dubai Dolphinarium any time of the year. It opens daily from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm, except on Tuesdays. One can have a great time here with the adorable dolphins. You can feed them and witness some cheerful performances by them.

Q. Is swimming allowed with the dolphins?

Visitors can swim with the dolphins at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Hence, you can tell it is a never before experience and is a must-try. Besides, the entire activity is safe as the supervisors keep a check on everything.

Q. What’s the hype about the Mirror Maze in Dubai Dolphinarium?

It is one of the fun challenging activities here. You must concentrate during the activity as every second will seem confusing due to the reflection of the mirrors in the labyrinth. However, you will get out in a jiffy, once you find the way out.

Q. Is the activity safe for kids?

Dubai Dolphinarium is ideal for every age due to the various fun activities surrounding the adorable dolphins.

Q. What are the major attractions at the Dubai Creek Dolphinarium?

Some of the attractions at the Dubai Creek Dolphinarium that you just have to visit are,

  • Creek Park Exotic Birds Show: You’ll love the vibrant show by exclusive birds here. Birds of more than 20 species present a mesmerizing show that shall remain etched in your mind forever. Lovely macaws, parrots, cockatoos, hornbills and other birds take your breath away
  • The Dolphin and Seal Show: You’ll be charmed by these amazingly intelligent aquatic animals as they perform stunning acrobatics and other tricks. You’ll see the crowds cheer out loud when the dolphins jump into the air from the water
  • Swimming with the Dolphins: Under the supervision of experts, you can swim with the very friendly dolphins and enjoy every moment of a truly special experience

Q. Is the Dubai Creek Dolphinarium worth a visit?

Of course, it is. The dolphins put up a spectacular show performing stunning stunts. No wonder the crowd goes wild. The show featuring exclusive birds is no less spectacular. The bright colorful birds are a treat for the eyes. The many attractions make a trip to Dubai Creek Dolphinarium very exciting indeed.

Q. What time is the dolphin show in Dubai?

There are 3 main attractions to see in Dubai Dolphinarium available the Dolphin & Seal Show (Timings: 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.), Creek Park Bird Show (Timings: 12:15 p.m., 3:15 p.m. and 6:15 p.m.) and Swim With Dolphins (Timings: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). These are available from Monday to Saturday and can be booked online with Travel Saga Tourism

Q. How much time do you spend with Dubai Dolphinarium tickets?

A show at Dubai Dolphinarium lasts for around 45 minutes. So, visitors usually spend about 2 to 3 hours.

Q. What are 5 interesting facts about dolphins?

  • Dolphins are carnivores.
  • Dolphins only sleep with half of their brain.
  • Dolphins live a long time.
  • Some Whales are actually Dolphins.
  • A Dolphin can swim more than 20MPH.

Q. What is the closest metro station to the Dolphinarium Dubai?

The closest metro station to the Dubai Dolphinarium is Dubai Healthcare City.



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