Dubai Yacht Tour

Dubai Yacht Tour : Breakfast | Lunch | Sunset | Night 

Enjoy the time of your life in Dubai while sailing near the picture-perfect Dubai icons. The Dubai yacht tour sharing is one of the most breathtaking experiences that one must try. It is a shared yacht rental activity, which is a unique idea to explore the beauty of the City of Gold, especially Dubai Marina. Call us to know more about this Dubai Yacht tour and cruise around Dubai in luxury.

Afternoon & Sunset Hours
3 hours20
Dubai Harbour
Afternoon & Sunset Hours – Sharing Yacht Tour Dubai If you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubai, booking a yacht to spend some quality time...
Marina Nightlights With Dinner
1 hours 30 minutes06
Dubai Harbour
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Breakfast & Lunch
3 hours30
Dubai Harbour
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5 Star Mega Yacht Dinner
3 hours40
Dubai Marina
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Ride & Slide With Breakfast
4 hours50
Dubai Harbour
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Dubai Yacht Tour : Breakfast | Lunch | Sunset | Night Tours 

Happy to bring this option of a Dubai Yacht Tour for you. Very first time now yachts are available on a sharing basis with Food, Music and Fun. You can book the activity for different occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties- no matter what your occasion is, we are here to make it memorable. Moreover, you can also book a romantic getaway for a day to admire the charming cityscape of Dubai from a different viewpoint.

What Will You Experience

Lose yourself in the air of serenity all around as you sail over the waters of Marina. See the sun disappear into the horizon and night take over, if you are taking a sunset or night tour. Take a sip of a refreshing beverage and walk over the red carpet specially laid out for you. The Yacht Cruise dinner is certainly a filmy and romantic activity you can enjoy with your friends and family. Your party at the Yacht will look something like this:

  • Step into the ambiance of a romantically decorated Yacht and walk over the red carpet especially laid out for you.
  • Enjoy the company of quality music onboard.
  • Our friendly and professional staff welcomes you with warm greetings and smiles.
  • Enjoy a beautiful culinary blend in the dinner menu consisting of Hummus dips and bread, Meat BBQ skewers, Shrimp skewers, Sushi, a Charcuterie board, VIP fruit platter.
  • Vegetarian options for BBQ skewers are also available.
  • Enjoy refreshing drinks while watching Dubai’s stunning sunset sky.
  • Click beautiful pictures with your close ones and immortalize this moment.

Types Of Yacht Tours

The shared yacht tours we offer, come with time and experience options. Following are the types of Yatch Tours you can experience with Travel Saga Tourism:

1. Shared Yacht : Breakfast and Lunch hours

Cruise for 2 hours on the Burj Coastline while enjoying your delicious breakfast. An extended tour of 3 hours is also available. Take in the views of Ain Dubai, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, and the JBR. Enjoy complimentary drinks and refreshments.

Time: 11 AM

2. Shared Yacht Dubai : Afternoon and Sunset hours

Enjoy a BBQ lunch and a fulfilling breakfast, whatever you prefer on 2-3 hours of cruising in the waters of the Marina. Lose yourself in the beautiful vistas of Dubai Marina, Dubai’s skyline, JBR, Ain Dubai, Dubai Harbour, and also Atlantis the Palm if you extend your tour.

Time: 10:30 AM

3. Dubai Yacht- Marina Nightlights with dinner

The ultimate cruise party experience you’ll ever have will be on this yacht tour. This tour has 2 time slots, one that departs at 5 PM and the other one at 8 PM. You can choose your preferred time slot. Delicious dinners with local and international cuisine, complimentary drinks, and music make it the best dinner outdoors. The cruising areas are Marina, JBR, Ain Dubai, Burj al Arab, Atlantis the palm and Palm Jumeirah.

2 time slots: 5 PM and 8 PM.

4. 5-Star Mega Yacht Dinner

Get ready to receive royal pampering in a 5 star setting. Enjoy lip smacking delicacies served by the best hotels and sophisticated world class amenities. This Yacht will also have an onboard swimming pool and jacuzzi that can be accessed during private events. Get to see the tallest Dubai skyline while sailing on the yacht and enjoy refreshments and drinks. 

Time: 7:30 PM

5. Ride and slide with breakfast

The best Yacht Tour you can ever dream of is the one where you can have food, drinks, ride, slide, and swim. It is a 4 hour cruising experience like no other. This tour especially provides access to swimming in the sea through an inflatable yacht slide. Other yacht toys are also available to make this experience one of a kind. Other amenities include food, drinks, refreshments, and music.

Time: 10 AM- 2 PM


Timings Slots & Type of Dubai Yacht Tour 

As we care about your time and experience we bring this tour in 2 lines. Burj al arab coastline (2 hours) & Atlantis the Palm Extended (3 hours). You can call us anytime to learn more about timings and prices for the Dubai yacht tour:

  • Breakfast (9 am to 11 am).
  • Lunch (11.30 am to 1.30 pm).
  • Afternoon (1 pm to 4 pm)
  • Sunset (5.00 pm to 7.00 pm).
  • Night Light ( 8 pm to 10 pm).

Dubai Yacht Tour Best Part

The best part of Dubai Yacht Tour Sharing is you won’t have to separately splurge on booking private yachts and enjoy almost every luxury you can ever imagine. Moreover, there are other amenities for the guests to make the activity special for them. For example, there will be a red-carpet welcome for everyone. Besides, our yachts have every luxury one can think of. The lower deck is fully air-conditioned and comes with exclusive amenities, and the upper deck is open to enjoy the sea breeze and the unrivaled beauty of Dubai. Besides, there are other facilities, like food and beverages.

We have different slots for the yacht tour- Breakfast, Lunch, Sunset, and Night. Furthermore, guests can also enjoy the BBQ delicacies. The best part is we include both veg and non-veg options on the menu so that everyone can have a great time.

The shared yacht tour is not just about good food but also enjoying the luxuries. While the cruise sails through the crystal blue water of Dubai, admire the beguiling views of the Dubai Marina. Furthermore, cherish the beauty of one of the prominent Dubai landmarks- Atlantis The Palm. Moreover, don’t forget to bring your cameras and smartphones to click mind-blowing pictures with the Dubai icons as the backdrop. 


Q. What is the departing location of the yacht?

The departing location of the yacht is Dubai Harbor Gate P1, Zone BA.

Q. Can I swim during the activity?

No, guests are not allowed to swim during the activity.

Q. Is there any dress code to follow during the activity?

No, we don’t have any particular dress code. However, it is better to wear modest clothes and avoid wearing bikinis.

Q. What is the arrival time for the activity?

Guests are requested to arrive at the activity location at least fifteen minutes before the yacht tour begins.

Q. Am I allowed to wear shoes on board?

We request passengers to keep their shoes off due to safety reasons. Besides, we are concerned about the hygiene inside the yacht. Hence, it is better to keep the shoes off on the yacht.

Q. What if I arrive late to the activity location?

Unfortunately, we won’t wait for those who arrive late to the activity spot. In that case, it will be considered a no-show (without any refund).

Q. What is the cancellation policy for the activity?

Any cancellations made up to 12 hours before the departing time will be 100% free of cost. However, after that, we will levy a 100% cancellation charge.

Q. Can I bring outside food and drinks to the yacht?

We serve food and drinks on the yacht.



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