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Want to fill your day with a lot of fun and entertainment? Travel Saga Tourism brings you the Desert Safari Dubai tours, which will take you to the next level. During this tour, you will enjoy several great activities in the deserts. Moreover, the Desert Safari Dubai comes with two options: a morning and an evening desert safari. Not only this, the price is also reasonable and categorised according to the activities you choose. So, in the morning, watching the breathtaking sunrise, and in the evening, watching the amazing sunset, makes you feel unique like never before. To go ahead with the desert safari package, contact the experts at Travel Saga Tourism and finalise the desert safari Dubai price. 

Evening Desert Safari
6 hours50
Al Awir Desert, Dubai, U.A.E
Evening Desert Safari Dubai: Dune Bashing, BBQ Dinner Embark on an еxhilarating journey through Dubai's desert landscape with the Desert Safari and BBQ Diner Package, a thrilling adventure that promises unforgettable...
Premium Desert Safari
6 hours40
Al Awir Desert, Dubai, U.A.E
Premium Desert Safari Dubai: BBQ Buffet Dinner, Camel Ride, Falcon Pictures If you want to have an all-Arabian experience, then you should indeed go on a Premium Desert Safari Dubai only...
Camel Caravan – Camel Ride Dubai
3 hours30
Al Marmoom Oasis , Lahbab Desert
Camel Ride Dubai With Bedouin Breakfast Camel Ride Dubai is an exciting experience where you can zoom up and down the slopes of the dune on camelback. See the desert in...
Desert Safari: Morning | Sunrise
3 hours1000
Lahbab Desert -Dubai, U.A.E
Morning Desert Safari | Sunrise Desert Safari Celebrate the splendour of an early morning with Travel Saga Tourism as you watch the golden dunes of Dubai's desert glisten in the rays...
Desert Safari with Night Stay in AC Tent
12 hours50
Desert Safari with Night Stay in AC Tent Experience the desert's heady mix of adventure and tranquillity with Travel Saga’s Overnight Dubai Desert Safari. Kick off this indeed unforgettable journey with...
Evening Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi
6 hours50
Abu Dhabi
Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi If you want to experience the traditional culture of Abu Dhabi, then this tour is for you. Try Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi with Travel...

Desert Safari Tour: Desert Safari Package

As there are many desert safari tour options available, we are listing the best options for you. Let’s have a look over our other desert safari packages:

1. Morning Desert Safari or Sunrise Desert Safari

The morning desert safari brings you amazing scenes of the rising sun. Also, during the morning, you will enjoy several adventurous activities on the golden dunes. Moreover, you will enjoy the unrushed desert area along with a nice climate. In addition, you will also experience the best 45 minutes as it’s time for dune-bashing on a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Moreover, sandboarding and quad biking are also provided to you on your demand. After all, you can also avail of an entertaining camel ride for an additional charges. So ranging from the buggy ride to all adventurous activities, you can experience everything in the morning desert safari package. 

2. Evening Desert Safari: Dune Bashing and BBQ Dinner 

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubai City and enjoy stunning activities, then an evening desert safari is here for you. On this tour, you will enjoy a fantastic BBQ dinner. Also, Travel Saga Tourism gives you the opportunity to experience dune bashing. Moreover, in the evening, you can enjoy the wonderful sunset and enjoy live music under the stars. Here also, you can enjoy activities like camel rides, dune bashing and BBQ dinner while enjoying live performances. Overall, it depends on you which package you are going to pick after knowing the desert safari Dubai price. 

3. Premium Desert Safari Dubai: BBQ Buffet Dinner, Camel Ride, and Falcon Pictures

Here comes the best package to experience. It’s a premium tour package which gives you access to several stunning activities along with enough fun and entertainment. In this package, you will enjoy activities like capturing pictures with falcon and camel riding in Dubai. Moreover, you can enjoy the Tanura Dance and a tempting BBQ buffet dinner. 

4. Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

It’s time to explore Abu Dhabi and watch the traditional culture. Certainly, experiencing this tour in Abu Dhabi is also the most exciting activity. Travel Saga Tourism creates this amazing tour package to give you the best experience. To know the price of this tour, you only need to connect with the experts. Also, you will enjoy entertainment shows, BBQ dinners and dune bashing. 

5. Camel Caravan with Bedouin Breakfast

For all those people looking for the best thing to do on a desert safari in Dubai, the camel caravan is the finest activity. A camel ride gives you a unique experience when you go up and down on the sand dunes. Along with it, dune bashing is also available in this package. It’s the way to have fun in the deserts by enjoying a fully air-conditioned vehicle. Moreover, the quad biking option is also available on additional charges. 

6. Overnight Red Dunes Desert Safari: -Dune Bashing, Stargazing Session, BBQ & Breakfast

The night is perfect for enjoying the deserts and experiencing plenty of exciting activities. Ranging from watching stars under the dark sky to all sorts of adventurous activities, you will find everything. The overnight desert safari in Dubai is the best way to create stunning memories. Also, spend a fantastic night in the deserts by watching amazing belly dance performances. After the night comes to an end, we provide you with a delectable breakfast in the morning. 


Therefore, this amazing excursion brings you everything that is needed to make your trip filled with fun and entertainment. You only have to consult with the experts at Travel Saga Tourism and select the best tour package accordingly. Also, these experts will help you to know the desert safari Dubai price and assist you in making a customised package. In this way, you can explore the desert and add more spice to your tour. 


Q. What makes the Desert Safari Tour so special?

Desert Safari tours offer thrilling dune bashing, picturesque desert landscapes, overnight camping, evening entertainment, and sumptuous feasts, available in morning, evening, and night packages.

Q. What does the Dubai Safari Package include?

The Dubai Safari Package typically includes dune bashing, camel rides, cultural performances, and a traditional BBQ dinner.

Q. What are the usual desert safari prices in Dubai?

The Desert Safari Dubai price usually ranges between AED 200 and AED 700, depending on the services offered.

Q. Is a night desert safari in Dubai suitable for families?

Yes, a Night Desert Safari in Dubai is a family-friendly experience, offering activities and entertainment for all age groups.

Q. How are the bookings for the Desert Safari Dubai made?

Book your Desert Safari Dubai by calling +971 4 268 4645, via WhatsApp, or through our website for a seamless experience.

Q. What’s the dune bashing activity on the Desert Tour?

Dune bashing is an exhilarating 4×4 ride over sand dunes, providing an adrenaline rush and a favourite adventure activity for thrill-seekers.

Q. How cold can the Dubai Desert get in the nights?

At night, the temperature in the Dubai Desert can drop to as low as 5 °C, so it’s best to come prepared.

Q. What activities are included in the Night Desert Safari in Dubai?

The Night Desert Safari in Dubai includes activities like dune bashing, camel rides, henna painting, and a BBQ dinner under the stars.

Q. Can I book a night desert safari in Dubai online?

Yes, you can book a Night Desert Safari in Dubai online through a Travel Saga agent.

Q. What are the various sports and activities included with Desert Safari?

Desert Safari activities include sand dune bashing, sand skiing, quad biking, camel rides, sandboarding, entertainment shows, stargazing, and sunrise/sunset photoshoots.

Q. What should I wear for the Desert Safari in Dubai?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, closed-toe shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat. Also, bring warm clothes for the evening.

Q. What happens if I have to cancel my booking?

We offer a flexible cancellation policy, so please check our terms and conditions for detailed information.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of guests on the tour?

Yes, we limit participants for safety and comfort. So, book in advance to ensure your spot.

Q. What are other activities available in Dubai apart from Desert Safari?

Explore the Museum of the Future, Atlantis Water Park, Dubai City Tour, Dhow Cruise, and IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Q. How can I find the best Desert Safari Dubai prices?

To find the best Desert Safari Dubai prices, visit Travel Saga online and look for promotions or seasonal deals, especially for group bookings and during off-peak seasons.



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