Jungle Bay Waterpark Dubai

Children playing at jungle bay water park Dubai

All you wanted to know about Jungle Bay Waterpark Dubai from entry timing to ticket price: We all know Dubai to be a busy city apart from being a luxurious one; however, it has also got many attractions for tourists from all over the world. There are lots of famous water parks in the city known for their unique rides, and one of them is the Jungle Bay Waterpark. In this article, we’ll talk about this waterpark in detail.

What makes this Jungle Bay Waterpark different?

  • Unlike other water parks in Dubai, this one is comparatively smaller. This implies that it will be possible for you to keep your children within your sight at all times.
  • There are plenty of choices in Jungle Bay Dubai when it comes to purchasing food items and these are quite affordable as well. You can simply visit the Westin or Le Meridien for satisfying your hunger.
  • The slides at this waterpark are quite wide, unlike most other water parks in the city. Consequently, it is possible to take your young one by your side or on your lap while sliding together.
  • There are several thrilling rides available such as Whizzard, Lighthouse, and Body Slides which implies that your children will have plenty of enjoyment.

Things to see at Jungle Bay Waterpark

Kids plays at Jungle Bay Water park

  1. Enjoyable rides

There is an attractive lighthouse in the waterpark that will allow you to get access to the reputed thrills right here – Body Slides and the Whizzard. Here, you will come across as many as three AquaTubes whose length is 130 m and which will take you through an astounding 360° loop before dropping you all of a sudden.

  1. Activities of the kids

There is a special water play area in Jungle Bay which is only meant for the children. There are plenty of activities to indulge in right here for individuals of all ages including adults and children. Moreover, there is a clear line of vision as well as no height restrictions.

  1. Family time

There is likewise a six-meter wave pool in Jungle Bay which is known as Family Waves providing lots of amusement for your household members for a long time.

  1. Food

It will be feasible for the visitors right here to enjoy some tasty bites and appetizers at the Refuel Café and Bar eatery situated close to the beach. You will also come across a beach bar where you will be able to enjoy a leisurely holiday at this waterpark.

  1. Stay

Here, we like to mention that Jungle Bay happens to be a portion of the Dubai resorts like Westin Resort and the Le Meridien Resort. Both of these happen to be luxurious properties that are quite well-known in the city. It is feasible for the visitors at these resorts to have access to the waterpark mentioned here while staying in Dubai.

Interesting rides at the Jungle Bay Water Park

  1. The Whizzard

Here, we like to mention that riders are going to sit in aqua tubes before enjoying this ride. There are as many as three slides and each of them is 130 meters in length. After twisting and turning these slides will provide an incredible 360° loop before dropping all of a sudden into a pool with shallow water.

  1. AquaPlay

This particular ride has been designed to provide enjoyment to the kids activities for an extended period of time. It will be possible for the parents to watch the children while guiding their moves as well. There is no height restriction and children of every age will be allowed here.

  1. Body Slide

One is going to enter this particular slide via a lighthouse consisting of an enclosed winding tunnel whizzing down into the water. However, it will be imperative for your kid to be at least 1.1 m for enjoying a slide here.

Jungle Bay Waterpark Ticket Price

In case you are staying at the Westin Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina or the Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, you will be able to obtain free entry to this waterpark without any tickets whatsoever. Otherwise, the entry price is Dhs 200 on weekdays for one adult and Dhs 250 on weekends. It will be imperative for the children to pay Dhs 125-150 on weekends and Dhs 100 on weekdays.

Entry Timing

Jungle Bay Dubai will be open from 10 AM to 6 PM daily.

Best time to visit Jungle Bay Waterpark

Dubai is usually crowded during the months of November to February when the weather happens to be quite pleasant. If you want to visit this waterpark, then make sure to visit during this time of the year. In this way, you will be able to enjoy interesting outdoor activities under perfect conditions.

On the other hand, if you want to visit this waterpark during summer when the temperature is quite high, make sure to come early in the morning before the sun starts shining in full glory. Otherwise, visit this place late in the afternoon when the temperature drops.


There are so many attractions in Dubai that you might be confused about which one to see first. Although the Jungle Bay Waterpark is not the biggest waterpark in the city, you should not miss it by any means.