Dubai Tour Packages from India


Dubai Tour Packages from India

Dubai Tour Packages From India

Are you planning to visit dubai from india ? we can help you with this. our Dubai Tour Packages from india can help you design your dream trip. Choose Travel Saga to help you for your Dubai trip. our packages start from cheap prices and covers most of popular attraction in Dubai
3 Nights 4 Days Dubai Package
4 days50
Dubai Economy package We at Travel Saga are a leading travel company offering exciting holiday packages to the ‘city of gold’ Dubai Economy package  from India. What was once a...
4 Nights / 5 Days Discover Dubai
5 days50
Dubai Premium tour package The Dubai Premium tour package to from India offered by us Travel Saga Tourism brings you the best that the ‘city of gold’ has on offer for...

Dubai Tour Packages from india

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Dubai Tour Packages from india

Q.1 What is the duration of the Dubai tour packages ?

Ans. It is a 4 to 8 days package, depends on your selection, we suggest you to spend at least 6 nights in dubai,which will give you an insight of the culture and history of Dubai as you visit the historical places, various monuments and heritage buildings.  

Q.2 Will we have a guide on the dubai tour packages ?

Ans. some sightseeing tour of Dubai is going to be guided and your guide will be along throughout, giving you important facts and details about the places you visit. some attraction you may visit alone. however your selection can help you with tour guide.

Q.3 What languages can the guide speak or interact in, with us?

Ans.  Our guides know fluent English and can speak regional language too.

Q.4 What is the best time to go Dubai  ?

Ans. Although Dubai is always on the hotter side climate wise, you can experience a pleasant weather if you are visiting Dubai during winters or between October and April. During this period, the weather is perfect for many outdoor activities. You can visit Dubai anytime during the year as well, because all the buildings and places as well as cars are fully air-conditioned.

Q.5 What kind of clothes can I wear in there during my Dubai Tour Packages ?

Ans You can wear anything as per your choice like shirts, jeans, tops, knee-length dresses (women), etc. However, if you are going to any religious place or public place where dress code is specifically mentioned, you must follow that. For example- while visiting Mosques, you should dress very modestly and as per the decorum of mosque.

Q.6 What are some adventure sports to try out in Dubai?

Ans. Although there are numerous adventure activities to try in Dubai, if you are traveling for the first time, you can try out sports like Jet Ski Rental, Desert safari Dubai, Quad Biking, Dune-bashing, Sandboarding, Parasailing  Kayaking &  zip line dubai etc.

Q.7 What are certain Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind on Dubai Tour Packages ?

Ans. As you will be visiting many places, it’s imperative for you to know the Do’s and Don’ts to avoid any trouble.

  • Book your tickets for stays and activities or tours in advance to avoid last-minute hassle and disappointment.
  • Public display of affection is not allowed in Dubai.
  • Smoking and drinking are prohibited except for special designated places for the same. You can’t smoke anywhere you want.
  • You can wear whatever you want barring the religious and crowded public places. If a certain place has a specific decorum and dress code, you must follow that without any exception.
  • Ask for permission before you click pictures as photography may not be allowed at certain places.

 Q. 8 What’s the best time of the year to visit Dubai ?

You should aim to visit Dubai between the months of October and March as it’s a bit pleasant with the temperatures not being as high as they usually are. This time of the year is perfect for outdoor activities like picnics, trekking, visiting the beach, etc. There may be odd showers at this time of the year which help further to keep the temperatures from rising too much. 

Q9. What’s appropriate clothing for Dubai?

You can wear anything in Dubai unless you are visiting any place with a dress code in place. We recommend that you dress soberly.

Q10. Is smoking allowed in Dubai?

Smoking is banned in public spaces like open to general public buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, buses, the metro, etc. You can however smoke at designated zones spread through the city.

Q11. Does Everything Stay Closed On Friday In Dubai?

No, not everything stays closed on Fridays. Only the private and government offices stay closed on this day. The tourist attractions, shopping centres, restaurants, and malls stay open as usual. Certain shops may close during prayer hours.

Q12. How Long Do The Shopping Malls Stay Open In Dubai?

The good news is that major shopping malls stay open till midnight, during the month of Ramadan they add a few extra hours.

Q13. Is Indian Food Available In Dubai?

Well, of course. The city has many Indian restaurants. Signature, Bombay Brasserie, Calicut Paragon, Indego, Ashiana, Jodhpur, and Rang Mahal are some of the most popular restaurants serving mouth-watering food.

Q14. Do You Get Vegetarian Food In Dubai?

Yes, you do. In fact, the variety is quite exhaustive and you will have no trouble finding your favorite Veg Food.

Q15. Is Consuming Alcohol Allowed In Dubai?

Dubai does allow people to consume alcohol, but the legal age to do so is 21 years. However, do not make the mistake of drinking in public places are the consequence can be severe. You must always buy alcohol from venues with legal licenses.

Q16. What About Dubai Shopping Festival ?

Dubai Shopping festival is huge one,  where all major brands offer massive discounts on their products and most Indians travel there to shop. This festival continues for an entire month.

Q17. What Are The Cheapest SIM Cards That Indians Can Buy In Dubai?

Tourist can buy sim cards from service providers such as Etisalat and Du from the airport. These companies also offer prepaid connections for reasonable rates. Try to go for a combo pack as it is cost-effective.

Q18. What About Visa For Indians While Visiting Dubai?

You will need a Dubai visit visa to set foot in Dubai and it takes about 6 working days to get one. The cost of the visa will be a max of Rs 7500. If you an Indian from EU countries or UK then you can apply for a visa on arrival.

Q19. When Is The Best Time For Indians To Visit Dubai?

If you are looking to escape the blistering heat then you should visit anytime between October till March. You should also know that this period is peak tourism period so the prices are a bit high so book the right package that offers the best value for money. Also Diwali Period Indian people like to visit dubai

Q20. Is it safe To Travel In Dubai?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to move around in Dubai, the laws in the city are very strict and the crime rate is very low.

Q21. Do Indian Women Have To Wear A Hijab In Dubai?

Not at all, but make sure that you do not wear short or revealing clothes as they are considered to be very offensive.

Q22. Where Can You Buy Gold?

The best place to buy gold is the gold souk in Dubai, this place has many shops and variety is immense. Also, you can go to Gold and Diamond Park if you are looking for ultra-stylish jewellery.

Q23. What Are The Fun Activities That You Can Enjoy In Dubai?

Dubai has a lot to offer, you can visit the various theme parks, visit the Burj Khalifa, take a city tour, visit museums, indulge in water sports, take luxury cruises, and go on a desert safari.

Q24. Is The City Expensive?

Yes, it is expensive, but you get good value for the money that you spend there.

Q25. Can We Use Our Indian Driving License In Dubai?

No, you cannot use your domestic Indian Driving license in Dubai.

Q26. How Long Does it take to Fly From india To Dubai?

It Depends on your airport location, however average flying hours from india to dubai is 3-4 hours on direct flights. Our Packages are available from many cities from india and you can chose the nearest airport from you. Here are some cities Travel Saga Tourism have dubai tour packages from.



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