Night Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Night Desert Safari Dubai Tour- Astronomy Experience

Can anything be more fascinating than spending a night under the open sky in a desert? Night Desert Safari Dubai Tour indulges you in the mystical charm of the Arabian desert. Overnight desert safaris come with exclusive thrilling activities, like dining, camel rides, local performances, camping, overnight safari, etc. Therefore, our overnight safari is all you need to live the beauty, essence, and sound of the Arabian desert landscape. Besides, who doesn’t like sitting under the open galaxy sky while appreciating its beauty? And if you are fond of sitting under the sky in moonlight then give us a call to book an Arabian Night Desert Safari Dubai Tour for you at the best rates.

Private Night Safari and Astronomy
12 hours20
Al-Margham Desert
Private Night Safari and Astronomy  Enjoy the splendour of a night sky lit up by bright stars on a safari into the desert. Experience the luxury and adventure in the Desert...
Desert Safari with Night Stay in AC Tent
12 hours50
Desert Safari with Night Stay in AC Tent Experience the desert's heady mix of adventure and tranquillity with Travel Saga’s Overnight Dubai Desert Safari. Kick off this indeed unforgettable journey with...

Night Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Travel Saga Tourism provides you with two packages regarding the overnight desert safari Dubai tour. To know more about these packages, you should contact the experts of our company. So, let’s just go through the two primary tour packages that are related to overnight desert safari. 

1. Private Night Safari and Astronomy Experience for Stargazers

Want to enjoy the dark night sky while watching bright stars? Go for this stunning desert safari Dubai night stay package. One of the best parts of this package is that here you will get a chance to get a ride in a 1950s vintage Land Rover. Also, get ready for an amazing stargazing session. Moreover, Travel Saga Tourism provides you with a 4-course dinner in this tour package. So, get ready for an immersive experience by enjoying the late-night desert safari while enjoying several activities like shisha, stargazer sessions, and many more. 

2. Overnight Red Dunes Desert Safari with Dune Bashing, Stargazing Session, BBQ & Breakfast

If you go with the night desert safari Dubai package, you will experience all sorts of awesome and unique activities. Some of the most popular activities are entertainment shows, dune bashing, camel rides, and BBQ dinners. Moreover, you can opt for desert camping to enjoy a night on a desert safari. Here also you are provided with an Air conditioned room which is a great place to spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

Overall, the overnight desert safari comes with camel riding, dune bashing, and many amazing places. Also, tourists can enjoy fine dining while enjoying the live performances. Experience Bedouin culture and Emirati cuisine on this desert safari in Dubai. 


Finally, the Arabian Night Desert Safari Dubai is the prime attraction which you should visit. It will give you a great experience and make you feel unique. Also, exciting activities like camel rides, dune bashing, live performances, and belly dancing help you create awesome memories. So, if you also want to get the desert safari Dubai night stay package, it’s advisable to consult with the experts of Travel Saga Tourism. 


Q. Does the desert get cold at night?

The desert breeze is dry, and the humidity level is less. Besides, water vapour is a crucial greenhouse gas. However, due to the absence of water vapour in the desert, it fails to retain heat. Therefore, the surroundings become cooler at night, and the temperature drops to seven degrees, which means you might feel a bit cold.

Q. Is there any dress code to maintain for the Night Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

We recommend loose-fitted clothes for the overnight desert safari experience to stay comfortable. Everyone can wear cotton pants and T-shirts. Alternatively, salwar kameez is ideal for women as well. However, always bring a light jacket during winter to feel cosy at night.

Q. Do you provide four-wheelers for the Night Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

Four–wheelers are compulsory for desert safari activity since they are heavy-duty and can handle the pressure when driving on sand. However, dune bashing needs a luxury 4×4 vehicle for an added dose of excitement. The safety of the guests is our priority. Hence, we choose a Toyota Land Cruiser, Prado, or Hummer for desert safari.

Q. What activities can I expect to enjoy on a Night Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

An overnight desert safari includes mind-blowing activities, like camel rides, dune bashing, sandboarding, sand skiing, henna tattooing, shisha smoking, and live entertainment shows- belly dancing, Tanoura show, etc.

Q. Are there options to choose for night accommodation?

We offer various options when it comes to overnight desert safari. You can choose a shared camp if you are on a budget. Alternatively, you can opt for the large private camps. These can accommodate approximately 50-600 guests, and the small private camps can accommodate a maximum of 100 guests. Moreover, private setups are available, if you want to experience the ultimate luxury and fun.

Q. Do you provide veg and non-veg dishes for dinner?

We want to ensure comfort and fun for every guest irrespective of their beliefs and needs. Therefore, we provide veg and non-veg options for dinner and snacks. Besides, we offer delicious BBQ specialities or a mouth-watering buffet arrangement.

Q. What is the pickup point?

Booking the overnight desert safari means, we focus on the comfort and fun experience of the tourists from the beginning. Hence, our representatives will come to pick you up from your hotel or residence. However, additional charges are required for those who request pickup service apart from the residence or hotel.

Q. When is the ideal time to try an overnight desert safari?

You can visit Dubai anytime, but plan a trip between November to March if you want to enjoy the Night desert safari Dubai tour. The weather remains pleasant during these months, minus the unbearable heat. 



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