Dubai’s Nightlife: Party People’s Paradise

Tired of mundane party scenes? Habibi come to Dubai!

The Emirate of Dubai is one of the most royal and grand cities in the world. What makes Dubai unique is its acceptance and celebration of cross cultural amalgamation. Dubai houses people from different parts of the world and welcomes millions of tourists annually. Additionally, the tourism sector of Dubai also works day and night making Dubai the best place for recreation. 

Dubai offers hundreds of recreational activities and interesting tourist attractions to satisfy one’s wanderlust. You name it and Dubai has it. From cultural heritage to the most modern of technologies, Dubai has it all. When we are talking about having fun in Dubai, let us not forget that Dubai also has a nightlife one should definitely try out. Thus, Dubai is a paradise for party lovers and fun lovers alike.  

Skyline views

Dubai’s skyline with skyscrapers is well known all over the world. Here is a list of some rooftop bars where you can experience party vibes while taking in the dazzling skyline of Dubai city. 

  • White Dubai: Conveniently located at the famous Dubai Marina , White is the world’s first high tech outdoor rooftop. It offers great party ambience and music. Listed in the top 100 clubs by DJ Mega, this rooftop has a heavenly vibe. The food and drinks they serve are out of this world. If you are planning to have a party here, rest assured, as you won’t find a single dull moment here. 
  • Soho Garden: Nad Al Sheba neighbourhood houses this secret garden of surprises where no visitor ever feels low. It is a unique mix of bar, dining, and lounge with amazing vibes you can not miss out on while in Dubai. This place is Dubai’s no. 1 entertainment option and a must visit for party lovers. It is a hub of creativity for musicians, artists, and dance performers. 

VIP experience

What is the whole point of being a guest in Dubai if the city doesn’t make you feel like a royal prince/ princess? There are places where you can have your private table and a bunch of close friends to party with. Some of the must visit places are listed below:

  • Treble Xo Club: Golden theme and lively music, make it the best place to go partying. Additionally, world class DJ and dance artists bring this club to life every evening. Enjoy the best party here at Treble Xo Club. Eventually, savour the best delicacies, drinks, and hookah to die for and the best dance numbers to groove on only at Treble Xo Club in Dubai. 
  • Private Yacht Party at Dubai Marina: What else can be as good as a private rental yacht to enjoy all by yourself? Also, an experienced and humble staff to take care of all your needs while you celebrate the evening with your friends or family in privacy. Rent a yacht and get sailing on the waters of Dubai Marina . Enjoy a delicious dinner, drinks, and music onboard and enjoy the best  view of Jbr , burj al arab

Beach Parties

For a city like Dubai with tidy clean beaches everywhere, it would be an injustice if beach parties were not a thing. Dubai has many locations where you can enjoy a great party at the beach and soak yourself up in the pleasures of both recreational spots.

  • Zero Gravity: The best place to enjoy a day to night party is Zero Gravity. It is an open pool and beach bar that offers the best outdoor nightlife experience in Dubai. The DJs keep you entertained during the day, but in the dark of night, the venue comes to vibrant life and the real fun begins with international artists performing here every weekend. 
  • Nikki Beach Resort: The only hotel that specifically offers direct seating on the waterfront of Pearl Jumeirah. The place is popular for its day and night pool parties, DJs, and association with international artists. It gained fame for pop-ups during the Cannes International Film Festival 2019. 

Safety and inclusivity

Dubai is ranked among one of the safest cities in the world. Likewise, the Government of Dubai ensures safety and inclusivity at all the venues for tourists from all over the world. When in Dubai, there won’t be judgement or differences taken into consideration anywhere. As a result, from public and private transportation to courtesy of staff at different venues, everything in Dubai is safe irrespective of the regional and cultural differences you possess. 


Dubai is not just the best place for tourism, but also the definition of superlative. Everything biggest, largest, tallest, most loved and the best things can be found in Dubai. Your days during the Dubai trip will be memorable but your nights can also be equally unforgettable. Experience Dubai’s nightlife and celebrate your youth like never before. Immerse yourself in the dazzling darkness after sunset, at a place as per your preference, and dance your heart out. 

Dubai has everything you would wish to experience in the world. So, book your Dubai tour package with Travel Saga and get ready to experience the royal Emirate of Dubai. Choose from our wide range of services and create a tailor made travel package with us. Also, book our transportation services to make your journey convenient and hassle free. 

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Q. Is Dubai Safe in the night for girls?

Dubai is generally considered safe for everyone. In fact, it is ranked among one of the safest cities in the world by Numbeo.

Q. Is alcohol consumption allowed on a private yacht in Dubai?

Yes, alcohol consumption onboard is okay. However, the guest should have a valid license for alcohol consumption in the UAE.

Q. What is the dress code for nightclubs and parties in Dubai?

The dress code for parties in nightclubs in Dubai is smart formals for men while sleek and classy dresses for ladies.

Q. Are transportation services in Dubai safe at night?

Yes, you can book a private vehicle from Travel Saga’s transportation services and travel anywhere in Dubai safely and comfortably. 


Tourist Attractions near Dubai metro 

Map Dubai with a Metro Map

Are you planning a trip to Dubai? You are certainly going to fall in love with the city. Dubai is a well connected city by public transport. You can travel by bus or metro if you are not willing to spend on the luxury of private transport. Metro in Dubai is one of the best public transportation services in the world. So, let us help you enjoy your Dubai trip by Dubai Metro. You might need a Dubai attractions map to explore the whole of Dubai. Let us help you with your list of places to visit in Dubai by metro. 

Dubai Metro is divided into zones. It makes it easier to explore things nearby according to the neighbourhood. Further, there are two lines of Metro stations. The red line runs to the new Dubai areas while the green line is for the Old Dubai/ Bur Dubai area.

Zone 1:

Zone 1 has several metro stations. However, two of them are important from a tourist perspective.

Metro station: Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta metro station has lots of things for tourists and adventure seekers in the vicinity. The most important of all are

  1. Ibn Battuta Mall: Ibn Battuta Mall is Dubai’s largest themed shopping mall. Its peculiarities include captivating artistic decorations, around 300 retail shopping outlets, 3 hotels, and great dining. Ibn Battuta Mall also hosts several trusted brand outlets on its premises. 
  2. Gurunanak Sikh Temple: It is the world’s first ISO certified Gurudwara. Close to Ibn Battuta Dubai Metro, this place promotes cultural diversity, peace, and hope in Dubai. Furthermore, it is run by the local Sikh community and is regularly visited by millions of tourists. 

Metro station: Energy

  1. Jebel Ali Hindu Temple: The most popular tourist attraction near the Energy metro station on Dubai Metro is the Hindu Temple of Dubai. This temple, also known as the Jebel Ali Hindu Temple is a sacred place of worship for Hindus. You can also reach this temple via Jebel Ali Dubai Metro. 

Zone 2:

Zone 2 consists of many popular tourist attractions in Dubai. It also connects the famous JBR beach and Dubai Marina in the neighbourhood. Important metro stations in this zone are

Metro station: Mall of the Emirates

  1. The Mall of the Emirates: Considered among the largest shopping malls in Dubai, this mall houses more than 600 retail stores of local and international brands. The Mall of the Emirates has several entertainment and dining options as well. Once you are done with the shopping, you can enjoy skiing at the Ski Dubai on the same premises. 

Metro station: Jebel Ali

With the calm and cool beach breeze, embark on a leisure time activity at the tourist attractions near Jebel Ali metro station. The most popular of them is

  1. Jebel Ali Beach: A spotless beautiful beach with high traffic port that can host the world’s largest ships. Moreover, Jebel Ali Beach has calm vibes and a welcoming environment. 

Metro station: Sobha Realty

Originally named Dubai Marina was renamed as Sobha Realty metro station because of the largest project in Dubai. This station connects you to the hundreds of fun activities in the waters of Dubai Marina. 

  1. Dubai Marina: The Marina is the hub of every water adventure one can think of. From Parasailing to Jet pack, boating, and Dhow cruises as well as dinner on cruise, Marina has it all. Dubai Marina is one of the most adored tourist attractions by travellers across the globe.

Also, consider the tram lines at JBR in this zone. The Tram line starts from Jumeirah Lake Towers and ends at Al Sufouh Depot. Tram can also be used to visit several popular spots in Dubai like

Zone 5:

Zone 5 has both red and green lines of the metro. It has a Union station where both the lines cross. Especially, the airport terminals, city centre and stadium, all fall in this zone. The important Dubai Metro station in this Zone is

Metro Station: Union

You can change your path from the red line to the green line and vice versa here at the Union Metro Dubai. One of the most visited places from Union metro station is 

  • Dhow Wharfage: This is one of the places in Dubai that speaks volumes about its rich history and cultural value. People visit this place to learn and experience traditional ways of cargo trading. You can see dhows and boats which are hundreds of years old still in use. Lastly, satisfy your appetite by enjoying a delicious buffet at the floating restaurant at the Dhow Wharfage.

Metro Station: City Centre

This metro station is situated in Deira city. There are two major places you can visit from this metro station.

  1. City Centre Deira Mall: This is one of the oldest and largest malls in Dubai. This mall has a balance of brands and budget shopping options. From big labels to local brands for affordable souvenirs, you can shop for everything here. With innumerable dining and snacking options, this place is a must visit in the area. 
  2. Deira clock tower: The clock tower has an interesting story behind its existence. Especially, the story of a gift. This roundabout is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

Zone 6:

Zone 6 is the zone with the most number of tourist attractions in Dubai. This Zone also has both green and red lines. The most important tourist attractions are close to the metro stations of Zone 6.  

Metro station: Creek

Tourist attractions near the Creek metro station are of natural and environmental value. This is on the green line of Dubai Metro.

  1. Dubai Creek:  Deira Creek is the water resource around which the city prospers. The creek offers a refreshing view of the creek waters. You can also ride an Abra, the traditional Arabian boat to cross the creek from the Bur Dubai shore to the Deira shore. 
  2. Creek Park:  Dubai Creek Park is the second largest park in Dubai. With greenery all around, this place is a perfect venue to relax for people of all ages altogether. A variety of activities like a dolphin show, planetarium, infotainment activities for kids, and shaded areas for walks make it a family friendly picnic spot. 
  3. Festival City Mall Dubai: Home to the largest food court in Dubai, the Dubai Festival City Mall has 400 shopping outlets of popular brands. Besides, it is one of the most loved Dubai shopping festival

Metro station: Burjuman

Burjuman is at the transit station of the red and green lines of Dubai Metro. Additionally, with two famous attractions within walking distance vicinity, Burjuman Dubai Metro is a highly used metro station. 

  1. Burjuman Mall: Burjuman is called a paradise for fashion lovers. It is one of the oldest malls in Dubai. It is very close to the metro station and has more than 200 shopping outlets and separate dining and entertainment areas.
  2. Al Seef: Al Seef is a long promenade on the shore of Dubai Creek. Altogether, it reflects the culture and tradition of Old Dubai and the sophistication of modern Dubai. It has cafes and restaurants from different countries serving international and local cuisines with a view of Dubai Creek. You can also find some places to shop for souvenirs here on Al Seef. Al Seef is a must visit place in Dubai. 

Metro station: Al Ghubaiba

Al Ghubaiba is on the green line of Dubai Metro. You can visit a lot of places from this metro station. Some of them are:

  1. Al Fahdi Fort: It is the oldest building in Dubai. The Al Fahidi  fort has a rich history and heritage value also. Additionally, life size dioramas of ancient Arabic people depict the traditional Bedouin lifestyle in this fort. 
  2. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood: If you are a history and culture enthusiast, get down to the Al Ghubaiba metro station and visit the Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood. The traditional village feels will quench your curiosity.
  3. Al Shindagha Museum: It is a heritage museum particularly dedicated to education, exploration and culture. It is a waterfront museum that depicts the story of the nation at the place where it took birth. Also, to learn about the story behind Dubai’s progress, one must visit this Al Shindagha Museum: in Dubai.  

Metro station: Sharaf DG 

Formerly known as the Al Fahidi metro station, this station connects you to the world of souks, and traditional markets. 

  1. Meena Bazaar: Meena Bazaar, though located in Dubai, gives you the feel of a traditional Indian market. Firstly, shop for everything and haggle a little to get things at prices you agree on. From clothes, jewellery, and food items to souvenirs, you can shop for almost everything here. 
  2. Textile souk: Go to this traditional textile market where you can find both stitched and unstitched clothes of many beautiful varieties. It is also close to the Sharaf DG Dubai Metro. 
  3. Old Souk/ Bur Dubai Souk: The grand traditional market of Dubai. The variety of vibrant things like shawls, bags, carpets, and other hand-woven and machine made things you can find here is unique to this Souk. Especially, because you will hardly find it in any other market in Dubai or the world. 

Metro station: Gold Souk

Step out of this metro station and just walk into the favourite shopping spot of tourists in Dubai. The spot is

  • Gold Souk Dubai: Buying gold is on the bucket list of most tourists in Dubai as gold is tax free in Dubai. Welcome to the glittering world of gold in the city of gold, Dubai. Experience gold shopping like never before at affordable prices in the gold souk. 

Metro station: Dubai Mall/ Burj Khalifa

The iconic places that speak of the grandeur and advancement of Dubai are located close to this metro station. Top tourist attractions include

  1. Burj Khalifa:  The tallest building in the world and the symbol of the grandeur of Dubai, the iconic Burj Khalifa stands tall in the city of deserts. In addition to this, there are observation decks on top floors that give top of the world view.
  2. Dubai Mall: Dubai Mall is the largest mall in Dubai. Especially, it houses the largest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Dubai Mall has several brand shopping outlets with a lot of entertainment and fun activities. At last, experience adventure games, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, and the largest choreographed fountains in the world, here at Dubai Mall. 

Metro station: Emirates tower

Emirates Tower Metro station takes you to the famous Museum of Future and Emirates Tower Hotel. 

  1. Museum of the Future: Museums are mostly seen as a place to study history, but this innovative museum on Sheikh Zayed Road is one of its kind. This museum welcomes people of all ages to see, touch, and shape the possible future humanity can create with scientific knowledge and technological advancement. 
  2. Emirates Tower: It is a grand hotel building that portrays architectural excellence. Back in time, these towers were the tallest building in Dubai. This luxury business hotel has 56 floors and is a symbol of Dubai City. 

Metro station:  Max

The Max metro station gives you close access to tourist attractions in the Zabeel district of Dubai. The most important ones are

  1. Zabeel Park: This park is one of the largest parks in Dubai. You can enjoy live music, leisure walks, barbeque and a lot of other fun activities in Zabeel Park. The Park is popular because it offers a great view of the Dubai Frame.
  2. Dubai Frame: Located in the Zabeel park itself, this structure is the largest frame in the world. Moreover, it also offers a picturesque view of both sides of Dubai through it. 


By far you know most of the places you can visit by taking the Dubai metro. Dubai Metro is an example to the whole world of how well a city can be connected through public transport. So now, just pick up the Dubai Metro Map, follow the guidelines, and map the whole of Dubai conveniently. Metro is not the only form of transport available in Dubai. You can hop on a bus to reach places on your bucket list or for better convenience, just rent a car. Besides, you can also choose Travel Saga’s excellent transportation services for your Dubai trip and make it hassle free. 

Make your journey to Dubai, an experience of a lifetime with Travel Saga at your side. Connect with Travel Saga at

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Q. When did Dubai Metro start?

Dubai Metro was first inaugurated on 9 September 2009.

Q. Can we go sightseeing in Dubai by taking the metro?

Of course, yes. You can visit major tourist attractions by traveling with the Dubai Metro.

Q. What is the specialty of Dubai Metro?

All metros are completely automatic and driverless. The platforms are also air-conditioned and the metro has edge doors.

Q. Are there other convenient transport options in Dubai?

You can roam around Dubai on either private or public transport. There are metro, buses, and rental cars to choose from.

Q. How to use Dubai Metro for tourists?

Tourists can buy single, return, and day pass tickets or get an NOL card made to use Dubai Metro.

Q. What is the significance of the Red and Green lines of Dubai Metro?

The green lines of Dubai Metro run chiefly in the older parts of Dubai city whereas, the red lines cover the urban or relatively new parts of the city.

Q. Is the parking at metro stations free of charge?

Yes, metro station parking is available free of cost to metro users.

Q. Can we eat or drink in the Dubai Metro?

Beware, as you can not eat, drink, or smoke in Dubai Metro. Moreover, you can end up giving fines to officials if you are caught chewing gum or even drinking water.

Valentine’s 2025 on the 9th cloud: LITERALLY!

As Valentine’s Day 2024 approaches, your creative mind starts planning for some unique dates with your valentine. With so many days of Valentine’s week in hand, you can try planning different activities you can do with your partner on different dates. Some of the activities include jet skiing, parasailing, quad biking, dune bashing, and the mighty hot air balloon adventures in Dubai. Plan a Valentine’s trip to Dubai with your partner and make every moment a memory of your togetherness. 

Redefine the 9th cloud feeling with a Hot Air Balloon.

In Dubai, many places offer a sky view from their tall architecture. While you witness the stunning city views from those places, a hot air balloon offers you a sky view of the natural deserts of Dubai. If luck favours you, you also get to see some rare species native to UAE in their natural desert habitat. Hot air balloons flow in the direction of the wind, so you never know what you’ll get to see on your 1 hour adventure journey. Thus, be prepared for surprises and awe moments in your hot air balloon adventure journey at Margham Desert.

The best time is now!

As desert temperatures in Dubai can be harsh in the summer, the best time to enjoy a Hot Air Balloon ride is from October to April. Talking about taking a ride with your loved one, there’s no better time than February, the month of love and its celebration. Celebrate your love up in the sky where you can literally feel that love is in the air, especially in the Hot Air Balloon.  

What will you see from the top?

The Margham Desert is not really deserted, which you will get to experience when you catch sight of the various desert animals on your hot air balloon ride. Take the hot air balloon ride early in the morning and witness the glorious golden sunrise from behind the Hajjar mountains. Bathe in the golden sunshine midway in the air and soak in the good vibes while holding hands with your partner. 

Your private adventure awaits your iconic moment of proposal

Valentine’s Day is certainly the best time to ask the four magical words,“ Will you marry me?”. Make this moment as dramatic and as beautiful as possible to etch it forever in your memories. Make your hot air balloon adventure your venue for the iconic proposal moment. In the magical morning sunshine, ask your beloved to light up your life forever. Grab the opportunity to propose your valentine in the air and surprise your partner in the best way.

Wish to propose on a yacht? No worries. Travel Saga got you covered. 

Safety instructions and relevant information

Hot air balloon is the safest mode of aviation. Rest assured when you ride a hot air balloon as the pilots are highly skilled and professional. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and avoid skirts or short dresses. Shoes are the most suitable footwear compared to flats or heels. Keep your smartphones and cameras safe while clicking pictures. It is advisable to wear sunglasses and sunscreen as the desert heat can be harmful to your skin and eyes. 


A hot air balloon ride can be the best morning in your Dubai trip. Make it memorable by spending it with your beloved. Celebrate your Valentine’s 2024 in Dubai, flying in the sky with your partner by your side. Moreover, you can even book a private tour at an additional expense and make it just about you two. A private adventure makes it even better for a proposal.

So, don’t keep planning your perfect date, make it happen with us. 

Furthermore, your Dubai trip for Valentine’s week can be hassle free and convenient with Travel Saga’s transportation services. Reach out to us by email at [email protected]

or call +971 4 268 4645/ +971 50 914 3707 for any queries and travel guidance.


Q. Are there other inclusions in the hot air balloon like food and drinks?

You get to select the tour you book and some packages do include breakfast and soft drinks in the desert after a thrilling hot air balloon ride.

Q. How many people can be accommodated at one time in a hot air balloon basket?

The safety limit for a hot air balloon ride is a maximum of 20 people. It is advisable to keep the number under 20 to keep it safe while flying and landing.

Q. Who can ride the hot air balloon?

Everyone in the age range of 5 to 80 can ride the hot air balloon. Children under the age of 5 and adults above 80 years of age should not ride the hot air balloon. In addition to that, more than 3 months of pregnant women, people who have undergone major surgery in the last 6 months, and people with some medical conditions are not permitted to ride the balloon.

Q. Is a hot air balloon ride safe in Dubai?

Of course, the hot air balloon is the safest form of aviation. Moreover, skillful pilots are also professional. So, in a hot air balloon ride, you are in safe hands.

Q. How much time do we get to fly in the hot air balloon?

The ride time of a hot air balloon is approximately 1 hour. However, the time duration can change concerning the weather conditions.

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Dinner Date at the Dhow Cruise On Valentine’s Day 2025 In Dubai!

A date of your dreams on the floating restaurant

With Valentine’s week around the corner, the craze of dinner dates is on the rise. While you might be bored with the regular candlelight dinners, you might be looking for some innovative dinner date ideas. Life is full of surprises and so should your dating life. Surprise your better half with a dinner date like never before. So, take your beloved on a dinner date at the “Floating Restaurants”. 

The Floating Restaurant Dinner Date

A floating restaurant? For real? Yes! There are many of them operating every day in the waters of Dubai. It is the Dhow cruises of Dubai, which host dinners, live music and traditional Egyptian ‘Tanoura’ dance performances. This place is a great possible surprise for your Valentine’s Day dinner plans. The dhow cruise dinner is going to give you a once in a lifetime dinner date experience.  Even in Dhow cruise dinner, you can choose the variant you wish to experience. The fun in all of them is equally amazing. 

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise :

Dubai Marina is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai. With the wide range of fun activities it offers, Marina is frequently visited by many tourists and locals. Experience the perfect balance of sophistication and traditional Arabian hospitality at the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. Enjoy delicious meals from international cuisines while taking in the views from the Marina environs. Marina skyline is one of the best place to enjoy an evening , one should definately try to enjoy on Yacht as well, we have organised a Valentine’s Day Yacht Party.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek :

If you wish to experience the traditional side of Dubai, the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is your date destination. Take your lad to the heritage era with modern comforts on a dhow cruise date at Dubai Creek. Experience the heritage sandstone buildings, enchanting bazaar and captivating views while you sail on the Creek waters. 

Dinner Cruise at Marina :

Lastly, welcome to the 125 ft tall glass houseboat where all your imagination for a perfect dinner date comes alive. This cruise offers double storeyed options, for which, you can pre-book your date and choose to dine at either of the decks. The multi-cuisine food here is served at a buffet. There are separate stalls for Salads and soups that serve yummy Arabian food and other cuisines. Additionally, live music and ‘Tanoura’ performances keep your evening lively. Thus, this Dinner cruise at Marina will be a date memory you and your partner will cherish forever. 


A Dhow cruise dinner or just a cruise dinner is the best date you can plan this Valentine’s. Make it hassle free with Travel Saga’s transportation services and book the tour of your choice. Make this dinner date your venue for proposal and see how magically it works. It makes the most emotional moment of your partner’s life with you, undoubtedly magical. 

Get a tailor made travel package to Dubai and explore everything you can do in Dubai. There are lots of activities you can do at the same location before your date like: 

So, make your journey to Dubai, an experience of a lifetime with Travel Saga at your side. Connect with Travel Saga at

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Q. What type of cuisine is served on the Dhow cruise dinner?

Dhow Cruise serves both international and local cuisines. A great variety of dishes are served in buffet style.

Q. Do they serve vegetarian meals at Dhow Cruise dinner?

Yes, the Dhow Cruise dinner buffet separately serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options.

Q. Are kids allowed on the Dhow cruise?

Yes, Dhow Cruise has a family-friendly set up and caters for both kids and adults. Before booking your dhow cruise tour, confirm with individual providers for child policy.

Q. What is the dress code for the Dhow cruise dinner?

There’s no hard and fast clothing rule for Dhow Cruise.  Although, you should wear comfortable clothes as you are going to spend a couple of hours on the cruise.

Q. How long does the Dhow Cruise dinner last?

Generally, it takes approximately 2-3 hours to enjoy your Dhow Cruise tour. Apart from dinner, there are entertaining performances and live music as well. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day 2025 with Kids in Dubai

Once you are a parent, “love” stops being just about your partner. It becomes about your family! Being a parent, it’s almost impossible to plan something that doesn’t involve your babies. An invitation without your kids is a straight no. 

As it is time for your annual Valentine’s Day plans, are you planning to take your kids on the date too? Showing affection to your partner in front of your kids also helps in your kid’s emotional growth. So let’s plan the perfect Valentine’s with your kids.

6 Must visit places with your partner and kids

1. Desert Safari :

What can be better than Desert Safari an adventurous ride bashing the red sand dunes of the Lehbab desert? Embrace the sunset views and enjoy luscious meals in the heart of desert camps. Laugh and talk to your kids in between to keep them curious and engaged.  

2. Theme parks :

This one for sure is a kid’s favourite. Besides, it also allows you to experience life from your child’s perspective. Besides, it will also strengthen the trust in your family.  Some of the famous theme parks in Dubai are

  1. IMG Worlds of Adventure
  2. Motiongate
  3. Legoland Dubai

3. Beaches :

Building sand castles and finding pretty pebbles and shells is certainly one of the core childhood memories most adults adore. Give your children a similar experience by taking them to the beautiful beaches in Dubai like JBR Beach, Kite Beach, and Jebel Ali Beach. Take your love to the horizon level and let your feelings flow.

4. Dubai Mall :

One of the most adored places by kids of all ages. Dubai Mall is a place where adults or children, everyone can enjoy amazing activities altogether. Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo are going to be an amusing experience for your kids.

5. Zabeel Park :

A wide open and lush green place to play for your kids while you can sit and talk in peace is something every family will agree on. Click pictures near the iconic Dubai frame for memories you can cherish forever.

6. Quranic Park :

It is a great and interactive method of teaching young minds about rights and wrongs according to the Holy Book. Plants, trees, and Arabic calligraphy will generate curiosity and fascination in your kids. At last, the cave of miracles will take them back to the historic times they’ve only heard about in tales in Quranic Park 


Why is Love and affection important for your kids? 


Everyone agrees on the concept of families having a deep impact on a child’s mental health but usually fails to understand how the dynamics of family work. Additionally, acts of affection give children a sense of security living with their parents. 

Children grow fast and it won’t be long before you’ll be concerned about their safety. At the same time, for parents who refrain from showing affection in front of kids, it becomes awkward to teach their children about platonic and bad touch, private health, and consent. 

Research says showing affection to your partner in front of kids is healthy. So what are your plans this Valentine’s week? Let me help you out. A trip to Dubai will do wonders for your relationship, both with your partner and kids. Now you might be wondering, what can you do this Valentine’s with your partner and kids? There’s a lot to do in Dubai. Check out the places you can visit and things you can do with your loved ones this Valentine’s. 

Now that you know why to celebrate Valentine’s with your children and what you can do to make it memorable. So, plan a family trip on Valentine’s week. Travel Saga’s tailor made travel packages will help you get the most out of your trip. Also, while thinking of taking your kids along, look up the child policy of different places. You can find the relevant information on our website

Call us on +971 4 268 4645/ +971 50 914 3707

Leave an email at [email protected]



Q. Is it okay to celebrate Valentine’s Day with children?

Yes, it is completely okay. This, in fact, teaches your child about expressing love. Some acts of affection are also healthy unless it crosses boundaries.

Q. Are there entry fees for children in Dubai?

Many places have different child policies. Some places have free entry for everyone while most places charge children above three years of age as adults.

Q. Can adults also participate in activities at theme parks?

Yes, such activities keep the child inside you alive. 

Q. Where can we find support for a VISA application?

Travel Saga helps with Dubai VISA applications, hotel stays, and transportation services also. In short, Travel Saga helps make your trip convenient and hassle free.

Q. Can we take food from outside in Zabeel Park and Quranic Park to have a family picnic?

Yes, outside food is allowed in these parks. You can also find some options in and near the premises itself.

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Sustainable hotel

Stay Sustainable at these eco-friendly hotels in Dubai!

Dubai, known for its grandeur and riches, has understood the importance of environmental conservation using the Sustainable hotels. In the last couple of years, Dubai also started its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. In recent years, the city has become a leader in sustainability and environmental responsibility, understanding the importance of conservation for the next generation. 

Dubai’s government introduced the clean energy strategy in 2015. According to this strategy, Dubai aims to become the world’s most sustainable city by 2050. Dubai has also taken steps towards sustainable transportation and promotes the use of electrical modes of transport in every form. 

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors: we borrow it from our children.”

Tourism and role of various departments in sustainability.

Dubai tourism is globally acclaimed. Millions of tourists visit Dubai every year. For a city like Dubai with these many visitors, it is difficult to maintain sustainability. As a result, Dubai came up with the idea of sustainable tourism. In this movement of sustainability, tourism plays an important role in Green Dubai. The government of Dubai has created guidelines for sustainability and urges hotels and resorts to abide by them. It also gives them gold, silver and bronze recognition according to their sustainability. 

List and locations of sustainable hotels in Dubai

Here’s a list of some of the top sustainable hotels you can opt for when you visit Dubai. Be a part of a sustainable movement and regret nothing. Travel Saga Tourism provides on ground assistance in these select hotels and works with them to promote sustainability. You can get direct Dubai travel assistance from the desks in these hotels, without filtering through the hundreds of suggestions online. 

Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite Hotel Dubai:

Located at a prime location in the heart of Dubai, Al Jaddaf, this five star hotel has rooms and suites that offer poolside and city views also. Five restaurants and six meeting rooms make it a great place for business stays.

Rove City Walk:

It is present on Al Safa Rd, Al Wasl, Junction- Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai. It has walking distance access to City Walk, Dubai Arena and Jumeirah Beach. Moreover, it is also close to the airport.

Rove Trade Centre: 

Located on 2nd December Street near the trade centre roundabout, Dubai, this hotel has spacious rooms, a poolside and additionally a sun deck to relax after roving the whole day in Dubai.

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates: 

The best place to stay adjacent to the Mall of Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, Dubai, is this sustainable hotel. This hotel offers world class shopping, dining and entertainment options in close vicinity. With unlimited dining, relaxing and indulging activities, this hotel has something for everyone.

Rove City Centre, Deira:

Location- 24th/19th B Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Visit Deira Creek easily as it is very close. Easy transport is available for both Old and New Dubai areas. Also, the hotel is only 10 minutes away from the airport. Explore the Souks and heritage places when you stay in this sustainable hotel.

Rove Dubai Marina: 

Present in the most vibrant location of Dubai Marina, this hotel is just a 20 minutes distance from Downtown Dubai and Dubai Mall.

Rove Expo 2020: 

Address: Al Seba St – Dubai Marina – Dubai. The hotel has comfortable rooms, good quality food and a smart location to make you feel at home. The hotel staff is very helpful and polite. It is close to all the important places like the Dubai Expo and Dubai Exhibition Centre. It is also close to the Dubai Marina and Dubai World Airport. 

Ibis Dubai Al Barsha: 

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai 450011 United Arab Emirates. With hundreds of delicious dining options, cafes, bars, DJ nights and an all equipped gym, this hotel certainly offers the best recreation stay for your trip.

Novotel World Trade Centre Dubai: 

Easy access to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Old Souk, La Mer Dubai frame and a lot more from its location at Al Mustaqbal Street, Dubai. The best sustainable hotel to stay and experience Dubai’s winter wonders.

Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf Hotel:

Experience the culture of Dubai, both old and new from this location in Cultural Village, Al Jaddaf, Dubai. This hotel offers free shuttle bus transport to the Dubai Festival City Mall where you can enjoy restaurants in addition to the ones in the hotel.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City: 

Located at the Al Sufouh Dubai Media City, Dubai, this chain of hotels is quite well known. With a picturesque lobby made of wood, stone and glass adorned with Swarovski chandeliers, this hotel offers royal comfort and cosy vibes altogether.. 

Travel Saga Tourism offers unique tailor made travel packages in Dubai. One can opt to choose from the existing tours and get travel guidance from our experts as well. Book our transportation services to visit places at your convenience. We also provide airport to airport Dubai travel packages where your entire trip in Dubai becomes our responsibility. We provide an assured and hassle free holiday experience in Dubai. Get budget friendly hotel stay guidance and a lot more for your Dubai trip. 

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ABRA ka dabra! The traditional Abra ride, Dubai.

“Abra” comes from the ancient Arabic word abra, meaning “to cross”. It is a traditional wooden boat that is used for crossing the Dubai Creek since ancient times. The small boats are well suited to transport goods and people as compared to other boats. These water taxis are operated by the Government of Dubai and are affordable. There are different types of Abras. The fares for a trip differ according to the type of boat and the location of the ride. 

The origin and history of Abra in Dubai

All cities in history have grown around a water source. Civilisations consider rivers to be their mother. For Dubai, Creek has been that water source. Dubai grew from the shore of Dubai Creek, and two neighbourhoods – Deira and Bur Dubai came into existence. Until the construction of the Maktoum bridge in 1963, there were no means of transport between the two shores of Creek other than Abras. 

Abras were also used for trade purposes back in time as traders from different places would spend time at the Old Souk doing their business. They were the oldest form of transport in Dubai. They are still in use in some parts of Dubai to preserve the heritage and for tourist value.

Locations and stations

These traditional boats are functional in many parts of Dubai but are significantly functional at the Dubai Creek. Both tourists and locals use it for transport across the two shores of Dubai Creek. Abra Ride is an important tourist attraction in the Bur Dubai area. The motorised Abra only runs between Deira and Bur Dubai shores while the petrol Abras runs on the following stations:

Types of Abra

The traditional Abra we can see everywhere in Dubai, is a motorised version of the actual Abra used back in time. The ride fares are quite affordable for diesel Abras. It only costs 1 AED per trip, per head in the Creek. Some modernised Abras, particularly the electric ones operate exclusively in the Global Village Lake, Dubai Fountain Lake, Madinat Jumeirah and Al Seef. The fares of these rides differ according to the location.

There are petrol Abras that cost a little more than traditional ones. Moreover, there are Air Conditioned Abras in the Creek that have glass windows for observation and are bigger than the traditional ones. For AC Abra, the driver cabin is in the front while in traditional ones, it is in the centre with passengers on both sides. The ride cost of AC Abra is comparatively higher as it offers better seating and heat protection in summertime. 

Experience the Magical Time Travel

Abra ride is a magical experience one should not miss. It takes you back to the ancient times when the people of Dubai were completely dependent on Abras for transportation. An old school themed trip must have Abra rides on the list. Sailing on the Creek waters with mesmerising views and cheap fare tickets will take you back in time for sure. 

Visit the nearby tourist attractions like the Bur Dubai Souk, Meena Bazar, Golden Gate Dubai, Zabeel Park, Zabeel Palace and Al Seef. Take Travel Saga’s full day Dubai City Tour and explore the most of Dubai in just 8 hours. We offer tailor made travel packages with custom inclusions as needed.

Visit our website to learn more about the full day Dubai City Tour or contact us at +971 4 268 4645/ +971 50 914 3707 or leave an email at [email protected]


Q. How much does the Abra ride cost at Dubai Creek?

The traditional Abra ride only costs 1 AED per head per trip. However, charges differ with the types and locations of Abra rides.

Q. What are the prime locations of operation of Abra Rides?

The most important location of the Abra Ride is Dubai Creek. Additionally, it also operates at the Dubai Fountain Lake, Al Seef, Global Village, Dubai Canal and Dubai Marina.

Q. What other forms of transportation are available to cross the creek other than Abra?

The Maktoum Bridge, since 1963 is a form of road transport for crossing the Dubai Creek.

Q. What are the places to visit near Bur Dubai Abra station?

The Bur Dubai Souk, Meena Bazar, Zabeel Park and Al Seef are some nearby places one can visit near Bur Dubai Abra Station.

Q. Are the ancient Abras and the present day Abras the same?

No, the traditional Abras that operate in Dubai Creek are motorised versions of the old Abras. Though in appearance, they look the same. 

Things To Do

26 Things to do in Dubai by Neighbourhood!

Tourist attractions classified into areas of Dubai.

Dubai is a haven for tourists and seekers of life’s essence. To soak in the most of everything Dubai offers, one must know about the neighbourhoods you can visit in Dubai. So, plan your Dubai trip once you read this and see how it keeps getting better. Here are the 26 things to do in Dubai. 

Things to do in Dubai – Jumeirah

So, let’s begin with the city of beaches.

  • Palm Jumeirah :

Shaped like a palm tree when viewed from the top, Palm Jumeirah is a group of archipelago. Additionally, the island is known for its luxury resorts and the view of the iconic Burj Al Arab. Skydiving here is one of the top things to do in Dubai.

  • Pearl Jumeirah :

Pearl Jumeirah is an island next to Jumeirah Beach. It is home to the Nikki Beach Resort and Spa.

  • Jumeirah Beach :

 A beautiful white sand beach with luxurious hotels, clubs and dazzling skyscrapers. The wide and beautiful waterfront is well acclaimed. Not to mention the amazing view of the horizon. 

  • Burj Al Arab :

It is the most iconic Hotel and a global synonym of Arabian luxury. The sail-shaped hotel offers a beach view. There is also an option to visit inside of the Burj Al Arab, Certainly, it is an important part of the Dubai tour and is on the list of top things to do in Dubai.

  • Jumeirah mosque :

It is a mosque built in Fatimid style native to Syria and Egypt. Additionally, it is the most photographed mosque and the only mosque in Dubai which is open to non-muslims. So, one must add this to their list of things to do in Dubai. Read More about the Jumeirah mosque dubai. 

  • Al Ittihad Park :

 Al Ittihad park  is an oasis of greenery in Dubai.  As a result, it is home to about 100 plants native to UAE. It has long walk areas for joggers and fitness freaks. 

  • Jumeirah archaeological site :

Jumeirah archeological site is the most popular tourist spot in Jumeirah. Contrary to the buzzing life of Dubai City, innovations and technology, this site takes you back to the Abbasid era between the 9th and 11th centuries.  This site was a also prime stop on the tradeway between Iraq and Oman. 

Things to do in Dubai – Bur Dubai

  • Old Souk :

It is a traditional market with old world charm. Thus, you will find a variety of attractive stuff here that it shall be difficult to return empty handed. Negotiate all you can and settle for the best price to buy souvenirs for your loved ones from your Dubai half day  city Tour. You’ll also find Arabian dresses to buy as memories of this Arabian province. 

  • Meena Bazar :

Meena Bazar is a traditional market that takes you back to the Indian street markets. Shop for perfumes, jewellery, clothes, gift articles and a lot more while enjoying the traditional street food of Dubai.

  • Dubai Museum :

The historical place has life-size dioramas set up to show the traditional Bedouin lifestyle. It also has dhows and boats and other ancient stuff exhibition as a glimpse of fisherman life.

  • Al Fahidi neighbourhood :

Al Fahidi is a historical neighbourhood with traces of ancient buildings and architecture. The famous Al Fahidi Fort is also one of the top attractions in Bur Dubai because of heritage and culture values.

  • House of Sheikh Saeed Maktoum :

To experience the royalty and architecture of the 19th century, one must visit the House of Sheikh Saeed Maktoum. It was the former residence of the ruler dynasty and now serves as a museum with ancient furniture, walls and pictures.

  • Wall of Old Dubai :

Built using Coral and Gypsum, the wall served the purpose of protecting the city. The wall of Old Dubai was built in the 1800s and the remnants of it can be seen now.

  • Al Seef :

Coming to the world of fusion, transformation and beautiful amalgamation. Al Seef dubai is a beautiful promenade on the banks of Dubai Creek. The promenade exhibits both the old and new world Dubai. It is also the connecting point of Bur Dubai and Deira. With many restaurants and shops from around the world, one can enjoy breathtaking views of the Creek while enjoying a tasty meal.

Things to do in Dubai – Deira

  • Gold Souk :

 Dubai is called the city of gold for a reason. Therefore, dive into the glittering world of gold in the famous Dubai Gold Souk .

  • Spice Souk : 

 Who hasn’t heard about the famous souks of Dubai? One of the favourite tourist spots in Deira is its Spice Souk. Sellers here are friendly and you can also also find some dryfruits sellers. You can haggle and buy things at a convenient price.

  • Abra Dubai :

 Abra means to cross. They are ferry boats that run between four stations on Dubai Creek. Moreover, the ride fare is constant for a long time. It only costs 1 AED per head for one side. 

  • City centre Deira :

 A grand mall in the older part of the city, which offers a great shopping experience to tourists and locals.

  • Port Saeed :

Port Saeed is a locality with luxury hotels, golf clubs and yacht clubs. It also has restaurants with various international cuisines, shisha lounges and a lot more that offers great creek views. 

  • Maktoum Bridge :

It is a movable bridge that can open and close accordingly. Maktoum bridge crosses the Deira Creek. 

Things To Do

Things to do in Dubai – Downtown Dubai

  • Burj Khalifa :

 Burj Khalifa is the tallest free standing structure in the world! You can experience the feeling of being on the top of the world for real here. This certainly is the topmost tourist attraction in Dubai.

  • Dubai Mall :

 Adjacent to the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall is the world’s second largest mall. It has shopping, parks, adventures and also lot more other options to explore. 

  • Dubai Fountains : 

When we talk about the best things in the world in Dubai, it is important to mention the famous Dubai Fountains. They are the largest choreographed man made fountains in the world. Secondly, it uses 22000 gallons of water, 6600 lights and 50 colour projectors. It is present right next to the Burj Khalifa beside the Dubai Mall.

  • Dubai Ice Rink :

It is a winter adventure you can explore. Skating on real ice is surely something we all wish to try at least once. This place is right there in the Dubai Mall.

  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo :

Do you love nature? We love nature too and so do little kids. The Dubai aquarium and Underwater Zoo is something no one would like to miss. This is one of the most happening things to do in Dubai. 

  • Edge walk :

The most thrilling experience you can have in Dubai is the sky view edge walk. Consider walking free hand at a height of 219.5 meters with a view of stunning skyscrapers for a brave adventure.

Apart from these attractions, you can also experience the most popular adventure in Dubai, its Desert Safari. If you love water adventures then opt for dhow cruises, banana boat rides, 33 feet small yacht for fishing and speed boats. If you have always dreamt of spending some time in the air with your loved ones, a hot air balloon, sky diving, helicopter and gyrocopter are waiting for you. In addition to that, experience the ultimate desert camping and camel rides, shop for souvenirs and embrace the Arabian culture on your trip to Dubai. 

Dubai as you know now, is everything one would like to experience on a vacation. So, start your adventure and satisfy your wanderlust here in Dubai. You can experience the most of Dubai with Travel Saga’s tailor made travel packages as well. You choose and we serve.  Everything is well planned and well conducted with must things to do in Dubai list in mind. Similarly, take our transportation services to explore the hidden gems of Dubai at your convenience. In case you are from a different country, and need help with your VISA applications, then we got you covered. Travelsaga is the best travel and tourism company in Dubai and we specialise in tailor made travel packages. 

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Read Here about the  list of 24 Amazing things to do in Dubai.


  • 1.Do we need a VISA to visit Dubai?

Yes, a VISA is needed to visit Dubai. You can Apply with Travel saga For your Dubai Visit Visa  

  • 2.How are the transportation services in Dubai?

Dubai is a well connected city, so you can go to most places through public transport like buses and the metro. You can also rent a car from Traval Saga’s transportation services to fulfil everything on your things to do in Dubai list.

  • 3.What to wear in Dubai?

Dubai is an Arabic province and thus, you must prefer modest clothing and avoid public displays of affection. Take note that Dubai is primarily an Islamic province, so one must respect it, especially during Ramadan. Although there is no hard and fast clothing rule in Dubai.

  • 4.Can non-Muslims visit the Jumeirah Mosque?

Yes, the Jumeirah mosque in Dubai is open to the general public irrespective of their religious beliefs. However, it is the only mosque in Dubai open to Non-muslims.

  • 5.Is alcohol consumption allowed in Dubai?

You can buy alcohol from licensed bars and restaurants. However, it is not allowed to drink alcohol in public places.


best tourist destination

Hat Trick! Says TripAdvisor as it reveals Dubai is the best tourist destination once again!

Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations. An amazing amalgamation of tradition and modern advancements makes Dubai the best place for vacations. People of different tastes from different cultures, all find their place in Dubai. Dubai is an all in one trip you always wanted.

Travelling is a common interest. Tired of monotony? Just take a trip and find your peace. Travelling refreshes, recreates and rejuvenates humans. With no knowledge about a foreign place, choosing a good travel destination is a difficult task. In our digital world where the world feels like a room, many platforms provide us with enough information about places. One such premium platform is TripAdvisor. You can find all the information about any place you wish to visit and also find relevant recommendations.

The best of the best tourist destination

In a world full of travellers and tourist spots, Dubai is recognised as the best tourist destination by the acclaimed travel booking and guidance platform – TripAdvisor. This is not the first time that Dubai has been identified for its tourism and overall experience. Dubai has been winning this title for the last three years. The authenticity of this claim is accurate because this award is based on the quality and quantity of reviews of tourists travelling globally with TripAdvisor. Tourists from all over the world are satisfied with Dubai as a tourist spot. 

Dubai is not just a tourist place

Tourism is not the only thing Dubai is popular for. In 2023, Remitly, a financial services company, ranked Dubai as the best city for relocation in the world. Dubai ranks the second safest city in the world according to Numbeo. Savills announced Dubai as the top city for remote workers. Dubai was placed second in Euro-monitor’s top 100 city destinations as well. which make Dubai best tourist destination.

Top things to do in Dubai

While everything in Dubai is just great, there are things you must not miss out on. Here’s a list of places to visit and things to do in Dubai without fail.

Burj KhalifaBurj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. When in Dubai, don’t miss the feeling of being on top of the world. There are restaurants and observation decks that you can buy tickets of.

Shopping – There are hundreds of places where you can buy a variety of stuff in Dubai. From fancy malls like the Dubai Mall, and the Mall of the Emirates to traditional street markets like the Old Souk. Spice Souk and the famous Dubai Gold Souk are the places where you can haggle for the price and buy at your convenience. Explore the streets of Meena Bazar that will take you back to India. 

Dubai fountain –  If water brings you peace, don’t miss the largest choreographed water fountains in Dubai. The musically synchronised water fountains with a view of Dubai’s skyline will make your day. 

Dubai Creek – Natural seawater inlet that divides Deira and Bur Dubai. You will find food outlets from various international cuisines and shopping opportunities around it. You can also take a boat ride in the traditional Abra to cross the creek.  

Adventure water sports – Jet skiing, speed boat, banana boat ride, parasailing and a lot more to explore at the waterfront at the JBR, Marina and Jumeirah beach.

Desert Safari – Start your evening adventure with Quad biking and Dune bashing to find yourself in the camping area of the Al Aweer desert. go for a camel ride and enjoy a great dinner in the desert with lots of traditional Arabic dance shows. Like Belly Dancing & Tanura show 

What makes Dubai best tourist destination?

The connectivity through the air makes it the easiest destination to reach from most places in the world. The city itself is well connected through public transport facilities like the metro and buses. Dubai’s flexibility and all inclusivity make it a hub of diversity that suits people from all over the world. The variety of cuisines and activities makes Dubai a one of a kind tourist place for everyone. The authorities also ensure visitor’s comfort and convenience along with its tourism department which keeps making Dubai better every day. Even the hotels and stays are quite budget friendly in Dubai, confirming visits by people of all classes. 

Planning a tour to Dubai?

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Quranic Park

The Heaven of Peace: Quranic Park in Dubai

Irrespective of your religious beliefs, Quranic Park in Dubai offers a great positive aura that you may want to experience along with learning about some rich cultural and religious diversity, and the architectural influence of Islam. Botany enthusiasts and nature lovers will feel at home in the Quranic Park. If you are a person with a deep belief in Islam, or maybe just a person who prioritises peace, the Quranic Park in Dubai is a must visit place for you.

Discovering the Beauty of Quranic Park:

The Quranic Park in Dubai is a place that symbolises and teaches lessons from the Holy Quran. This place, though located in the vibrant city of Dubai, is an oasis of tranquillity. The Quranic Park is a treasure of nature’s blessings and the rich heritage of Islam.

Quranic Park is spread over an area of 64 ha. which is mainly divided into four attractions: 

  • The Cave of Miracles 
  • the Glass House 
  • the Lake  
  • the Gardens

1.Cave of Miracles: 

The Cave of Miracles is a stunning place that houses engaging and interactive technology to learn about Islam’s history and the prophets’ lives. It is a beautiful imitation of old age caves. The Cave of Miracles gives a glimpse of the 7 miracles mentioned in the Quran. Well supplied with natural and artificial light, the cave is the most interactive and educational part of the Quranic Park.

2. The Glasshouse / The Green House:

The Glass house is an artificial green house that favours the growth of plants from different places in the world. This place is of great botanical importance. Botany enthusiasts must visit this section of the park for knowledge and a better understanding of sacred flora. The plants referring to the Holy Quran are grown here with their names and context.

3. The Lake:

The Lake is one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai. It was created by dredging Jebel Ali Port. This lake also symbolises an event from the Quran. Since the opening of the Quranic Park in 2009, the Lake has attracted many tourists from around the world. The lake is split in two, with a beautiful walkway in between that allows visitors to take beautiful pictures and immortalise the memories of your Dubai Trip.

4. The Orchards: 

There are several gardens with many plant species spread across the Quranic Park. Also, there is a desert garden amongst them. These human-made trees are charged by sunlight making them a unique version of solar trees. The sustainable model allows electricity for the gold Arabic calligraphy engraved on these trees informing about the gardens. There are 12 orchards in the park with around 57 plant species mentioned in the holy book.

Activities to enjoy at Quranic Park:

The Quranic Park has a walkway and area for cycling that you can enjoy while breathing in the freshness of lush greenery of the gardens. There are solar power trees and kiosks that have Arabic calligraphy inscribed on them, giving information about plants and trees, and holy teachings.

Anyone with the will to visit this peaceful park can enter the park for free. There is, however, a minimal entry fee of around 10-15 AED in the park to visit the Cave of Miracles and the Glasshouse. There, you can enter with your NOL card which you can recharge at the recharge stations in the Park. This entry is free for children under the age of 6 and people of determination. The operating hours of the Quranic Park are 9 AM to 9 PM. During the holy month of Ramadan, the park opens after sunset. So, Ramadan is the best time to visit the Quranic Park in Dubai !

Dubai : a wonderful tourist destination:

The Quranic Park is just one example of the beauty of Dubai, while Dubai is everything one can expect from a vacation. The fun, the adventure, the technology, the traditions, the peace and the comfort, everything is served in a single trip to Dubai. A lot of tourist attractions offer traditional or religious insight into the life of Bedouin people while others offer recreation and adventure opportunities like dune bashing, sand boarding, water sports, sky diving etc. 

Desert Safari activities like Quad bikes, camel rides, cultural shows and royal dinners. Spots that take your breath away like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Marina’s Dhow cruise and Yacht tours, and Fountain Show at Dubai Mall. Meena Bazaar and Abra ride at Bur Dubai, Dubai Miracle Garden, Global Village, Palm Jumeirah and Old Town Dubai Tour, there’s a lot to be explored in Dubai.

A bounded travel package can only show you some parts of Dubai, while a tailor made package that you create with your bucket list in mind can help you enjoy the most out of your trip. Travel Saga customises travel packages for your Dubai trip. 

Now that you know about a great place to visit in Dubai, make sure to include this in your customised travel package. Get yourself sun kissed, sand bathed and sea soaked in the city of the tallest skyscraper. Explore everything you always wanted to and make it possible by choosing Travel Saga as your assistant in tailor-made travel packages. Visit to connect with us or leave us an email at [email protected]


1.What are the entry charges for Quranic Park?

The entry to the Quranic Park is completely free. However, there is a minimal entry fee for the Cave of Miracles and the Glasshouse. So one can expect to spend around 10-15 AED at the Quranic Park.

 2.What are the operating hours of the Quranic Park? 

The Quranic park remains open from 9 AM to 9 PM. However, during the holy month of Ramadan, the park opens after sunset. 

3.Can non-Muslims visit the Quranic Park?

Yes, the Quranic Park has free entry for everyone irrespective of their religious beliefs.

4.How to reach the Quranic Park in Dubai?

Bus routes 11A and 11B stops are closest to Quranic Park, you have to walk for 20 mins to reach the destination from the bus stops. Also, the Centre point metro station on the Red Line is close to Quranic Park, from there you can take a taxi to reach the park. Book your private transportation with Travel Saga now!

5.Are there any snacking and food options in or near the Quranic Park?

Yes, you can have some tasty snacks and coffee at One Coffee House in the Quranic Park. You can also bring food along to have a family picnic at the park. The Last Exit Al-Khawaneej is a popular pitstop for foodies in the area.