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Airport to Airport Visa Change

UAE is a wonderful place to be at and it’s quite natural that you may want to stay back there even after your visa expires. So What , Dont Worry We Have now Airport to Airport Visa Change Option For Everybody, People Who Do not  want to leave the country and embrace the beauty of it

Time 1 Day
Duration 60 Days Visit Visa
Price AED 1650/-
Visa Type Airport to Airport
Insurance N/A

Airport to Airport Visa Change

That’s when you need to get your visa extended. You have the option of doing so without having to go all the way back to your home country. You also have the option of changing your visa to one for employment. The airport-to-airport visa change facility gives you the chance to have your UAE visa renewed by leaving the UAE for a neighbouring country and staying there for only a few hours while your visa gets extended back in the UAE. You can simply fly back to the UAE after your  Dubai Visit visa is renewed. This way, you save a lot of time and money.

Details of the Airport-to-Airport Visa Change

The best option to get your visa extended is to take a flight to any of the UAE’s neighbouring countries. The airport-to-airport visa change facility comes as a very economical way to have your current tourist visa extended. All you need to do is just to pass through the departure terminal in the neighbouring country. You can simply fly back to the UAE without exiting the airport at all. After your return to the UAE, you can have a new visa issued for 30 or 60 days as needed.

This facility is available for people from most nations. The airport-to-airport visa facility was earlier available only at the Sharjah Airport. It has now been made available even at the Dubai airport for the convenience of millions of visitors to the city. On most occasions, the visas are issued only within a few hours. However, there may be delays if the visa application is for some unforeseen reason blocklisted or referred to the security authorities.

People of any nationality can obtain an A2A (airport to airport) visa. This service is available for all on weekdays, i.e. from Saturdays to Thursdays. If you’re planning to get yourself an A2A visa, we request you to get in touch with us at least 2 days in advance so the rush for flight tickets can be managed. If you find the A2A visa change a bit costly, you can certainly go for the border-to-border visa change, commonly called the Oman Visa Change by hopping on to a bus that takes you to Oman.

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Documents Needed for A2A (Airport to Airport) Visa Change
  • A scanned copy of the passport that’s valid for at least coming six months
  • Passport size photographs
  • The visa page copy and the Emirates ID copy of the guarantor

What are the advantages of getting an A2A Visa?
  • You won’t need to pay the AED 2000 cash deposit at the airport
  • You won’t need to deposit cash with the agency for the new visa
  • Very fast and smooth processing
  • A visa change passenger needs to wait at the airport for a maximum of 24-48 hours

Note: You may exit at the GCC country that’s the closest to the UAE and then come back. We shall process your new visa in Express mode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on A2A Visa Change
  • Can I have my visa changed simply by traveling to Oman by bus?

It certainly is possible to do so for people of certain nationalities. While it’s certainly a cheaper option than the airport-to-airport visa change, it’s much more time-consuming. Traveling to and from between Dubai and Oman and the time taken to process the visa add up to around 3-5 days. This delay is caused by the land border authorities who take time to update the exit status.

  • What facilities shall the agency provide for A2A visa changes?

We arrange the return air tickets. Along That Our teams  make sure that It  process a same day express visa for you. We apply for the visa the moment you confirm that you have exited Dubai airport. The visas are processed within just 3-4 hours usually. There shall be delays only if the application is passed on for security check or if it’s blocklisted.

  • Is a visa extension possible without having to make an exit from the UAE?

Yes, it’s possible. You enjoy the convenience of having your visa renewed while staying in the comfort of your home. However, it’s a very expensive option.

  • What duration are the A2A visas offered for?

The A2A visas can be valid for a short term period of 30 days visit visa or a long term period of 60 days visit visa.


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