Water Sports in Dubai


Water Sports in Dubai

Top Water Sports  in Dubai

Dubai beckons you with a host of water sports activities to add some spiciness into your mundane life. While Dubai is known the world over for its opulence and magnificent modern architecture, the city also has some lovely beaches that make for an ideal venue to have a go at water sports. Apart from the beaches and the sea with its turquoise waters, Dubai is also home to many water parks. These water parks as well welcome visitors with various water sports activities that give you a terrific adrenaline rush.

Flyboard Dubai
30 minutes50
An extraordinarily amazing water sport, Flyboarding takes things to an extreme giving you an unmatched adrenaline rush.Time 9 am - 5 pmChild policy Below 18 years are not allowedHighlights  Fly and balance in...
Parasailing in Dubai
10 minutes50
Are you looking to add an unbelievable experience to your visit to the mesmerizing city of Dubai?Time 9 am ( Time slot based on availability )Child policy Below 8 years child are...
Wakeboarding in Dubai
20 minutes50
Experience an adrenaline rush like no other as you go tearing through the waters of the Indian Ocean wakeboarding.Time From 10 amMin Age 16 yearsRequirements Medically FitNot suitable for Pregnant Ladies , Please with...
Jet Car Ride in Dubai-30 Min.
How about driving into the water in a luxurious car? No, don’t pinch yourself; you’ve read things right.Time 9 am - 5 pmDuration 30 min / 60 minMax Capacity 3 paxRequirement Min 18 years...
Donut Ride Dubai
20 minutes05
Dubai is full of wondrous fun elements. Be it massive shopping malls, hypnotic gaming zones, or an array of natural beauties – Dubai is right at the top of tourist...
Scuba Diving Dubai
4 hours50
  • Location5
  • Amenities5
  • Services5
  • Price5
  • Rooms5
Dubai has more on offer than just a glamorous skyline. The city has exotic marine life ready for you to explore.Time 9.00 Am / 12 pm / 3 pmChild Policy Below 10...

The vast Dubai coastline and the calm waters of the sea are the ideal setting for many water sports like parasailing that takes you soaring above the waters in a parachute tied to a motorboat. You may choose to zoom through the water on a jet ski. You may also choose to explore the coastline in a speedboat or you may go skimming above the waters aboard a flyboard. Wakeboarding is another super thrilling water sport in Dubai that has you asking for more!

A water sport that deserves special mention in Dubai is scuba diving. The waters along Dubai’s coastline are blessed with exotic marine life. Go exploring Dubai’s mind blowing marine life beneath the surface of the water as you wade into the depths in a diving suit in the company of stunningly colorful fish. Dubai is home to many spectacular scuba diving spots.

Dubai has its share of scuba diving locations that draw experts from around the world. The Moon Island is the place to go diving to catch up with many varieties of rockfish and the Arabian barracudas that are slightly larger. There are unique hammour and snappers as well. Closer to the city, the Jumeirah along the Arabian Gulf is packed with marine life. You’ll be swimming with shoals of mackerel and snappers. You may also come across a turtle or two and some slick rays as well.

Water sports are a major attraction in Dubai and tourists flock to it for a tryst with the city’s exotic marine life. Hope to see you there.

Water Sports FAQs

Q1. What water sports and activities can I enjoy on my vacation?

There are a variety of water sports and activities that you can enjoy on your vacation, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, and more. All of these activities offer hours of fun and you and your loved ones are going to enjoy them very much. Once you participate in these sports, you will remember your experience for a long time to come. Do not be surprised you opt for them a second time.

Q2. Do I need to have prior experience for scuba diving?

No, you do not need prior experience for scuba diving. There are beginner courses available that teach you the basics of scuba diving and allow you to explore the underwater world with an experienced instructor. The trainers at the site will also teach you all you need know on the different safety measures that one should take. The activity is perfectly safe.

Q3. What equipment do I need for scuba diving?

You will need a scuba diving mask, fins, and a wetsuit. Other equipment such as a regulator, and dive devices will be provided by the dive center. You will also be taught how to use them properly so that you have an enjoyable experience.

Q4. Are there any age restrictions for water sports and scuba diving?

Yes, there may be age restrictions for certain water sports and activities. For scuba diving, the minimum age is usually 10 years old, but this may vary depending on the dive center. Other activities may have different age restrictions, so it’s best to check with the activity provider. Make sure you find out about the different rules before you decide to sign up for such activities

Q5. Is scuba diving safe?

Scuba diving is generally safe when proper safety procedures and guidelines are followed. It is important to get certified from a recognized training agency and dive with a reputable dive center or instructor. You will always have an instructor accompanying you throughout the activity so there is no danger.

Q6. What is the best time of year for water sports and scuba diving?

The best time of year for water sports and scuba diving varies depending on the location. Some destinations have year-round diving, while others have specific seasons for optimal diving conditions. It’s best to research the destination and consult with a dive professional for the best time to visit. To enjoy to the fullest, you can go during the winters as the outside temperatures are quite tolerable.

Q7. Can I go scuba diving if I wear glasses or contacts?

Yes, you can wear glasses or contacts while scuba diving, but it’s important to choose the right equipment. Some dive centers offer prescription masks, which allow you to see clearly underwater without your glasses or contacts. For those of you who wear contact lenses make to wear protective swimming goggles to protect your eyes and the contact lenses.

Q7. what are the other activities i can do in Dubai?

Here are the some activities that you can do in Dubai



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