Quad Bike Ride Dubai


Quad Bike Ride Dubai

Quad Biking in Dubai

Riding on a quad bike takes you rumbling and roaring through the vast spread of golden sand dunes in the Dubai Desert. We reach the desert in an air-conditioned vehicle. Once we reach the desert, you climb into an open-top quad bike area. No matter which size you choose, the adrenaline rush will be truly unforgettable.

Desert quad Bike 350 CC 30 min Ride
30 minutes50
  • Location5
  • Amenities5
  • Services5
  • Price5
  • Rooms5
Experience the 1 seater 350 CC powerful engine quad bike in the desert safari. Rent a Quad Bike for 30 minutes at just AED 299. This robust power ATV will...
Desert Quad Bike 350 CC 1 Hour Ride
1 hours50
al awir dubai
Experience the 1 seater 350 CC powerful engine quad bike in the desert safari. Rent a Quad Bike for 1 hour at just AED 499. This robust power ATV will...
Dubai: Dune Buggy Self Drive 1000 CC | Ride for 1 Hour
1 hours50
Lahbab Desert -Dubai, U.A.E
From a nondescript Arabian fishing village, Dubai has transformed itself into one of the top metropolises of the world.Time 9 am - 5 pmChild policy Below 16 year child  cannot do this...
Dubai: Dune Buggy Self Drive 1000  CC 4 Seater
1 hours50
So, how do you experience the desert in style and have a good time? Well, you sign up for the 4 Seater1000cc Polaris Buggy 30 min Ride.Time 8.00 amChild Policy 16 years...
Dubai: Dune Buggy Self Drive 1000CC | Ride for 2 Hours
2 hours50
Do you like to drive, but the great outdoors? Then ride through the desert in our 2 Seater Dune Buggy Ride in Dubai! You’ll be given training on how to...
Spirit of Adventure Afternoon Dune Buggy Ride with BBQ Dinner
6 hours50
Are you up for some fun and frolic in the desert? Well, then you should sign up for our very special tour called Spirit of Adventure. We have put together...


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After you’ve secured the helmet on your head tightly and worn the goggles, rev up the engine and roar into the desert to explore dusty tracks. Make sure that you listen to the safety instructions of the expert before proceeding with the ride. As you zoom through the desert plain, you won’t feel like going back home. Recharge yourself with some soda midway through the ride. Get some snaps taken during a photo op and then we go zooming back to the base.

We at Travel Saga provide safety gear and helmets, along with brief training on how to operate the quad bike. Participants can choose
from different types of quad bikes, such as 220 CC, 350 CC, double-seater ATVs, based on their preferences and group size.

Quad biking is a popular activity in Dubai, especially during the cooler months of the year. However, one can enjoy this thrilling ride across the year during morning and evening time.

The experience of quad biking in Dubai is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the serene beauty of the desert. It is an exciting and thrilling activity suitable for individuals, families, and groups of friends looking for adventure and a unique experience in Dubai.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Team: Our quad bike service in Dubai stands out for several reasons. Firstly, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable guides who are passionate about quad biking and the desert landscape of Dubai. They provide personalized attention and ensure that participants have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Well Maintained Quad Bike: Secondly, we use top-of-the-line quad bikes that are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure their reliability and safety. Our quad bikes come with all the necessary safety gear and equipment, including helmets, goggles, and gloves.

Best Quad Bike Rental in Dubai: Thirdly, we offer a variety of quad biking packages to suit different preferences and group sizes. You may also explore our other packages and activities such as camel riding, sand boarding, and traditional Arabic meals, providing a comprehensive and memorable desert experience.

Our Pride: Lastly, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and ensuring that our participants have a hassle-free and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Choosing our quad bike service in Dubai means choosing a professional, safe, and memorable adventure in the stunning desert landscape of Dubai.

Quad Bike FAQs

What is the ideal age to try quad biking in Dubai?

Quad biking is one of the best desert safari activities to try in Dubai. Anyone above fourteen can go for a thrilling quad biking session. Moreover, it is one of the safest activities as the riders get racing suits, safety helmets, and other gear. However, riders between fourteen and seventeen must come with their parents or guardian to try this activity.

When is the right time to try quad biking?

Quad biking is truly a fascinating activity to try anytime in Dubai. However, the weather remains too sultry and uncomfortable during summer. Therefore, we recommend trying this activity during winter (October to April) to avoid the high temperature and heat.

Will the activity involve instructions from the guide?

The entire activity takes place under the supervision of expert instructors. Besides, you will get proper guidance on how to ride the bike. Moreover, you will get safety gear to enjoy the activity without any worries.

How long do the quad biking sessions last?

The duration of quad biking sessions depends on the desert safari package you choose. Ideally, a session lasts from 30 minutes to an hour as you get the opportunity to cover some of the coveted spots in the desert. However, if you choose an evening session, you will enjoy a scenic sunset view over the horizon while riding, which is truly mesmerizing to gaze at.

Is there any dress code to maintain?

We don’t have a dress code for this activity. However, it is better to wear loose-fitted comfortable clothes, like T-shirts and joggers or shorts. Besides, always wear open-toe sandals over closed shoes to walk comfortably.



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