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Inside Burj Al Arab

Inside Burj Al Arab, A Guided Tour. If you want a glimpse into the glamor of The Burj Arab, then this tour is just what you need. See the most beautiful hotel from inside and its colours. Call us today to book your inside Burj Al Arab Tour .

Time 10 am ( Time slot depends on availability )
Child policy 4-12 years
Ticket options Tour only / Tour with premium beverage
Highlights Step inside Dubai's famous Burj Al Arab to explore its futuristic vision in the Experience Suite, plus the luxurious Royal Suite.
Transportation Private transfers can be booked on additional charges.

  • Visit inside the burj al arab
  • Step inside Dubai's famous Burj Al Arab to explore its futuristic vision in the Experience Suite, plus the luxurious Royal Suite.
  • Transfers Option ( if private transfer option is selected )

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Inside Burj Al Arab - Guided Tour

Holidays in Dubai can not to be completed without seeing The Burj Al Arab. The Burj Al Arab was thrown open to the public on 15th of October 2021. Since then, this has become a prime tourist destination. The place not only show cases the glamour and wealth of UAE, but also its rich history. Do you wish to know more about this tour? Well, keep reading and we will reveal some other fabulous details.

A Brief Overview Of Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

With a tour ticket you will be allowed to take a tour of this ultra-modern hotel. The tour permits a group of twelve people who will be guided by a private guide who meticulously explain all the details for you. You will notice that the interior of the hotel is a healthy mix of Western and traditional Arabian architecture.

The tour operates daily from 9.30 in the morning to 8.30 at night. If you select a ticket with premium options then you will get the golden opportunity to taste some fabulous Gold Cappuccino or tea at the Sahn Eddar. The view from this atrium is simply stunning and we doubt that you could take your eyes away.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Signing Up For This Tour

  • You must carry a valid ID proof
  • Tourists from foreign countries will have to produce their passport
  • Please wear tasteful attire, do not wear shorts or any clothes that will be deemed disrespectful
  • If you wish to dine at of the restaurants, please learn about the dress code first
  • You cannot bring professional cameras to the hotel

FAQs on Inside the Burj Al Arab Tour

What About Cancellation?

  • The tickets are not transferable  and non-refundable. If you want to make changes you have to let us know 48 hours before you book. We allow you to make changes twice.

What About Children’s Entry?

  • Children below the age of 4 years can enter for free. Kids who are 4 years to 13 years will have to pay children’s rate. Children 13 years and above will be charged adult rate

Is It Possible To Purchase Tickets On Arrival?

  • Yes, you can but then you will have to buy them at a higher price.

Can We Upgrade Our Tickets?

  • Yes, you can you can avail a bunch of other tour options, which are chargeable.

Can We Bring Our Own Food And Drinks?

  • No, you cannot bring food or beverages from outside.

Location and distance from city center ?

  • The burj al arab is located in Umm Suqeim 3 - Dubai . which is 15.6 km away from dubai mall and Burj kahlifa.

Are There Any Other Activities That One Can Go And Experience?

Burj Al Arab Facts

For years the Burj Al Arab has captivated people with its outstanding beauty, not only is this a premium hotel, but it is considered to be an artistic masterpiece. This has also become a popular tourist attraction for locals and foreign travellers. Are you keen to learn interesting facts about the Burj Al Arab? Well, let us get started right away.

  1. Fabulous Architecture

The hotel stands on a manmade island.  The design of the building was created to stand out and make an artistic statement. The building attracts photography enthusiasts too so if youare into photography you could give this location a go.

  1. You Can Take A Tour Of The Burj Al Arab

You are allowed to take a tour inside the Burj Al Arab Hotel and visit some of the luxury suites. The starting tariff for the room is $1500 each night. The hotel is well equipped to give the guests complete luxurious. The Royal Suite inside the hotel is the best as it comprises two spacious levels connected by a staircase made of premium-grade marble, the resident guests also have access to an exclusive cinema.

  1. Fantastic Atrium

The Hotel has a stylish Atrium that is tastefully designed. The atrium has a beautiful waterfall coming down from the tip of the building.

  1. Michelin Chefs At Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab has many restaurants, but two restaurants seem to be very popular as they employed Francky Semblat who oversees Al Muntaha and Kim Joinie Maurin who looks after Sky View Bar. Both Chefs are Michelin Chefs and they certainly know how to whip up some culinary magic. The Hotel has nine fabulous restaurants, but Sky View Bar is only for those staying at the hotel.

  1. A Complete Luxurious Experience

There is no doubt that the hotel offers you the best value for your money, it has an impressive fleet of Rolls Royce cars that the guests can hire. As a guest, you can also avail of their transfer services via helicopter. A stay at this hotel will undoubtedly be an unforgettable memory for you.

  1. Massive Helipad That Is Also Used For Exclusive Events

The hotel has a big helipad that is sometimes utilized to host exclusive events like the famous tennis match between Roger Federer and Andre Agassi. This helipad is often rented out for hosting wedding parties and has also featured in famous movies.

  1. Movie Appearances

Yes, that’s right, the hotel has been seen in many popular Hollywood movies such as Mission Impossible. The hotel has also been featured in the popular TV show The Amazing Race.

  1. Aristocratic Interior Decorations

The interior decoration of the hotel showcases the luxury of the hotel really well, most of the interior is beautifully engraved with gold of 24k. The ceiling inside the Japanese eatery has Swarovski crystals on it. The floors and the walls are made using premium-quality marble exported from Italy. The minute you step into the hotel, you will be transported into a magical world where you get to live your dream of being treated like royalty.

  1. Turtle Hospital

The hotel also has a separate section where endangered species of turtles are given sanctuary. This project is a collaborative effort with the Wildlife Protection Of Dubai. The center has treated more than 3000 turtles and released them into their natural habitat. You must visit this place.

  1. Personalised Butler Services

The Burl Al Arab is the first five-star hotel in the world and guests can avail services from a private butler. Every room is equipped with a gold iPad which can be used to avail a private butler service. The hotel also offers bath sessions, spa treatments, and other premium services.

So, these are the top 10 interesting facts about the Burj Al Arab. Now, that you know what is special about this place, it is time you plan your visit or a night’s stay at this hotel, which is a slice of heaven on earth.


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