La Perle Show in Dubai

La Perle Show in Dubai

The La Perle Show Dubai brings together 65 artists who create a modern choreographic spectacle fused to light and images projected on the stage. This show will transform your imagination into a magical world where dreams come true. The characters are inspired not just by traditional tales, but also by the musical melodies and jingles. So, book your la perle show Dubai tickets now and get ready for an unique experience. 

La Perle Show Tickets- Bronze, Silver & Gold Tickets
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Tickets To La Perle Show La Perle By Dragone Dubai is indeed more than a city of glittering skyscrapers standing tall. Moreover, the city welcomes its guests with truly extravagant theatrical...

Grab your ticket for the La Perle Show Dubai to experience a completely unforgettable journey, full of mystery and charm, as we take you on a journey through the heart of Dubai. The story of this show is based on a girl looking for a lost pearl in the whole of UAE while in a dream like state. On her journey, she meets people from various cultures of the world.

What to Expect at La Perle Show Dubai?

You’ll feel like you’re part of the action as all the action takes place inside the 1,300-seat theatre. The show features acrobatic feats, dance, and captivating costumes. The concept of this extraordinary La Perle show was introduced by none other than Mr. Franco Dragone, who is counted among the world’s most renowned artistic directors. Under his direction and with a team of more than 230 artists from 30 countries, La Perle creates an unforgettable experience with its blend of impeccable craftsmanship, grand scale, and hauntingly beautiful visual effects.

Ticket Type in La Perle Show Dubai

There are 5 types of ticket variations based on the facilities La Perle Show Dubai provide. You can choose any of these tickets for the show and select premium options for complimentary drinks, canapes, food etc. The ticket types are:

  • La Perle Bronze Ticket
  • La Perle Silver Tickets
  • La Perle Gold Ticket
  • La Perle Platinum Ticket
  • La Perle Vip Ticket

What Makes La Perle Phenomenal?

  • It is the first residential show in Dubai City.
  • The 270-degree seating offers a panoramic view of the spectacle making you feel embedded in it.
  • The aqua and aerial performances by the artists are unquestionably an absolute treat for the eyes.
  • It’s a breathtaking performance designed by the iconic artistic director, Franco Dragone.
  • La Perle holds 450 performances every year.
  • The aqua stage is filled with 2.7 million litres of water.
  • The theatre has 1,300 seats.
  • There’s a medical team on site fully prepared for any contingencies.
  • La Perle has all the facilities needed to welcome those with special requirements.


To conclude, La Perle is a unique concept of a residential show in Dubai. Although many such shows exist in the West, it is the first of its kind in the area. So, if you get a chance to visit Dubai tourist attractions, La Perle should be a must experience part of your itinerary. Book your tickets with Travel Saga Tourism and get ready for an awesome artistic experience. La Perle is surely going to leave you stunned with the breathtaking stunts of experts on stage. Also, don’t forget to try nearby attractions like Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, The Lost Chambers Aquarium, etc.


Q. What is the Duration of La Perle Show Dubai?

Certainly, every La Perle Show lasts for 90 minutes and during this time, you will experience plenty of amazing activities and events. So, to reach the destination on time you can take Travel Saga’s transportation services accordingly.

Q. From where can I buy tickets?

You can either buy the tickets online or visit one of the ticketing counters in La Perle to book your tickets.

Q. Is an exchange or refund available?

Refund or exchange is not allowed for the ticket cancellation due to personal reasons. However, you’ll be provided with a voucher in case the show is rescheduled.

Q. How can I access my La Perle Dubai tickets?

Go to the ticketing centre in La Perle, Al Habtoor City to access your collection. If you’re buying the ticket online, you’ll get an email regarding your ticket confirmation. Simply download and print the tickets from there. Make sure to carry a purchase proof before entering the show.

While collecting the ticket, they may ask you to show a photo ID and the credit card you used to purchase the ticket.

Q. What is the minimum age requirement to enter the theatre?

Anyone above 2 years old can enter the theatre. However, you must have a ticket to enjoy the show.

Q. What will happen if I lose or forget to carry my ticket to the theatre?

In such a situation, show your purchasing proof at the ticket counter and they will then issue a replacement ticket to you.

Q. How many tickets can I book?

Everyone is allowed to book 20 tickets maximum. Reach their support team if you need to buy more than 20 tickets.

Q. Can I choose seats as per my preference?

Yes, you can choose seats during the ticket booking procedure. All you have to do is to click on the seats you want. Your selected seats will remain reserved for you.

Q. Is ticket reselling allowed?

No. resold tickets are voided without refunds.

Q. Does the ticket price include food and parking?

No. Food and parking are not included in the ticket. Buying the ticket will only allow you to watch the show.

Q. What are the show timings?

The show runs twice daily from Tuesday to Saturday. Make sure you know the time of your show before attending.

Q. Am I allowed to take photographs during the show?

Yes. However, you’re not allowed to use laser pointers and flash for taking photographs.

Q. What if I arrive late?

If you arrive late, you may allowed to enter the venue only during a break. Sometimes, you may also not get access to your picked seats. These are done to avoid any kind of disturbances during the show.

Q. Are group bookings allowed for La Perle Dubai tickets?

Yes- group ticket booking is an excellent idea for leisure tours and corporate events.

Q. What facilities are included in group reservations?

Some of the facilities you can enjoy for group reservations are:

  • Dinner for up to 1300 guests
  • Merchandise refreshments
  • Receptions during pre and post-show hours
  • Accommodation in luxurious hotels and resorts in Al Habtoor City

Q. Are parking facilities available?

You’ll get several parking options right below the theatre. Three types of parking facilities are available namely Free Parking, Paid Parking, and Valet Parking. Also, complimentary valet parking is included in the VIP La Perle Dubai tickets only.



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