Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Get ready to experience the luxury Dhow Cruise Dubai with live entertainment show, dinner, sailing through Dubai coastline. Enjoy quality time with your loved ones while experiencing live music and variety of cuisines. Moreover, throughout the journey capture the amazing moments while performing stunning activities. Along with it, grab the opportunity with Travel Saga Tourism to explore Dubai’s beauty and get satisfaction by visiting the calm beaches and soothing environment. 

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Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai offers many options, it operates in 2 locations in Dubai, Dubai Marina & Dubai Creek. A unique way to experience the beauty of Dubai’s skyline and coastline from the tranquil waters of the Arabian Gulf. So, what is a Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai Marina? A Dhow is a traditional wooden boat that has been used for centuries in the Gulf region for several purposes like fishing, pearl cultivation, and transportation. Today, these boats have been refurbished and transformed into luxurious floating restaurants, providing a one-of-a-kind dining and entertainment experience in Dubai. So, it’s time to go for a dhow cruise Dubai Marina and get a unique experience. 

Highlights of the activities

  • As you step onboard the Dhow cruise, you are greeted warmly by the friendly staff of the Dhow cruise. You can sail on the waters of Marina or Dubai Creek and get to see Dubai’s skyline at night with reflecting lights in the water. 
  • A luscious dinner is served buffet style on all the cruising expeditions, which includes both vegetarian and non vegetarian menus. For nonvegetarian guests, delicious barbeque is available while yummy curries are served for vegetarians. 
  • Live music is played which sets the scene for a cruise party. Skilled musicians play soul touching music on Dhow Cruise Dubai .
  • In some of the Dhow cruises, live entertainment is also available like the traditional Tanoura dance.
  • Refreshing drinks are also served for you to sip on while enjoying the mesmerising views of Dubai’s skyline.

Types of Dhow Cruise Tours

Dhow Cruise Dubai also offers a range of dhow cruise packages to suit different preferences, including private charters for intimate gatherings or corporate events. Our team of experienced and friendly staff ensures that every detail is taken care of, from the moment you step on board until the end of the cruise.

  • Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise- Enjoy cruising with a vintage feeling in a traditional wooden boat at the Dubai Creek. You can see the older parts of Dubai city on this tour.
  • Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina- An updated version of the traditional dhow boats operate here in Dubai Marina. Catch glimpses of Dubai Marina, JBR, Atlantis the Palm and Burj Al Arab on this cruising venture. In addition, create some great memories with your loved ones by entering the dhow cruise Dubai Marina. 
  • Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina-  Enjoy a delicious dinner while sailing on a boat at Dubai Marina. Also, get to see the traditional Tanoura dance and some great music onboard. 

Our commitment to guest satisfaction

We pride ourselves in offering exceptional services with multiple options for guests in this Dhow Cruise Dubai, thus creating unforgettable memories for our guests. Our Dhow Cruise Dubai and Xclusive Dinner Cruise are beautifully decorated and equipped with all modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our Dhow cruise packages include a delicious buffet dinner featuring both local and international cuisine, along with traditional entertainment such as live music and Tanoura dance performances.

Other Important Details

  • Locations: Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina
  • Time: Different slots starting from 7 PM
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Days of Operation: Everyday

FAQ on Dhow Cruise Dubai

Q. What is a Dhow cruise?

Ans. Dhow is basically a well-equipped boat used for cruising in Dubai. It’s a cruise in the Dubai Marina & Dubai Creek which lets you soak in the beauty of the city while sailing. You can have a very happening time on a Dhow cruise, watch the skyline of the city and the towering buildings, watch fireworks while sailing through certain places, enjoy a sumptuous buffet dinner and enjoy the live entertainment shows aboard. A dhow cruise is a wooden boat that was used for transportation purposes in the old days. Nowadays, these beautiful traditional cruises are a status symbol that sails in Dubai with a floating restaurant.

Q. What is the duration of the Dhow cruise?

Ans. It’s a two-hour cruise and there are multiple slots starting from 7:00 PM. You can choose a slot that suits you the best.

Q. Is Vegetarian food available on the cruise?

Ans. In the Dhow cruise, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options are available. The dinner is served in the buffet format. You can either go for the Vegetarian or the non-vegetarian buffet, consisting of mouth watering sumptuous delicacies.

Q. Are the Creek Dhow cruise and Marina Dhow cruise the same?

Ans. They both offer more or less the same kind of services and comfort. However, the main difference between them is that the Dhow cruise CREEK has a more traditional design and is meant to give you a more cultural and historical vibe while the Marina Dhow cruise is contemporary and stylish and aims at giving you a more entertaining cruise. If you want to cherish the rich history of the city, go for the creek Dhow cruise and if you want to see the modern aspect of Dubai, opt for the Marina Dhow cruise.

Q. What days of the week is Dhow Cruise operational?

Ans. Dhow cruise operates daily; it is available on all days of the week.

Q. Are pick-up and drop-off services included?

Ans. As such, pick-up and drop-off services are not included by default but there are Dhow cruise packages which have transfer facilities, such as “Marina Dhow Cruise with Transfers”.

Q. Is the Dhow cruise really worth the time and money?

Ans. Dhow cruise is one of the highly popular activities, when in Dubai. It is a very exhilaratingly unique experience to cruise in a beautifully decorated traditional wooden boat and get a panoramic view of the many major attractions of the city. Besides, you will have a luxurious experience and will be treated to royal services including Barbeque and a sumptuous dinner. Therefore, it’s absolutely worth it and will remain one of your most memorable cruises ever.

Q. What is the best time of the year to go for the Dhow cruise in Dubai?

Ans. Dhow cruise services remain operational throughout the year and you can visit anytime and enjoy the Dhow cruise in Dubai. However, you should choose the winter (November to February) for the most pleasant experience as the winter evenings will be cool and more enjoyable. Summers are also comfortable as you will be taking the dhow cruise only after the evenings and the weather becomes quite pleasant by then, with light cool breeze blowing. Upper decks are more suitable for summers, to enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the light summer breeze.

Q. Where does the Dhow cruise activity start from?

Ans The Dhow cruise is located at Al Seef Street, Opposite the British Embassy, Bur Dubai.

Q. How to book tickets for the Dhow cruise?

Ans. We provide hassle-free booking services for Dhow cruises. You can check out our website and follow the instructions to book the tickets online or contact us at the given contact number or email address. Online booking is not difficult as all the instructions are given and once your payment is done, you get a booking confirmation on your email and registered phone number.

Q. What are the other activities I can do in Dubai?

Here are some activities that you can do in Dubai.



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