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Revealing Kids Section – Explore Kids Entertainment Zone in Dubai!

Travel Saga offers exciting fun activities not only for the kids but also for the families as well. If you are also in Dubai and want to do something great for your kids, then Kids Entertainment Zone is here for you. A complete list of kids attractions is available where you can take your kids to have fun and spend quality time with them. 

It’s not only for fun purposes, but you can also give them lessons regarding the sports value, the importance of everything in life and teach them different ways to interact with others.  Here’s a complete list of activities that include theme parks and attractions where kids can see different animals and many other activities to elevate their gaming experience. 

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show Ticket
45 minutes50
Dubai Dolphinarium ,Dubai Creek Park
Talking about Dubai, it’s a combination of a lot of exciting things. For finance, logistics and all other booming industries, it’s a global hub. Mainly, it’s a great place to...
Dolphin & Seal Show Dubai Tickets
45 minutes20
Dubai Dolphinarium, Creek Park
When it comes to Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is its beauty and gorgeous excursions. That is why it is the most amazing place for the tourists....
Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Tickets
3 hours50
The lost chambers aquarium Tickets Housing world-class exhibits and offering some incredible experiences, the Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai is the UAE’s largest.A visit to this wonderland of marine life has...
The Green Planet-City Walk Dubai
5 hours50
City Walk, Dubai
Green planet Dubai A man-made Latin American rainforest bang in the middle of Dubai is truly an amazing place to be in.Covering a mammoth 60,000 square feet the huge glass dome...
Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Tickets
4 hours50
Dubai Mall- Downtown Dubai
Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater zoo The Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo takes things to a scale so grand, you would have thought them impossible before being there. Call us...
IMG Theme Park World of Adventure Tickets
5 hours20
IMG Theme park Basking in glory, the proud city of Dubai is associated with some of the largest structures that mankind has ever seen.It’s home to the world’s tallest structure, and...
Abu Dhabi SeaWorld- Buy Tickets Here
8 hours50
Abu Dhabi
Sea World Abu Dhabi ticket Therefore, get the Sea World Abu Dhabi tickets and visit this brand-new eccentric creation. SeaWorld unveils the connection between the ocean and life on Earth. Furthermore,...
Dubai Dolphins Activity -Swim with Dolphin – Atlantis the Palm
4 hours20
Atlas Village, Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park
Swim With Dolphins Are you looking for something to do with your kids? Well, you can sign up for the Dolphin Swim and Explore at the Atlantis Palm. Here you...

Fine Highlights of the Kid’s Entertainment Attractions

Here are some amazing attractions where you can take your kids to enjoy some cool activities to make every moment special. By experiencing all these attractions you will know how we provide the best kids entertainment activities in Dubai. So, let’s just dive into the world of fun activities for kids to give them a whole new experience.

1. Creek Park Bird Show – 

Here you will experience awesome aerial stunts by the stunning birds. Also, here you will see how these birds show their beauty and intelligence in different ways. Throughout the show, you will see colourful hues and birds’ amazing skills like graceful flights for which they are well-known. 

Moreover, entering this show comes with an opportunity for you and your family to encounter the most majestic birds with their mind-blowing qualities. Some of the birds include Hornbills, Cocktoos, Gold and Blue Macaws, Electus Parrots and Falcons.

2. Dolphin & Seal Show –

Do you know about Dolphins? Of course, you do. Why not just experience these creatures performing amazing activities and flips with your loved ones? Interacting with them makes you feel special and it’s the best way to make your Dubai tour unforgettable. It’s a perfect show to watch these amazing creatures performing acrobatics. In this way, you can enjoy a lot with your kids and make all the moments memorable.

3. The Green Planet Dubai –

The theme park here is present in 4 stages. The first one is the Forest Floor in which different animals are present like reptiles, birds and many others. Next to this, a Midstory Floor is there in which big reptiles are present such as Black Pine Snakes, Garter Snakes, Vipers Cobra, etc. 

Thirdly, monkeys are there in the habitat of indoor rainforests. All these monkeys are of different categories such as Capuchin, Tamarin, Vermont Monkeys and Guenon. The last floor is the Floor Canopy. Here you will find flying mammals and these creatures live in a completely different habitat.

4. Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo –

It is among the biggest aquariums in the world in which you find more than 140 species of marine life and almost 400 sharks. Also, it has one of the biggest water tanks which has a capacity of 10 million litres of water. The temperature in it is according to the comfort and requirements of animals living inside such as, Giant Groupers, Sand Tiger Sharks and many other species. 

The entire aquarium is designed classically so that you can encounter the animals face to face and enjoy every moment with your loved ones. In the aquarium, a wide range of animal species are present such as King Crocodiles, Penguins and many others. Apart from that, some fine activities that you can enjoy here are feeding the fishes and training of the sharks. 

5. IMG Worlds of Adventure –

It’s the most beautiful theme park ever in Dubai where you can enjoy with your family, friends and loved ones. It is divided into 6 different adventure zones. Each one is based on a different themes, most popular being the Cartoon Network and Marvel Zone. Apart from these 2 zones, the other 4 are known as IMG Boulevard, IMG Kids Zone, Lost-Valley Dinosaur Adventure and Haunted Hotel. 

All these zones and themes in the particular park are created by the IMG brand only. The entire park is located in a 1.5 million square feet area. It is holding the space for 20000 people. Not only this, but inside the park, you will find amazingly fun activities such as the Roller Coasters, Bespoke Experience along with other attractions. One of the best parts of IMG Worlds of Adventure is that the park contains many retail stores of original brands. Also, there are multiple restaurants where you can eat and have fun in cafes. 


Q. What is the exact location of the IMG Worlds of Adventure?

Well, the exact location of the IMG Worlds of Adventure is E311 (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road – near Arabian Ranches, next to Global Village), in the heart of Dubai. It opens at noon every day. 

Q. Which are the best rides and attractions in IMG Worlds of Adventure?

Talking about the rides and attractions, then IMG Worlds of Adventure contains a lot. There are amazing rides available including the adrenaline-pumping rollercoaster. Also, the best attractions are based on the super heroes and Cartoon Network characters. 

Q. Is IMG Worlds of Adventure worthy for the young kids?

The best part is that this beautiful adventure park has everything for everyone. Here you will find stunning rides and activities for the young ones. 

Q. What is the exact duration of the bird show in Dubai?

When it comes to the duration of the bird show in Dubai, it’s exactly a 25-minute show. In these 25 minutes, you will get an awesome and unique experience like never before. By watching the stunning birds you will experience fun and get educational lessons as well. 

Q. Is it allowed to click photos inside the aquarium and zoo?

Of course, clicking photos and recording videos are completely allowed in all places. In this way, you will record and capture every moment while enjoying with your loved ones and add them to your memories. 

Q. What are the timings of the Dolphin show in Dubai?

Talking about the timings of the amazing Dolphin show in Dubai, it takes 45 minutes. During this time, you will watch the fantastic skills and abilities of the beautiful dolphins and seals. All these activities give you joy, excitement and fun.



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