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Sea World Abu Dhabi ticket

Therefore, get the Sea World Abu Dhabi tickets and visit this brand-new eccentric creation. SeaWorld unveils the connection between the ocean and life on Earth. Furthermore, the story that reveals the unknown side of the ocean is 'One Ocean.' The message the park delivers emphasizes conserving the planet. However, this doesn't mean that the park isn't entertaining. And Even the sea world Abu Dhabi ticket price Is  Also not Very High

sea world abu dhabi ticket price offers a fun and immersive experience via various themed zones. Therefore, you can try fun rides, participate in edutainment programs, and indulge in exclusive shopping, and dining experiences. The main motive behind coming up with such a project is animal welfare. The administration here follows the welfare standards set by international animal welfare organisations.

Time 11 am
Child policy Below 1.1 Meter 
Transportation Private transfers can be arranged on additional charges
Highlights home to over 35 interactive experiences and rides, live characters and performances
Days of operation Monday To Sunday

  • Get Full Day Access to the best Theme Park IN UAE.
  • Experience the thrilling family rides.

  • The Ticket once booked can only be canceled within the first 24 hours
  • Last minute cancelation will be counted as a NO-SHOW and no refund for the same
  • Tickets once issued wont be returned back.

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While you are visiting abu dhabi  do not forget to experience next-generation animal care at Abu Dhabi's SeaWorld. The animal habitats here are designed using innovative technologies. Hence, as you enter, find out how the scientists, vets, and animal care experts spend their lives taking care of the animals. Moreover, they believe in motivating the upcoming generation to safeguard the ocean.

It is the future-inspired marine life theme park on Yas Island. Furthermore, they collaborated with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment to bring this innovation. SeaWorld is divided into six realms featuring various intriguing experiences. Besides, you will spot hundreds of unique marine species in their dynamic habitats.

There Are In Total 4 Theme Parks In Yas Island Those are

SeaWorld built the life-size aquarium in the world, which holds over 68,000 marine animals. Therefore, you will spot sea turtles, sharks, unseen fish species, etc. Not only that, it is the first research, rescue, and rehab center in the Emirates to encourage global conservation techniques. The iconic creator of various magnetic experiences in Abu Dhabi, Miral collaborated with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. Furthermore, it is believed that as of now SeaWorld is Abu Dhabi's one of the most advanced developments.

This marine animal rescue, rehabilitation, and return center include almost every premium facility for the welfare of marine life. Hence, visitors can go up close to enjoy the animal experiences. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi stands beside Miral’s goal of making Yas Island one of the renowned tourist destinations. It already features Ferrari World, Warner Bros World, Yas Water world, and SeaWorld is the latest addition.

Sea world Abu Dhabi Ticket Price and Inclusions 

  • Single-Day Ticket- A single-day ticket to Sea World Abu Dhabi gives you unlimited access to the park. You will view over 1 lakh animals and enjoy over 75 different rides.
  • 2 Days any 2 Parks- You will get a general entry to any 2 parks of your choice. You can visit any 2 days, and your ticket will be valid for 14 days from the date of your first visit.
  • 3 Days any 3 Parks- Get general entry to any 3 out of 4 parks of your choice. You can use the ticket for 3 separate days. The ticket will be valid for 14 days from the date of your first visit.
  • 4 Days any 4 Parks- This ticket allows general entry to the 4 parks. You can visit any 4 days, and your ticket will be valid for 14 days from your last arrival at the park.

Kids Policy

  • Kids under 11 must visit the park with their parents. Also, both should carry admission tickets.
  • Children below 3 can enter for free.

Opening hours

  • The opening time is from 10 am to 6 pm. However, you visit our website to know in detail about the opening and closing hours and the best time to visit.


  • The location of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is FJP9+5P8- Yas Island- Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates.

Cancelation policy

  • You cannot cancel the tickets after booking.
  • We don’t have any refund or exchange policy.

Sea World Facts

  • In 1960, four graduates from the University of California Los Angeles came up with the concept of Sea World- the underwater restaurant. However, later on, they changed it to an aquatic-themed park.
  • Did you know San Diego was the first location to witness Sea World in 1964? The citizens witnessed a marvellous combination of entertaining marine-theme shows and exclusive animal shows here.
  • The main motive behind conceptualising Sea World is rescuing marine animals and rehabilitation. As of now, the team rescued almost 37,000 animals- dolphins, sea lions, manatees, sea turtles, etc.
  • Abu Dhabi’s Sea World features the biggest multi-species aquarium. Besides, it holds approximately six million gallons of water and is the habitat of 68,000 marine species.
  • The Sea World Abu Dhabi is solely dedicated to animal welfare. Despite the controversies regarding the treatment of the animals, the team supports a strong welfare program for them. They work 24x7 to enhance the health and well-being of the animals with quality nutrition, enrichment activities, and more.
  • Scientists and veterinarians continuously perform innovative research on aquatic animals- orcas, dolphins, sea lions, and more. As a result, it helped in the proper understanding of the behaviour and marine mammal biology of the animals.
  • Sea World Abu Dhabi works hard to preserve marine life using multiple groundbreaking conservation techniques, rehabilitation, research, etc. Furthermore, they also work with other organisations to protect, preserve, and support coral reefs and endangered marine species.


Will I get transfer facilities with the tickets?

We don’t include transfer facilities with the tickets. However, you can book them separately.

Can I carry outside food and drinks inside?

Visitors cannot carry outside food or drinks inside the park.

Can I cancel my tickets due to emergencies?

You can cancel the tickets, but we don't have a refund policy.

How many animals are there at the SeaWorld?

The massive SeaWorld aquarium is home to more than 68,000 marine animals. They are a treat for the eyes, the vibrant colors of the animals in the clear blue waters looking absolutely spectacular.

What’s the location of the SeaWorld?

The SeaWorld is located on the exotic Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. The Yas Island is home to multiple attractions and hence, a visit here ensures a fun-filled day.

Is it worth visiting the SeaWorld?

It certainly is. Not only is it a lot of fun, a visit to SeaWorld teaches you about the many nuances of the rescue, rehab and conservation of sea animals. You also get to know about all the research carried out here for the benefit of these animals. The young ones get to learn about the need for protecting these animals.

Apart from learning about marine life, what else can one do at the SeaWorld?

The SeaWorld offers thrilling rides. It’s also a fine place for shopping. You can also enjoy fine dining at the plush restaurants here.

What are the days that the SeaWorld is open?

The SeaWorld is open every single day of the week.

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