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Crocodile Park Dubai

First of its kind animal park in Dubai. The park is spread over an area of 20,000 sqm with 250 Nile crocodiles. The crocodiles range from hatching to full grown and aged ones. The park is shaded and comfortable for spending a longer time. The premises provide information on the past, present and future of crocodile species. Don't wait any more, book your Dubai crocodile park tickets from Travel Saga now!

Tour NameCrocodile Park
Tour TypeAttractions in Dubai
Duration2 hours
Time10 AM  to 8 PM
Days of OperationEveryday
Starting PriceAED 95

Now let us talk about the Crocodile Park. The park is segregated into 5 sections and it includes a natural history museum about the vast variety of crocodiles. It also has a savanna-inspired landscaped area near the beautifully created African lake themed aquarium along with multiple dining options and a Curio shop.

What To Expect At The Crocodile Park 

Firstly, the environment inside the park is favourable all year round for the creatures to live their normal life. The safety of visitors is the top priority and thus, safety measures here are trustworthy. Secondly. the park has an educational museum promoting the importance of wildlife conservation. It also offers an African lake themed aquarium and a wide landscape for a joy walk.

Moreover, the park has multiple dining outlets to satisfy your taste buds. There are African theme based dining outlets also. Experience this unique crocodile park with the help of Travel Saga Tourism.

The Crocodile Museum 

A magnificent creation in Dubai tourist attractions, which provides information about crocodiles’ survival from the journey through 200 million years. How did they even survive through the extension of dinosaurs?  The museum is a rare creation of artifacts highlighting adaptions and the unique evolution of crocodiles which also helped them to procreate their species for the coming generations. Get Dubai crocodile park tickets now. 

The Crocodile Aquarium 

The aquarium is one of a kind made in Dubai to showcase the Creative architecture. This multi dimension aquarium allows visitors an extraordinary view of the crocodiles. These are some rare amphibians ( Animals that can survive both on land and underwater).  A visit to the aquarium is Interesting as it provides a close look at the amphibious behaviour of crocodiles.

Education Field Trip To The Crocodile Park 

As the sections have been segregated into multiple areas, there is a lot of information and educational material in the Crocodile Park. Additionally, they even permit educational field trips from schools and other organisations. An educator leads the visit and shares information about the life cycle of crocodiles, the history of crocodiles and how these species have been a part of evolution.

Dinning and the Shopping Outlets 

There are multiple shopping outlets and unique African themed dining restaurants like

OKAVANGO TERRACE -  Relaxed, family friendly African lodge themed terrace

OKAVANGO ROOM - Sophisticated and refined dining room

CURIO SHOP - Genuine handcrafted African artefacts.

How to reach

You can take either public or private transport options according to your preferences. If you are travelling by metro, then get down at the Creek metro station and take a taxi to the park. However, by bus, you can walk from the Dubai Safari Park stop, which is very close to the Crocodile Park. So, opt for Dubai crocodile park tickets as soon as possible. Moreover, you can opt for Travel Saga’s transportation services to make your journey convenient and comfortable. 

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Q. Is the Dubai Crocodile Park suitable for children?

Of course, Crocodile Park is suitable for children, offering interactive shows and educational experiences that are both entertaining and informative.

Q. How many crocodiles are there in Dubai?

There are about 250 Nile Crocodiles in Dubai. You can also get to see them at the crocodile park in Dubai.

Q. What are the operating hours of Dubai Crocodile Park?

The Crocodile Park remains open from 10 AM to 8 PM every day. Thus, you can have a great time with these majestic creatures.

Q. What is the Dubai Crocodile Park entry fee?

The Dubai Crocodile Park entry fee is AED 75 for kids (3-12y) and AED 95 for adults.

Q. Is there parking available at Dubai Crocodile Park?

Yes, Parking is available at the crocodile park. However, it is advisable to check the website or help desk before time to know about parking charges and conditions.

Q. Is it safe to go near the crocodiles in the crocodile park?

No doubt the safety measures are taken into consideration, but still one must keep a distance from the crocodiles and not tease or provoke them.

Q. Can we click pictures in the Crocodile Park?

Yes, photography is allowed in the park. However, flash photography can provoke the creatures and thus you might be advised not to do it.


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