Strict Policies to Follow for Dubai Visit Visa Holders From June 2024

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People visiting Dubai are advised to carry a minimum amount of 3000 Dh in cash or credit to enter Dubai. They must also provide their accommodation proof and return tickets to avoid discrepancies. Although these UAE visa rules have existed for some time, airlines have made a stricter inclination recently. As a result, people failing to fulfil any of the above requirements are barred from entering the UAE since June 2024. 

Visa Update for UAE Visit Visa Holders

Travelling to Dubai is a frequent routine for citizens of many nationalities. You need a Dubai Visit Visa to enter Dubai for 30 or 60 days of time. These visit visas require some documents and paperwork which is made easy by Travel Saga Tourism’s easy visa services. If someone needs to travel to UAE for any reason, they should be aware of the recent strict adherence of airport staff to their visit visa policies since May-June 2024. 

According to the recent incidents at Dubai airport, many citizens have faced issues in entering Dubai. It was either because of accommodation proof or return tickets. Some people had to stay at the airport for a couple of days before returning to their hometown. Thus, if travellers fail to fulfil these requirements, they will not be allowed to enter Dubai at any cost.

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The major requirements to be fulfilled are:

Dh 3,000 Cash or Credit:

The UAE government has suggested every traveller must carry cash or credit amount equivalent to Dh 3,000. If a traveller fails to prove that they are carrying that amount, they’ll be sent back before the flight. In other cases, they might reach the Dubai airport, but are not allowed entry into Dubai and have to return on the next flight. To avoid such mishaps, travellers are requested to carry Dh 3,000 or any currency equivalent to Dh 3,000 in cash or credit.

Proof of Accommodation:

Travellers should produce their valid proof of accommodation in Dubai at the airport itself. The proof can be the hotel bookings, a friend’s or family’s house address and Emirates ID, or any other place where you can legally stay. Some people were recently denied entry to Dubai as the friend’s apartment they would stay in, was not in his name and was living on rent. Thus, Travel Saga suggests its guests to compulsorily provide valid proof of residence in Dubai.

Return Tickets:

A traveller with a visit visa only stays for a short duration in Dubai. To ensure transparency and timely return, a return air ticket is asked to be produced at the airport. Return tickets from Dubai are essentially required at the time you enter the UAE. Many travellers have been barred from entering Dubai until they provide their return air tickets. 

All these policies are infact in favour of the travellers visiting Dubai. So, it is actually good for the travellers to follow these guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines will help travellers make their time in Dubai easy. So, if you are planning to get your Dubai visit visa, get in touch with Travel Saga Tourism. If you wish to explore the entire UAE in peace, opt for a 60 day Dubai visit visa by Travel Saga Tourism.