International Tour Packages

International Tour Packages 

If you finally made your find to explore the unknown and beautiful places all around the world. It’s time to contact Travel Saga Tourism. Our company offers you all sorts of amazing international tour packages. Through these international tour packages, you will explore all popular places like amazing churches, museums, luxury resorts, and many more. So, if you also want to explore the world, it’s time to go on an international tour. 

Thailand Tour Package
5 days50
Thailand Tour Package From Dubai Dotted by shopping malls, Thailand is also a great place to shop till you drop. The party zones spread across cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and...
Bali Tour Package
5 days50
Bali Tour Package Located right between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the amazingly beautiful Indonesia comprises more than a staggering 17,000 islands. That makes Indonesia the 14th largest country in the...
Malaysia Tour Package
Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, dotted with alluring islands draws visitors from all around the world with the lure of its breathtaking natural beauty. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital is known...
Mauritius Tour Packages
7 days100
Mauritius Tour Packages The island nation of Mauritius located in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean is a tropical paradise blessed with stunning natural beauty. A holiday in Mauritius is...
Singapore Tour Package
7 days100
Singapore Tour Package : Experience Luxury and Adventure Tucked away in south-east Asia is the stunning island state of Singapore. Blessed with amazing natural beauty, the vibrant city of Singapore attracts tourists...

Top-Notch International Tour Packages

It’s time to explore the world by choosing the best international tour package offered by Travel Saga Tourism. The best way for you is to contact the experts and go with their advice to pick the best tour package accordingly and begin a great journey. 

1. Thailand Tour Package from Dubai

What’s the first thing that pops up in your mind after listening to Thailand Tour Package ? Well, it’s the exclusive fun and entertainment. Moreover, it’s a perfect place to shop as well as here you will find plenty of shopping malls. In addition, the party zones are related to the cities like Pattaya, Bangkok, and Krabi. Also, there are so many wildlife sanctuaries present where tourists can enjoy nature and experience several great things. Certainly, the key highlights of this tour are hotel, sightseeing, and transfers. 

2. Bali Tour Package

If you want to spend time on the amazing and beautiful islands, the Bali tour package is here for you. The cultural history, Hinduism, Buddhism and many more things together are the vibrant colours of Indonesia. This tour package helps you to know how beautiful the world is. Ranging from marine life to the lush greenery, you will enjoy everything. During the tour, you will enjoy the beaches and enjoy several beautiful places too.

3. Malaysia Tour Package

Are you a nature lover? If yes, then the Malaysia tour package is perfect for you. During this tour, you will find plenty of beautiful islands and attractive places to spend quality time. Moreover, Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia, has impressive twin towers which are worth visiting. Overall, Malaysia sightseeing is something that you should not miss. By selecting the particular package you will become able to create better memories with your loved ones. 

4. Mauritius Tour Packages

This Mauritius tour package comes with plenty of chances to get a unique experience and enjoy the natural beauty. All the people out there are friendly enough, and as a result, you will get an enchanting experience at the end. In addition to this, you will find tranquil and calm beaches where you can get fresh air and enjoy the shimmering waters. Overall, it’s a complete package in which you can explore flora. 

5. Singapore Tour Package

The Singapore tour package is a golden chance for you to explore the natural beauty of this island state. Moreover, you will find plenty of amazing attractions in Singapore to visit. Not only this, the city offers you a wide range of dining options where you can take your loved ones and capture special moments. Apart from these things, it’s a perfect city for shopping and you will find stunning skylines that are a perfect example of modern architecture. So, ranging from the traditional legacy to modernity, you will experience everything. 


So, it’s time to connect with the experts of Travel Saga Tourism and book the best International tour packages. Our company considers all vital factors and aims to provide valuable clients with quality services. Stop thinking more and contact the travel agent to book a perfect international tour package. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on International Tour Packages


Q. Does the cost for the packages include the hotel and transfer charges as well?

Yes, the packages are inclusive of all accommodation and the necessary transfer expenses. No extra charges are levied for the same.

Q. Do I need to pay from my own pockets if there are any cancellations or changes in flight schedules?

Yes, guests shall have to pay for flight cancellations and delays from their own pockets since these are factors beyond our control.

Q. Can minors traveling with us come without visas?

No, all those traveling on international packages shall need a visa. There are no exemptions for minors. Only those from nations that are allowed visa-free entry into a certain nation have the luxury of entering that nation without a visa.

Q. Do we receive any help in having our visa applications processed?

Yes, certainly. We extend all the help you need right from the very beginning till you have acquired the visa. Our team of experts shall only be too happy to help you at every stage of the visa processing procedure.

Q. Are there any refunds for any service that we don’t use fully?

No, no refunds are made for any partially used service under any circumstances. Hence, no such erefund request is entertained.

Q. Are we allowed to cancel any tickets that are a part of the package and do we get a refund if we do so?

No, guests aren’t allowed to cancel tickets for individual attractions or activities that are a part of the package. Hence, no refunds shall be made if any attraction or activity is skipped.

Q. Can we cancel the entire package itself?

Yes, you may cancel the package with us only if you do so at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure. Only then do you get a refund which is credited to your account within 7 working days. 



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