Real Madrid World Dubai

Pinch yourself! No, you’re not dreaming. World’s first ever football club themed park is set to open in Dubai. Dubai Parks and Resorts and Real Madrid C.F. have signed an exclusive multi year partnership. We will see the first ever Real Madrid themed experience open at the largest theme park destination in the Middle East. What a treat for all football fans. 

Legendary Football Club

Without a doubt, it is believed that Real Madrid is a legendary football club and one of the greatest ones to exist in today’s world. Moreover, in 2000, FIFA named Real Madrid the Best Club of the 20th Century. 

Additionally, the club spent sums of money to acquire the world’s most famous players to the club. They were called galácticos (superstars). Thus, some popular stars who once wore Real Madrid’s jersey include David Beckham, Luis Figo, Zidane, Kaká, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Indeed, the opening of this theme park is truly a remarkable event for Real Madrid C.F.

Champions Avenue

Champions Avenue evokes memories of vintage Madrid streets while hinting at the club’s past, present, and future. So, discover immersive events and activities that honour the spirit of the club. In addition to that, it has food, music, and engaging activities to truly celebrate Real Madrid C.F.

Rides and Attractions

  • White Hearts
  • Road to Victory
  • Hala Madrid Restaurant

Celebration Plaza

The scene is prepared for a Real Madrid style football fiesta at Celebration Plaza. The primary focus is to depict the spirit of football. From the lowest levels to the highest points ever reached, heroic returns, and all stages in between. Importantly, it pays homage to the blood, sweat, and tears that have been shed which shaped the legacy of Real Madrid. 

Rides and Attractions

  • Champions Fountain Cibeles
  • Hala Madrid Coaster
  • La Fabrica Training Pitch
  • The Wave La Ola
  • Bernabéu Experience

Stars Universe

Explore the Stars Universe and learn the techniques behind Real Madrid’s winning culture. Additionally, get access to state of the art technology, and take part in exciting basketball and football challenges. Also, accompany the team’s stars on their amazing path to glory and triumph. Moreover, explore the core of Real Madrid’s victories and discover the attributes that make them unbeatable.

Rides and Attractions

  • Magic Cleats
  • Hands Up!
  • Champions Bus 
  • Academy Cafe
  • Stars Flyer
  • The Real Challenge
  • Unstoppables the Universe Cup
  • Goal Coaster
  • The Factory of Dreams

Interactive Experience

Real Madrid World has many interactive attractions which allow you to celebrate the iconic club in different ways. 

  • White Hearts: This is a walk through exhibit located at Champions Avenue. Everyone will receive a fascinating introduction to Real Madrid’s winning mentality and culture. Indeed, taking you on a trip to discover the enigma surrounding the greatest team in the world.
  • Meet The Stars: A surreal area honouring current and former football and basketball icons. Moreover, engage with their life size representations, both visually and through interactive experiences. 
  • Matchday Bernabéu Experience: The legacy of Real Madrid, the greatest club of all time, has been forged at the Santiago Bernabéu. On the pitch, the dreams and aspirations of all Real Madrid supporters come true. 

Additionally, gain special access to 3 iconic locations at the Santiago Bernabéu that are normally inaccessible. The locker room, the centre of the field, and a secret haven where 14 football trophies from the Champions League and 11 basketball European Cups are kept safe. Certainly, it’s an unparalleled experience.

Exclusive Merchandise Store and Spain themed restaurants

There is no greater joy than wearing your favourite player’s jersey number. Whether it’s Jude Bellingham’s legacy number 5, or Vinicius’ iconic number 7. Thus, at Real Madrid World Dubai, you can buy exclusive and original merchandise of your idols. 

Moreover, Hala Madrid, a Spanish themed restaurant will be opened for an all Spanish experience for its visitors. Immerse yourself in the taste of Spain.  

Real Madrid’s victories are goal-lorious! Book your Dubai Parks and Resorts tickets now with Travel Saga. 


Step into Real Madrid World, the world’s first ever theme park devoted to the iconic Real Madrid football and basketball teams. Indeed, dive into the world of adventure. Also, explore 18 original Real Madrid themed attractions and dining experiences to bring their legacy to life. 

Real Madrid World Dubai isn’t just a theme park but a tribute and celebration to the relentless spirit of winning. 


Q. What is Real Madrid World?

Dubai Parks and Resorts announced the world’s first Real Madrid themed park. Moreover, it is known as Real Madrid World. 

Q. When is Real Madrid World opening in Dubai?

Dubai Parks and Resorts are yet to announce the official opening date of the theme park. However, the park is still under construction and hopefully will open soon.

Q. Is Kylian Mbappe joining Real Madrid C.F.?

Yes, Kylian Mbappe has signed a five-year contract with Real Madrid. Additionally, Mbappe has reportedly announced that he will leave Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the season.

Q. What is El Clasico?

El Clásico in Spanish, or El Clàssic in Catalan both meaning “The Classic”. Thus, it is the name given to any football match between legendary rival clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Q. Who is the youngest player in Real Madrid? 

Eduardo Celmi Camavinga (born 10 November 2002) is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for La Liga club Real Madrid. Also, other young players include Vinicius Junior and Jude Bellighnam

Dynamic Dubai: City of Leisure

You can not shy away from the fact that leisure and Dubai are synonymous words. The city draws tourists worldwide to enjoy its lavish offerings thanks to its unique blend of majesty, entertainment, and cultural experiences.

There are some places in Dubai which give you a majestic feel. Indeed, you’ll feel like a royal in every street and corner of Dubai. So, listed below are some places and experiences you should definitely try. 

Sailing into the day: Breakfast on the Yacht 

You yacht to believe it! Beginning your day with a gourmet breakfast on the yacht is the dream. Imagine sailing in the Arabian Gulf, with slow songs in the background and getting sunkissed pictures clicked with a drink in hand. In addition to that, admire the scenic views of the city, while sunbathing in the Emirati sun. 

This is such an elite Instagrammable backdrop! 

Elevated Elegance: Hot Air Balloon

Fly over the city of Dubai, in a Hot Air Balloon. Experience luxury in the sky with platinum packages to experience the best of the best. Moreover, you’ll witness a beautiful drone show too. In addition to that, you get to ride in a 1950s vintage Land Rover. This could be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Apart from this, you get to see Dubai’s skyline, it’s almost like floating in heaven above heaven. Also, witness amazing skyscrapers and beautiful buildings under you, you’ll absolutely feel on top of the world.

On top of the world!: Burj Khalifa 

Burj Khalifa is the iconic monument in this land of sand and wonders. Where luxury drips from each reflection of the building. Thus, visiting Burj Khalifa has to be a no brainer. Additionally, explore the world’s highest lounge at the tallest building in the world. Located 585 metres above the ground and feels like you’re on top of the world with an exclusive tour of the outdoor terrace. This is unquestionably a remarkable VIP experience. 

Hatta Tour 

Located an hour away from Dubai,Hatta Mountian tour includes  this heritage village is the perfect getaway for a cooling vacation. So, immerse yourself in nature, and book your stay at Hatta Resorts. Also, choose from many premium lodging options. Some of them are Damani lodges, domes, caravans, and campsites under the stars. 

Additionally, if you’re a thrill seeker, then Hatta is a must visit destination. You can try mountain biking for free at Hatta Wadi Hub. Also, hiking in the Hajars is also a great chance to see Hatta’s beauty. Giddy up fellas! Experience galloping on an Arabian horse at the foothills of Hatta Mountain. Now that will be a hay-larious experience.

The extravagant experience: Billionaire Dubai

If you want to have the time of your life, then Billionaire Dubai should be on your list. Indeed, this extravagant experience will leave you all fired up for a very long time. Moreover, they offer the greatest food, the best service, and the most amazing stage performances. Consequently, they are a unique New Asian and Italian restaurant that goes above and beyond the typical dinner show that transcends into an exclusive club. 

Thus, this is the perfect Dubai experience where all components come together in perfect harmony. 

Heavenly Hideaways: Dubai Spas

As you’re well aware, Dubai has a fast-paced nature and a wealth of luxury hotels. Spas in Dubai are a must for you to try. Additionally, the city provides a variety of luxurious accommodations to suit various wellness needs, including urban refuge, traditional Arabian retreats, and island style getaways.

Dubai offers a range of spas to soothe your body, mind, and soul. Moreover, your experience will be enhanced by the extraordinary facilities provided by skilled beauticians and wellness experts. 

Thus, spas will provide you with the urban zen in the most luxurious way possible. 

Let’s take you to Dubai-cation! Because no city does it like us. Book your Dubai city tour now on Travel Saga. Contact us at +971 4 268 4645 or [email protected] for more information.


From the skies to the mountains, Dubai has dynamic ways to offer leisure to its visitors. Every day in Dubai is different and full of new experiences. Whether it’s breakfast on a boat, sinking in the view of the city from the sky, visiting the world’s tallest skyscraper, or adventures at Hatta. The city promises an unquestionably unforgettable experience to all its visitors


Q. Is breakfast on a yacht available in Dubai?

Yes, breakfast on a yacht is available in Dubai. Moreover, you can search for numerous different options for your preferred timings and menu.

Q. What do you wear on a yacht in Dubai?

Considering the pleasant weather of Dubai, it’s preferred to wear lightweight and breathable fabrics. Also, it’s better to wear white on a yacht.

Q. How long is the Hot Air Balloon ride in Dubai?

The Hot Air Balloon ride in Dubai is roughly 60 minutes long. Also, you can book your tickets from Travel Saga for a smooth ride above the clouds. 

Q. On which level is the VIP lounge in Burj Khalifa situated?

The lounge is located 585 metres above the ground, on levels 152, 153 and 154.

Q. Where do billionaires stay in Dubai?

The richest people in Dubai prefer to live in the most wealthy neighbourhoods of the city, such as Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah, The Palm, Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina, and others.

Q. Is it worth visiting Hatta?

Yes, certainly Hatta is worth a visit. In winter, it is the go-to spot for hiking, biking, kayaking, and adventure, while in summer it’s worth a visit for its cooler climate.

Q. What is the dress code for the club Billionaire Dubai?

The luxury dinner show experience at Billionaire Dubai’s dress code is formal and party clothes. Casual attire including flip flops, shorts, and swimwear is not allowed.

Q. Does Dubai have spas?

Yes indeed, Dubai has spas. Some of the recommended ones are the following:

  • Cinq Mondes Spa, Raffles, The Palm
  • Awaken Spa, Atlantis, The Royal
  • Guerlain Spa, One&Only, The Palm
  • Talise Spa, Madinat Jumeirah 
  • Armani/Spa, Armani Hotel
  • Amara Spa, Park Hyatt

Dubai Diaries: Perfect 2 day guide for solo travellers  

Are you tired of your boring family vacation plans? Or don’t want to wait for your friends to cancel another trip? As your fun should not wait for others it’s the right time to take a solo trip to the magnificent city of Dubai!

Dubai’s modern day infrastructure, safe environment, diverse culture, numerous activities, accommodation choices, and iconic attractions suitable for solo travellers make it an excellent choice for you to visit.

So, here is a perfect 2 day guide for solo travellers: 

Day of Sightseeing and Shopping

For your 1st day in Dubai, you should go sightseeing and shopping in Dubai. Discover iconic landmarks and attractions of the city and don’t forget to take pictures to make your friends jealous!

For the morning you may choose from the following sights:

    • Burj Khalifa: Explore the tallest building in the world. Feel on top of the world when you visit At the Top of Burj Khalifa. Moreover, take a moment to soak in the mesmerising views of the city.
    • Dubai Mall: Situated under the towering building of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall is a shopper’s paradise. Also, don’t forget to buy Camel milk chocolate, Arabian coffee, oudh, bukhoor, pashmina shawls etc. 
    • Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood: If you’re looking for an authentic Arabic experience, you should visit  Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Moreover, take a walk alongside Dubai Creek. So, explore how Emiratis lived in older times.
    • Souks of Dubai: If you want to feel like Aladdin whose wish has just been granted by the Genie then you should definitely visit the Gold Souk of Dubai for an ultimate shopping experience. Indeed, shopping malls, boutiques or stores cannot match the intensive vibe of the souks. Also, the markets take you to a new era and place with their vivid colours, interesting scents, and lively crowds.
    • Cheesecake Factory: Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, visiting Cheesecake Factory at the Dubai Mall is a delight to your taste buds. Consequently, the menu offers 200 different selections made from scratch every day. 
    • Half day Dubai City Tour: Explore the city with Travel Saga’s Half day Dubai city tour. Also, you’ll be accompanied by a well versed English speaking guide. Plus, if you feel you need company you may book the sharing tour. You’ll visit the landmarks of Bur Dubai and New Dubai. Thus, you get to experience the best of both worlds. 

For the evening, get amped up cause you can not miss this special opportunity:

  • Evening Desert Safari: Nothing’s more perfect than exploring the desert at the end of the day on this solo trip. Certainly, submerge yourself in the tranquillity of Arabian nights, under the sky full of stars. Also, some other activities at the Evening Desert Safari include Dune Bashing, Camel rides, photo sessions in traditional Arabian attire, BBQ dinner, and belly dance performances. 

Day of Adventures

You dedicated 1 day to relaxing and exploring the glamorous city of Dubai. So, now is the time to gear up for a day of adventures.

For the morning you may choose from the following exciting activities for your day 2 of travelling solo:

  • Dubai Autodrome: It is Dubai’s premier motorsport entertainment venue. You can try different driving experiences here. Also, it has a laser tag centre for you to channel your inner John Wick.
  • Indoor skydiving: This indeed is a safer and cheaper option than outdoor skydiving. Additionally, it consists of a vertical tunnel that is controlled by various simulations. Subsequently, you experience a smooth free fall without any potential risk. Sky Diving Indoor In Dubai It is a perfect activity for solo travellers.
  • Water Sports: Feeling adventurous? Dubai allows you to add a splash of water to your dry life. Try various water sports in Dubai. Some of them which you can try are flyboarding, parasailing, wakeboarding, jet pack riding and many more. 
  • Ski Dubai: Located inside the Mall Of Emirates, Ski Dubai should be on your list. Moreover, instructors help you learn skiing. Indeed, you’ll ski like a pro in no time. Also, you can meet Snow Penguins and have one on one interactions with them. For the evening, remember to relax and unwind. Make the most of your evening surrounded by water.
  • Dinner Cruise: It is a wonderful way to enjoy Dubai’s magnificent skyline after dark. You get to sail through the lavish neighbourhood of Dubai Marina, in a luxury Dinner Cruise . In addition to that, you unquestionably get entertained with the most delicious meals.

Safe and Sound: Dubai’s reputation for solo travellers

Dubai is very safe and sound for solo travellers. Moreover, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. In addition to that, Emirati princes roam in the city without heavy security just to show how safe the country of UAE is. According to Forbes, Dubai ranks No. 1. It was given the highest scores for safety and walking alone at night. Also, on TikTok, Dubai scored high on gender equality and the absence of legal discrimination. 

Tips and Tricks for Solo Travellers

  • To ensure a seamless journey, contact Travel Saga for all your Dubai visit visa needs.
  • Make sure you list all the important items you want to take on your trip and check them off when you repack your luggage.
  • Make your experience seamless with Dubai Pass.
  • You will receive a SIM Card as soon as you land in Dubai. Make sure you recharge it. 
  • If you want to make friends on this memorable trip then opt for sharing tours. 


Now you know why Dubai is the best destination for solo travellers. Undoubtedly, it’s risk free and easy to travel in this city. So, don’t worry, catch the next flight to Dubai! 

We googled your symptoms and it turns out you need to Travel. Book your Full  Dubai city tour with Travel Saga right now!


Q. Can I walk alone in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai is very safe and secure. Indeed, you can certainly walk alone in Dubai.

Q. Can I visit Burj Khalifa after midnight?

The timings vary depending on the day you’re visiting Burj Khalifa. At The Top timings for the weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) are 10 AM to midnight, with the last entry being at 11 PM. However, during the weekends (Friday and Saturday) it is open from 8 AM till midnight, with the last entry being at 11 PM.

Q. Can I go on a tour with other people as a solo traveller?

Yes, you can go on a tour with other people. In order to do that, you may opt for a sharing tour rather than a private tour.

Q. Is Dubai good for a solo trip?

Yes, it is becoming more and more common to see other solo travellers in the UAE, both male and female. As an easily navigable city, Dubai is a great place to solo travel.

Q. How to travel around Dubai without spending money?

You can travel cheaply in Dubai by Dubai Bus. Buses are a low-cost option to explore the city. You can hop on a bus at all of Dubai’s airport terminals, with routes intersecting every major neighbourhood. 

Q. Do I need a visa to travel to Dubai? 

Several travellers from most countries can enter Dubai without a visa, but make sure you have the necessary paperwork before you travel.

Q. Is Dubai safe after midnight for a solo traveller?

Yes, Dubai is safe after midnight. Even for a solo traveller. 


Dunes to Downtown: Proposals in Dubai On Valentine’s Day 2025

From Dunes to Downtown Dubai, this magnificent city of wonders offers various unquestionably beautiful landmarks and activities where you can propose your partner. Let’s check out a few ideas for Dubai’s land, sky, desert and water proposals. 

Land Proposals: From Burj To Beach

Dubai is a city of numerous attractions and landmarks. Amongst all, here are the top 3 recommendations for land proposals: 

  • At the Top, Burj Khalifa

It is an observation deck at the Burj Khalifa, located 555 metres above. Also, it’s a perfect place for a proposal with enchanting views of the whole city from different levels.

  • Dubai Miracle Garden

It’s the world’s largest natural flower garden. Indeed the most beautiful one too. Moreover, it is the most appropriate place to propose. Dubai Miracle Garden signifies your love that is just like a flower, delicate yet resilient, beautiful yet everlasting.

  • Jumeirah Beach with the view of Burj Al Arab

The flight of love took off from the Burj Khalifa and now’s the time to land on Jumeirah Beach. One of the most famous proposal spots in Dubai is on Jumeirah Beach with Burj Al Arab in the background. Indeed the scenic views are just mesmerising, making it a perfect picturesque location for your dream proposal.

Sky Proposals: Love is in the Air

If you’re finding out of the box ways to propose your partner, then nothing is better than the skyscraper filled, breathtaking sky of Dubai. Try these new ways and propose in the sky.

  • Hot Air Balloon 

Imagine flying peacefully across the blue skies in a Hot Air Balloon, as the sun sets and the city of Dubai is painted in shades of pink and orange. Additionally, you’re surrounded by extravagant skyscrapers and dazzling Arabian Gulf waters. 

  • Address Sky View Hotel

The sky is the limit for Address Sky View Hotel in Downtown Dubai. Moreover, it’s a perfect place for gourmet dining. Also, it has a superb spa, an infinity pool and obviously a stunning view of this magnificent city.

Desert Proposals: Beyond the Dunes

Love is as refreshing as the desert breeze in Dubai. Indeed, Dubai is known for its mystical dunes. Proposing in the desert gives a sense of excitement and adventure. Whether you decide to go on a desert safari, ride camels together, or have a private dinner outside under the stars.

  • Evening Desert Safari

Try something straight out of a movie, you and your significant other with the Arabic sun setting in the background. How perfect is that! Moreover, if you’re feeling adventurous, you should experience Dune Bashing, Sandboarding, Camel Riding, and Quad Biking. Additionally, your desert experience will be enhanced by entertainment at the camp to commemorate your proposal.  

  • Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa

Proposing your sweetheart at this 5 star resort with the perfect harmony of luxury, privacy, natural beauty, and cultural activities is the right choice. Moreover, you get to experience a relaxing environment in the desert.

Moving on, this February, Bab Al Shams is offering a full day desert getaway. You may enjoy unlimited pool access, a 90 minute couple’s massage or a hammam experience. Also, a romantic dinner under the stars at Anwā.

Water Proposals: From Creek to Coastline

After you have covered land, sky and desert, it’s time to explore water. Indeed, from the tallest building to the deepest ocean, your love spans all heights and depths. Get ready to make waves in Dubai and beyond.   

  • Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour is a symbol of wealth, modernism, and adventure. Moreover, a proposal at a place as iconic as this can represent your zeal to start a thrilling journey together.

  • Ossiano (Underwater dinner in Atlantis)

Located at the Atlantis, Ossiano offers a beautiful and serene backdrop for a dream proposal. Additionally, with a little help from the diving team, you can propose to your partner underwater! 


Make your proposal as grand as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, where your love soars higher than the hot air balloons, and you enjoy smoking the shisha under the stars in the desert.

From the palm trees to the clouds, Dubai’s skyline has nothing on the heights your love can reach. Will you take this journey with Travel Saga? Contact us at +971 4 268 4645 or [email protected] for more details.


Q. Are proposals expensive in Dubai? 

The cost of proposals in Dubai can vary depending on where and how you want to propose. Whether you choose a simple or elaborate proposal, Dubai provides options to suit different budgets.

Q. Can we take photographs inside the Dubai Miracle Garden with my partner?

Yes, of course, you can take photographs inside the Dubai Miracle Garden with your partner. However, you should keep in mind that you can’t use professional cameras and drones. Also, you need permission for professional shoots.

Q. Is the Hot Air Balloon ride safe in Dubai?

Yes, it is safe. All safety measures are being followed and the equipment in use has been thoroughly checked and certified, so there is no reason to worry. Trained professionals also conduct the entire ride. Moreover, these trained professionals are well-equipped to handle any emergency.

Q. What is the star rating of Address Sky View Hotel?

Address Sky View is a 5 star hotel, located in the heart of Dubai.

Q. What entertainment can I expect at the evening desert camp?

Expect live entertainment including Belly Dancing, a Fire Show, a Tanura Show, and more, along with a variety of snacks and a BBQ dinner buffet.

Q. Can I propose to my wife at the underwater restaurant?

Yes, you can propose to your wife at Ossiano. With the help of divers at the Atlantis, you can pop up the question for your partner in a fancy manner.


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Capturing Forever: The Ultimate Guide to Proposing in Dubai’s Spectacular Setting| Valentine 2025

The beautiful city of Dubai is often considered the best place to propose your significant other. Depending on your preferences, Dubai has a wide range of escapades for proposals. From private yachts to outstanding views in the skies, from desert safari to hot air balloon rides. Also, get everything you need to make your day special.

Find a perfect place to propose in Dubai

To make this day memorable for you and your beau, you need to choose the perfect place. Think of something meaningful that describes your relationship. If you feel like you’re on cloud 9 when in love, then you may propose your partner in a Hot Air Ballon. Moreover, if you feel a sense of calmness with your partner, then you can choose a beach proposal to signify your love. If quality time is your love language then book a private cabana or choose a romantic restaurant with a view. 

Some of the restaurants which you can check out are:

Dubai’s Dazzling Delight: Finding the perfect ring for your partner

Dubai is a city synonymous with luxury. So, finding the perfect ring for your love should not be an issue. Consequently, Dubai is home to many brands and outlets. You can choose from some of those brands to purchase the right ring. 

So, here are some of the well known luxury brands you can consider buying from:

Capture the moment!

Don’t forget to capture this beautiful moment. Hire photographers who’ll secretly record your picture perfect moment in the enchanting city of Dubai. Additionally, there are many ways to hire a photographer, you can search on online platforms or you can contact local photography agencies in Dubai. Moving on, you can also try and get in touch with wedding planners or ask for recommendations from Emiratis. Additionally, you can contact Travel Saga to hire the best local photographers in Dubai.

Don’t forget to convey your idea for the proposal to the photographers and go over specifics like location, time, and any shots you have in mind. Also, before deciding, find out more about their availability, costs, and available packages. 

Final proposal

Proposing the love of your life can be a nerve-wracking experience. So, remember to breathe and rehearse what you want to say. By now, you’ve finalised the location, bought a ring, and hired the photographers, but there are some more things you need to remember. Thus, you need to consider cultural sensitivities and ensure your proposal honours and considers the customs of the region.

Verify Dubai’s legal standards for marriage proposals. Consequently, if you want to make your proposal in a public place, make sure you have all the required licences and authorisation.

Some suggested romantic places for proposal

Ain Wheel Projection

Ain Dubai (eye of Dubai) is the world’s tallest giant observation wheel located at Bluewaters Island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So, you can propose your partner at Bluewaters Island with special projections on the Ain wheel. It can be a beautiful way of expressing your love for your partner.

Drone Projection at the beach

Drone light shows are a great way to pop the question. Also, they have grown in popularity recently. Drone light shows can also be a fantastic addition to a private celebration, despite the common misconception that they belong only at large-scale events. Indeed, visitors can enjoy a stunning aerial show of lights and colours as a result of the enchanting ambience created by drones. 

A drone light display would be a fantastic addition to any outdoor event that you’re organising. Also, the most crucial element of the celebration is safety, and drone light shows are without a doubt a risk-free and environmentally friendly form of entertainment.

Al Quadra Lake

A few miles away from the busy city of Dubai, Al Quadra Lake’s quiet setting offers an oasis of peace. This enables a deeper level of connection between you and your partner, as well as setting up a private and romantic environment for your proposal.

Al Quadra Lake offers some privacy for your special day because it’s a comparatively calm and isolated location. By doing this, you and your partner will be able to completely appreciate the significance of the moment without being distracted. Thus, making the proposal more intimate and personal.

Abra Boat Ride

Imagine you and your boo in an Abra Boat (traditional wooden boat) crossing Dubai Creek. Surrounded by calm waters and magnificent views of the city you pop up the question! A simple, affordable yet romantic way to express your love to your partner.

It will undoubtedly give you an unforgettable Emirati experience. There are different types of Abras you can choose from. Such as the traditional Abra we see everywhere in Dubai is a motorised version of the actual Abra used back in time. Moreover, there are petrol run Abras that cost a little more than motorised ones. Moreover, there are Air Conditioned Abras in the Creek that have glass windows for observation and are bigger than the traditional ones. 

Private Proposals

To spend some time with your significant other it is recommended to opt for a private proposal rather than a public one. By doing so, you avoid the hassle of public proposals and cultural sensitivity. Private proposals are intimate and allow you to be your self without worrying about how the public will react to your open gesture. 

Furthermore, you can rent a private yacht, book a cabana at any restaurant, or get a private set up at beaches. 


Now you have the perfect guide to propose your beloved in Dubai. From choosing the perfect place to making sure you choose the perfect ring. Also, capturing the moment to finally proposing. As a result, proposing in Dubai allows you to experience romance, luxury and cultural richness all in one place. Thus, creating an unforgettable proposal story that you and your partner will cherish forever.

So book your Dubai City tour with Travel Saga right now!


Q. Can I propose my wife in Dubai?

Yes, you can definitely propose your wife in Dubai. Dubai being a cultural marvel offers various ways and places where you can propose your partner. 

Q. Are proposals expensive in Dubai?

The cost of proposals may vary depending on where and how you want to propose. Dubai offers a wide range of venues and activities for you to choose from. For example, hot air balloon city tour, desert safari, Burj Khalifa, helicopter tour, Dhow Cruise, and visiting theme parks or water parks. 

Q. What are some romantic restaurants in Dubai for proposals?

Some of the romantic restaurants which you can choose from are

  • Ossiano, Atlantis The Palm
  • CÉ LA VI, Address Sky View Hotel
  • Pierchic, Jumeirah Al Qasr
  • At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa
  • Mint Leaf, Dubai International Financial Centre
  • Billionaire Dubai, Taj Hotel

Q. Can I rent a private yacht in Dubai?

Yes, you can rent a private yacht in Dubai. Also, Travel Saga offers a range of yachts for you to rent.

Q. Where can I find a good ring in Dubai for my wife?

Mentioned below are some places where you can find luxury jewellery for your partner:

  • Tiffany and Co., Atlantis, The Palm
  • Harry Winston, Dubai Mall
  • Cartier, Dubai Mall 
  • Bvlgari, Mall of Emirates
  • Damas, Al Fahidi st or Deira st.
  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Meena Bazaar

Q. Can I propose to my girlfriend in the air?

Yes, you can propose to your girlfriend in the air in a Hot Air Balloon. Check out our website for available packages.

Q. Where can I hire photographers for my proposal in Dubai?

You can hire photographers in Dubai either from an online platform or try finding photographers on social media. Moreover, you can ask wedding planners and local photographers.

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  1. Valentines Party On a Yacht.
  2. Valentines Party On A Dhow Cruise 
Love Underwater: Romantic Dinner at Atlantis, The Palm

Love Underwater: Romantic Dinner at Atlantis, The Palm

Experience love underwater at Ossiano, Atlantis The Palm. This Michelin star fine dining restaurant offers a romantic experience for couples. Located in the famous Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, Ossiano, which pays respect to the ocean’s riches, provides a memorable, intimate atmosphere beyond the ordinary. As soon as you enter this aquatic paradise, you start creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Heartfelt Hideaway: Embrace the love at Ossiano this Valentine’s Day

The elegant underwater ambience with romantic lighting and delicious food, creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere, perfect for a dinner date on Valentine’s Day. In addition to that, it is a must visit gastronomic destination in Dubai, Check here about the things to do  Atlantis, The Plam  

Submerge yourself in love while 65,000 aquatic animals including sharks, fishes, and rays surround you. Indeed, this fine dining experience will leave you and your partner awe struck. Also, its unique seafood menu is just orgasmic. 

Genius Behind this wonder

The genius behind this wonder is Chef Grégoire Berger. He has been the head chef at Ossiano since 2014. His eye for detail and innovative and beautifully crafted dishes keep Ossiano, considered one of the most premium fine dining venues in Dubai. Consequently, due to his sheer dedication to his art, Ossiano got its first Michelin star in 2023 and secured a rank among the world’s 50 best restaurants!

Moreover, Grégoire is the youngest and only chef in UAE who featured in the top 100 of the Best Chef Awards for five consecutive years. Subsequently, he now holds a rating of 4 toques in the Gault & Millau guide.


Berger says that his 11 wave (course) tasting menu, dubbed Metanoia celebrates aquatic life, and must provoke emotions. Indeed, the chef’s lifelong passion for exploring and seasonality inspires the recipes. Which are then skillfully infused with his own unique experiences and recollections making it a delight for you to taste.

The cuisine at Berger’s is an intricate, multisensory experience. Also, presentation is essential to the narrative the chef is trying to convey, and he is conscious of pleasing the eyes just as much as the palate. 

If we talk about just the presentation, which includes dishes fashioned like enormous crabs, cauliflower leaves that simulate the movement of corals, and potatoes that seem like lumps of charcoal, is amusing, artistic, and nearly too beautiful to eat. Undoubtedly, Ossiano is the perfect place to be on Valentine’s Day.

Also, all ingredients are sustainably sourced from the ocean or within 50 kilometres of a coastline. Additionally, the chef serves clams with yuzu inside a semi-hollowed burnt leek; and pairs red mullet with spicy tomato dashi in the “bouillabaisse”. Subsequently, he serves sweet shrimp and nori with tiny pieces of jellyfish in a blend of dill oil. Even with the complex cooking technique, Berger never sacrifices flavour or enjoyment.


Ossiano not only provides a stunning backdrop while you enjoy your meal but also some additional features. Such as vegan food upon request, a special wine menu, and many more. Ossiano delivers a world class service, thus the Michelin star. Additionally, it also offers a chef’s table experience which is a personalised interactive culinary passage, where the chef prepares customised menus for special guests. Also, sometimes it may offer live entertainment.

Dive into love: Underwater proposals at Ossiano

With a little help from the diving team, you can propose to your partner underwater! Divers arrive at underwater windows, holding a placard inscribed with one of the most important questions anyone can ask: “Will you marry me?”


In conclusion, Ossiano at Atlantis, The Palm is a fantastic option if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other. It guarantees an unmatched experience, combining fine dining with the tempting atmosphere of an undersea world. Ossiano’s distinctive setting makes a romantic evening with stunning views and food designed to please the senses possible.

Ossiano’s dedication to providing an unforgettable and romantic dining experience will take your Valentine’s Day occasion to new heights. This will create treasured moments that you and your significant other will look back on with nostalgia for years to come. Ossiano Dubai’s gastronomic adventure is above the norm, making it the ideal location for a delicious and memorable Valentine’s Day celebration.


Q. Is there an underwater restaurant in Dubai?

Yes, there is an underwater restaurant in Dubai called Ossiano at Atlantis, The Palm. 

Q. Is there a minimum spend at Ossiano Dubai?

No, there is no minimum spend at Ossiano Dubai. However, many other restaurants in Dubai have minimum spend.

Q. Can I only get access to the bar at Ossiano?

No, you cannot just get access to the bar. However, for the full underwater dining experience,  you can reserve a table. 

Q.Can I propose to my wife at the underwater restaurant?

Yes, you can propose to your wife at Ossiano. With the help of divers at the Atlantis, you can pop up the question for your partner in a fancy manner.

Q.Do I need to book a room to book a table at Ossiano?

No, you don’t need to book a room to book a table at Ossiano. However, you need to make prior reservations to secure a table at Ossiano.


Valentine’s Day Harmony: Celebrating Love and Culture in Dubai

With Valеntinе’s Day just around thе cornеr, cеlеbratе thе bеautiful harmony of lovе and culturе in Dubai. Dubai is a special fusion of modеrnism, tradition, and cultural variеty. The city has еmbracеd globalisation, but it nevertheless continues to stick to its roots. As a result, it has led to a dynamic and changing social landscapе making it a perfect destination to celebrate love and culture. Additionally, while visiting Dubai, visitors as wеll as locals should be aware of and rеspеctful of thе customs and traditions of thе arеa. 


1. Global Village Dubai 

Imaginе taking your partner on a world tour in one day – Global Village Dubai is an onе stop destination to еxpеriеncе traditions from  over 90 countries. You can еithеr takе your partner for a shopping sprее or еxpеriеncе thе worldwidе culinary wondеrs. Additionally, discovеr performances and shows that display different global еthnicitiеs and culturеs in a world class linеup or navigatе through thе еlеmеnt of joy in thе atmosphere that Global Villagе Dubai has to offеr. This cultural hub opеnеd for sеason 28 on October 18, 2023, and will last till April 28, 2024. 

2. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood 

This Valentine’s if you’re looking for an all Emirati experience in Dubai, taking a walk at Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood should be a no brainer. Located in Bur Dubai, this neighbourhood showcases the Emiratis’ lifestyle in the mid 19th century. Moreover, the district has conserved a large portion of its original infrastructure, making it a significant historical site. Every curving street, alley, and winding tower narrates a tale of life before the seven emirates.  

Take a break: Arabian Tea House

Arabian Tea House is one of the first authentic Emirati restaurants since 1997 with Arabic-inspired interiors and comfy seating areas. It is the best place for you to try Emirati dishes and sip hot tea while enjoying shisha in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Dubai. 

Key attractions: Coin Museum, Symposium House and Events House, Calligraphy House, Municipality House, and also XVA Art Gallery.

3. Al Seef

Al Seef dubai is the one stop destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment, a neighbourhood rich in history. Located on Dubai Creek, Al Seef is one of the city’s most well-liked romantic getaways with a lot of resturants al seef . The well-liked location honours the UAE’s unique heritage while providing a pleasant setting. Additionally, every building in Al Seef has undergone an old school makeover to transport you back to Dubai’s past, resulting in a pleasant environment to spend with your loved one. 

There is a complete lineup of events at Al Seef’s Events Plaza celebrating love and culture, including plays, live bands, dance performances, and kid-friendly events. Stroll through the pedestrian streets, and stunning marina. Imagine yourself in the shoes of fishermen, pearl divers, weavers, and traders who previously laboured and traded along Dubai Creek. You can even book a private yacht from Al Seef. 

Key attractions: Museum of Illusions

4. Alserkal Avenue

It’s a well known fact that couples who do art together, stay together. Alserkal Avenue in Dubai is the perfect spot for your artsy side. Subsequently, approximately 40 warehouses have been transformed into galleries, dancing studios, artisanal cafes, and other establishments.

You and your loved one can also see local actors perform at the entertainment centre junction or attend indie film screenings at cinema Akil. Go for a date at the trendy cafe Nightjar Coffee, and if you’re mindful of your health, then eat at Wild & The Moon.

5. Souks of Dubai 

Dubai has many bazaars or markets called souks. If you’re looking forward to a day of shopping in Dubai with your partner, then visiting some of the popular souks is a must. Here are some souks you can check out:


  • GOLD SOUK : Unquestionably, one of the most popular souks in Dubai is the Gold Souk. Located in Deira, Gold Souk has over 350 retailers selling tax free gold. After all, jewellery is a lady’s best friend.


  • PERFUME SOUK : Like the melody to a song, scents build the story of love. The right fragrance can make any moment unforgettable. Visit the perfume souk on the Deira side of the Creek, to find that perfect fragrance for your lover.


  • TEXTILE SOUK : Finding fabrics which are as strong as the threads of your relationship? Undoubtedly, the textile souk in Bur Dubai is the perfect place for you to choose from various ready to wear outfits or get tailor made outfits from the material you choose.

6. Jumeirah Mosque 

If you want a full Emirati experience, then you have to stop by the Jumeirah Mosque, located very close to Jumeirah Beach. Consequently, the Jumeirah Mosque is one of the most loved architectural treasures in Dubai, which offers a tour of the mosque also. So, immerse yourself in the divine sanctuary and seek blessings for your love.

Key attractions: Once Upon a Time Museum, Picture with the Falcon, and Henna for ladies.


Picturesque Locations that will give FOMO to your friends

As Ed Sheeran popularly said, “We keep this love in a photograph, we made these memories for ourselves”. You too can capture your best moments with your beloved at these beautiful and famous places:




This Valentine’s week, fall in love again with your beau in the lanes of old Dubai, a city full of culture and heritage which provides you with a real Emirati experience. Bur Dubai, being a vibrant part of the city offers a perfect romantic setting to spend this day of love on waterfronts, at cosy cafes, art spaces and souks. So, sail away your sorrows in the Dubai Marina and visit the prominent cultural and historical sites of Dubai. 

So, grab your camera, wander the city, and capture the variety of cultures and elegance that Dubai has to offer as a token of your never ending love. Post your pictures with interesting captions! (AT)


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Q. How long does it usually take to cover all of the Global Village Dubai?

For a full tour of Global Village Dubai, you’ll need 4 to 6 hours. However, you can visit the main attractions such as the Carnival, to save time.

Q. Is there a ticket to visit the Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood?

No, there is no ticket to visit the Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood. There is free entry for every visitor.

Q. What is the best time to visit the Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood?

The best time to visit the Al Fahidi historical district is during weekday mornings.

Q. Can I do a couple’s photoshoot in Dubai?

Yes, you can do a couple’s photoshoot in Dubai. However, keep in mind that Dubai prohibits public displays of affection.

Q. Is Valentine’s Day a holiday in Dubai?

No, Valentine’s Day is not an official holiday in Dubai. However, residents take pleasure in celebrating it.

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If you wish to Spend Some Time With Your Special One You can enjoy on the below listed tours 

  1. Valentines Party On a Yacht.
  2. Valentines Party On A Dhow Cruise 
comic con

Comics, Collectibles and Cosplay: Middle East Film & Comic Con 2024

Listen up! The region’s largest pop culture festival, Middle East Film & Comic Con is back for its 12th year in Abu Dhabi. It was originally intended to be a place where fans could interact with each other and also their favourite artists, creators, writers, and performers. As a result, MEFCC has turned into a massive celebration of every aspect of pop culture. Thereafter, there shall be movies, TV, art, and gaming to anime and manga. 


The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Al Khaleej Al Arabi St, Al Rawdah, Al Ma’arid, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates will hold MFCC 2024.


The show hours are as follows :

  • 9th February (Friday): 3 PM to 11 PM
  • 10th February (Saturday): 12 PM to 11 PM
  • 11th February (Sunday): 12 PM to 11 PM


Come and witness your favourite celebrities from popular shows, movies and series, this year at the MEFCC. Iñaki Godoy, known as Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece (live action), and Taz Skylar, also known for One Piece (live action), are among the celebrities included. Also, everybody’s favourite notorious Weasley twins, James and Oliver Phelps shall be present this year. Additionally, empath Pom Klementieff with her powers and many more are waiting for you to meet.


Meet and greet your favourite Comic Creators of the world’s most popular characters and fandoms. Additionally, the line up of comic creators includes Steve McNiven, known for his work on comics like Marvel CIVIL WAR, Old Man Logan, New Avengers, and Marvel Knights. Moreover, the list includes Mark Brooks who has made a name for himself through his work on DC comics like Batman, Fantastic Four, etc. is also in the line-up. Thus, you can meet many more such artists and get your comics autographed.

3 Eventful Days at MEFC

Meet the stars: Meet your favourite celebrity guest. Also, get photographs and autographs to forever seal this memory.

Comic Creators Club: Get ready for an indeed exciting time with international artists and legendary creators renowned for their work across comics, caricatures and anime.

Cosplay Central: What’s a Comic Con without cosplay? Well, dress up as your favourite characters. Moreover, compete in the annual Cosplay competition in your favourite costume.

Festival Plaza: Enjoy the festival plaza that will feature dance, entertainment, prizes, family fun, spectacles and more! Additionally, a ton of events will pack the outdoor mainstage and plenty of food trucks will be available close by.

Mainstage: Enjoy immersive panel discussions with your favourite celebrity guests discussing movies, comic books, as well as, other topics while you kick back in the theatre. Also, sneak peeks and special film screenings will provide more animated treats.

Gaming Arena: Prepare to step it up as you play in grand tournaments using an entertaining range of video games alongside some guests at gaming booths. Additionally, with the help of Zawaya Gaming. Also, the gaming arena hosts tournaments where players can participate online and advance to the MEFCC finals.

Activities: Indeed, your MEFCC experience would be incomplete without getting your hands on some of the best goodies that retailers, shop owners, and collectors have in store for you at the Comic Con. As well as wonderful activities such as a board game zone.


Have some spare time up your sleeve? Visit the undoubtedly beautiful city of Abu Dhabi for amazing experience. Here are some places you can consider:


Grab this exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of comics and entertainment. Moreover, get the chance to see Monkey D. Luffy wearing his straw hat or meet everybody’s favourite notorious Weasley Twins of Harry Potter. Thus, get ready for an unforgettable experience at MEFCC this February!


Visit the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi at the best prices from Travel Saga, or opt for our transportation services to reach the venue on time. Email us at [email protected] or call us at +971 4 268 4645


Q. When does the Middle East Film & Comic Con take place?

Middle East Film & Comic Con is taking place from 09 February 2024 to 11 February 2024. 

Q. What is the venue of MEFCC?

Middle East Film & Comic Con is being held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) in Abu Dhabi.

Q. What do they exhibit at Middle East Film & Comic Con?

At Middle East Film & Comic Con there are appointments with national and international exhibitors including Cinema, Comics, Films, TV, Anime and Manga.

Q. Can I wear costumes to the MEFCC?

Yes, you can wear costumes to the MEFCC. Moreover, you can even participate in the Cosplay Competition.

Q. Can I buy gifts or goodies at the MEFCC?

Yes, a variety of goodies, gifts and rewards are available for you to purchase at the Middle East Film & Comic Con.


10 Must Try EMIRATI Dishes

10 Best Emirati dishes and where to find them in Dubai.

The delightful cuisine of the Emirates reflects the rich cultural heritage of the region. The spices used and the aroma of the food make Emirati cuisine irresistible. A foodie’s paradise, the Emirates is undoubtedly regarded as the world’s gastronomical capital. Moreover, plenty lip smacking dishes showcase the amazing variety of Emirati cuisine.

From roadside stalls to the most classy of fine dining restaurants, you can savour Emirati cuisine in various surroundings. Additionally, people from all parts of the world have made the Emirates their home. That has made the Emirati cities, especially Dubai, a cultural melting pot.

We have listed what we feel are the best 10 Emirati dishes you must try:

Emirati dish -Labneh 

A thick preparation of creamy yoghurt, labneh goes very well with richly cooked spicy dishes. Also, taking labneh as you dig into any of the mouthwatering dishes helps cool the tangy effect of the spices and the oil in Emirati cuisine. As a result, Labneh has a distinct taste of its own when you have it with olive oil and the spice, zataar. Moreover, Labneh cheesecake accompanied with honey caramel sauce is perfect to satiate the desires of your sweet tooth after a hearty meal.

Thus locations to try the best Labneh in Dubai: 

Emirati dish-Hummus

A favourite dip here in the Emirates, and also loved worldwide, hummus is surprisingly easy to prepare. In addition to this, this lovely blend includes chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. This tahini paste of sesame and chickpeas is served mostly as a starter that you wish you could gorge on all through the meal. Additionally, feast on it with khubz baked fresh at a live cooking station. You may also try it out as a simple spread. Most importantly, hummus does wonders as a condiment with grilled kebabs served fresh.

Thus locations to try the best Hummus in Dubai

  • Ayamna, The Palm Jumeirah 
  • Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant & Cafe, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood 
  • Asil Restaurant,The Walk, JBR
  • Al Shorfa Restaurant & Cafe, JBR
  • Sardina Seafood Restaurant, The Mall JBR
  • Cleo Dubai, Business Bay
  • Awtar, Grand Hyatt Dubai Convention Centre 

Emirati dish -Tabbouleh

If the richness of Emirati cuisine has you all worked up, tabbouleh comes as a breath of fresh air. A Levantine vegetarian salad, tabbouleh will unquestionably please any health conscious foodie. Made with bulgur wheat, parsley, finely chopped onions and tomatoes, the freshness of mint in it gives the dish a whole new dimension. Additionally, the tangy salad serves as a zingy beginning to kick off a hearty Emirati feast. As a result, the flavours of this delicious salad hit you at every bite you take.

Places where you can find Tabbouleh:

  • Jedoudna Restaurant and Cafe, Dubai Media City
  • Shami Gourmet Restaurant, Dubai Marina 
  • Zaatar w Zeit, Dubai Mall
  • Man’oushe Street, Burj Views Central Tower

Emirati dish- Fattoush

Yet another salad, Fattoush is much heavy. Among its primary ingredients are pieces of bread that are toasted or fried crisply. Vegetables like tomatoes, radish and cucumber give it a lovely fresh juiciness. The pomegranate seeds give Fattoush a zesty touch you’ll love. While you may enjoy this salad as a starter, you may have it as a low-calorie main course dish. The fresh ingredients of the filling salad are great for your health.

Places where you can try Fattoush

  • Wafi Gourmet, Dubai Mall
  • Al Safadi Restaurant, DIFC
  • Al Mandaloun (Michelin Star Restaurant), DIFC
  • Mama’s Bites Lebanese Restaurant, DIFC
  • Semsom, Mallmart

Emirati dish -Manakish

What was a simple doughy flatbread in its original form, Manakish has been reincarnated as some sort of a pizza. The tempting toppings of lamb or minced beef with generous dollops of cheese, unquestionably, make Manakish an absolute culinary delight for all food lovers. When in the Emirates, you must try the Zataar (spice blend) version, a favourite among the locals. Moreover, the fresh herbs and spices like oregano, sumac and thyme give Manakish an irresistible flavour.

Places you can try Manakish 

  • Man’oushe Street, Burj Views Central Tower
  • Manaesho, Dubai Investment Park
  • Al Reef Lebanese Bakery, Jumeirah 3
  • Zaatar w Zeit Restaurant, Dubai Mall

Emirati dish- Shish Tawook

The shish kebab is a typical Emirati dish and one of the main contributors to its popularity. These are chunks of meat served piping hot on top of a skewer. Above all, the shish tawook is a version of the hugely popular kebabs you’ll find in the Emirates, mainly in Dubai. Consequently, the meal served fresh, is marinated juicy chicken in a delicious blend of spices. Moreover, the shish tawook is cooked in a tandoor, also popular in Punjabi Indian cuisine giving it a delicate roast.

Places you can visit: 

  • Sharmi Gourmet Restaurant, Dubai Marina
  • Al Mallah Dhiyafah, Al Hudaiba
  • Babel Dubai, Dubai Mall
  • Al Safadi Restaurant, DIFC
  • Beirut Kharum, Downtown Dubai
  • Tasty Bite, Bur Dubai Souk , Meena Bazar 

Emirati dish-Shawarma

An everlasting favourite among Emiratis, the shawarma is a mouth watering dish with chicken strips. Undoubtedly, the spices added to the dish give it a heady flavour. Cooked over the roaring flames of a spit that keeps rotating, the strips of chicken are rolled inside soft pita bread. Moreover, the layers of garlic paste & tahini sauce, fresh lettuce, and crunchy fries make shawarma a must-try on your bucket list of Emirati dish to gorge on. Additionally, the lamb shawarmas are just as tasty.

Places you can try the best Shawarma in Dubai

  • Shawafel, JBR
  • Iskender Doner, Al Barsha south
  • Al Shorfa Restaurant and Cafe, JBR
  • Arabian Tea House Restaurant and Cafe, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood
  • Al Mandaloun (Michelin Star Restaurant), DIFC

Emirati dish –Falafel

Falafel is a fried and round patty that has ground chickpeas and fava beans as its main ingredient. As a result, a mix of spices added to it makes it a tasty snack you can try anytime. A common street food, falafel is undoubtedly perfect to recharge your batteries on the go. Additionally, dipping falafel into creamy tahini sauce makes the snack even tastier emirati dish. Also, stuffing falafel in a pita gives you a delicious platter. Also, the crunchiness of this snack dish is perfect for foodies of all ages.

Places you can get tasty falafel

  • Al Mandaloun (Michelin Star Restaurant), DIFC
  • Arabian Tea House, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood
  • Shawafel, JBR
  • SIKKA cafe, La Mer
  • Olea, Mall of the Emirates
  • Tasty Bite, Bur Dubai
  • Zou Zou Restaurant, Downtown Dubai

Emirati dish –Kunafa

When salty and gooey cheese is added to pudding, you are left licking your fingers. Though unusual, since cheese isn’t added to pudding often, kunafa is exceptionally yummy emirati dish . It does sound strange, but the salty centre goes surprisingly well with the sugary sweet syrup and the nutty topping. Also, adding more sugar makes it a gooey sweet dish quite like caramel chocolate. Consequently, the uniqueness of kunafa showcases the skills of Emirati cooks.

Places you try this dessert

  • Al Samadi Sweets, Deira
  • Firas Sweets, Al Hudaiba
  • Al Reef Lebanese Bakery, Jumeirah 3
  • Wafi Gourmet, Dubai Mall

Emirati dish –Umm Ali

Umm Ali is a rich and creamy dessert choir similar to English bread and pudding. Despite the recent versions, authentic Umm Ali has nuts. No matter how you choose to have it, cold or warm, Umm Ali is very tempting. As a result, you’ll surely love every bite of this lovely sweet preparation.

Places you can have this finger licking dessert

  • Al Reef Lebanese Bakery, Jumeirah 3
  • Um Ali Restaurant, Al Warqa
  • Bakemart Gourmet, Al Karama

Emirati cuisine has so much to offer. The variety in the dishes is just amazing!


A blend of culinary influences from all corners of the world, Emirati cuisine offers spicy meat preparations as well as crunchy salads. Our listing of the best 10 Emirati dishes includes starters as well as main course dishes. Also, there are sweet dishes as well for your sweet tooth. Enjoy delightful Emirati cuisine at a posh restaurant or a roadside eatery. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Visit the beautiful city of Dubai at the best prices from Travel Saga, or opt for our transportation services to reach the venue on time


Q. Is hummus non vegetarian? 

No, hummus is not non veg. It is a plant based dish and is also considered vegan.

Q. Is Manakish and Pizza same?

No, Manakish is generally thinner, closer to a flatbread with usually one topping of choice. Whereas Pizza usually has a slightly thicker crust and a wider variety of ingredients on top.

Q. Is Kunafa made up of vermicelli?

Yes, Kunafa is made with roasted vermicelli.

Q. Who invented Umm Ali?

Umm Ali was invented by an Egyptian woman with the nickname of Om Ali. The name means “Ali’s Mom” and refers to the wife of an Egyptian sultan back in the middle ages. The story is that after the sultan died, Om Ali got into a fight with another of his wives, had her killed, and then gave this succulent dessert to the people of Egypt to celebrate.

Q. Can vegetarians eat Falafel?

Yes, vegetarians can consume Falafel. Moreover, vegans can also consume Falafel.

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Theatre Shows in Dubai

Curtain Call Chronicles: Plays and Theatre Shows in Dubai this February 

Theatre Shows in Dubai and other entertainment such as plays and performances, are popular among Dubai residents. With an increasing number of theatres, performing arts centres, and events that appeal to a wide range of audiences, Dubai features a lively artistic community. Moreover, throughout the year, the city holds several cultural events and festivals. Both local visitors and tourists enjoy, thrilled by live theatrical works like plays, musicals, concerts, and comedy shows.

Dubai has made large investments in establishing its cultural infrastructure, so it holds various theatrical productions in several new theatres and performance spaces. One of the best venues in the world for live performances of opera, ballet, theatre, concerts, and other events is undoubtedly the Dubai Opera.

Plays and Theatre Shows in Dubai: The list below shows all upcoming events in February and their locations. 

February 2, 2024: Xinjiang is a nice place for Theatre Shows in Dubai

Location: Zabeel Theatre, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel, Palm Jumeirah

Ticket Price: Starting from AED 150

This magnificent stage production, “Lift Your Veil — Xinjiang, a Splendid Place,” masterfully combines dance, art, poetry recitation, and music. Additionally, the People’s Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China created it in collaboration.

February 4, 2024: Dreams of Miyazaki best Theatre Shows in Dubai

Location: Theatre of Digital Art, Souk Madinat Jumeirah Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Ticket Price Range: AED 240 to AED 360

Experience the enchanting realms of sounds at 360°. Crafted by Hayao Miyazaki and Joe Hisaishi, presented to you by Gayane Aslanyan, an Armenian pianist who has won more than 5 international piano competitions.

February 7, 2024: Wednesday Night Improv: Maestro

Location: Courtyard Playhouse Dubai

Ticket Price: Free entrance

Who will be the next Maestro? Ten of Dubai’s virtuoso actors converge for a night of scenes, songs, and games based on audience suggestions. You score the players on a scale of 1 to 5, and after each round, as a result, the players with the lowest scores get eliminated. Don’t miss this undoubtedly fun show on Wednesday!

Please note that you have to add your name to the list. Additionally, an RSVP does not guarantee a seat. Courtyard Playhouse Dubai works on a first come, first served basis. As a result, it is advisable to arrive 30 minutes early to avoid disappointment.

February 12, 2024: Valentine’s Special: Heart 2 Heart

Location: Courtyard Playhouse Dubai

Ticket Price: Free entry, not a ticketed event, put your name in the guest list.

Heartbreak, true love, and everything in between. Watch as our performers at Courtyard Playhouse Dubai transform the true tales of the audience into scenes that are funny, touching, or even painful. A night at the theatre, by all means is the ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day for couples, pleased singles, and anybody else looking for love.

February 16, 2024: SBP4

Location: Theatre of Digital Art

Ticket Price: AED300(admission fee) 

SBP4 is returning to the city to give a live performance of some of their new songs for the first time. Experience the bass, dance to the beat, and get into the feels at TODA with SBP4.

This is more than a concert; it’s an excellent opportunity to relax and unwind.

February 17 to February 18: La Scala Theatre Ballet School

Location: The Dubai Opera

Ticket Price: Starting from AED 300

Witness a captivating ballet gala performed by the future stars of the esteemed dance School of La Scala Academy in Milan, Italy.

As these young dancers shine on stage, get ready for a thrilling voyage through the realm of ballet. This two-night spectacular, which without a doubt, combines cutting-edge modern choreographies with timeless classical masterpieces, is sure to enthral and inspire.

February 22, 2024 to March 10, 2024: the Phantom of The Opera

Location: The Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai 

Ticket Price range: AED 275 to AED 850

Based on Gaston Leroux’s beloved novel Le Fantôme de L’Opéra, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is a story about a musical prodigy known only as “The Phantom” who haunts the Paris Opera House’s depths and is set in 19th-century Paris. Moreover, the Phantom attracts Christine, a young singer, as his protégé and becomes fascinated with her beauty and talent and falls deeply in love with her. Meanwhile the Phantom’s obsession, unaware of Christine’s love for Raoul, creates the conditions for a dramatic sequence of events in which passion, madness, and jealousy meet. This highly acclaimed show is a must watch for everyone! 

February 23: A Tribute to Taylor Swift

Location: Theatre by QE2, near to Al Ghubaiaba metro station

Ticket price: Starting from AED 300

Urging all the swifties out there! So, get ready to Shake It Off and step into the enchanting world of Taylor Swift at the spectacular “A Tribute to Taylor Swift concert”. Celebrate the fearless queen of pop with a night filled with Style, where the Blank Space becomes a canvas for unforgettable memories. Most importantly, from the Wildest Dreams to the exact melodies of delicate, this event promises to be an All Too Well experience that you won’t want to miss. Furthermore, don’t forget to wear your favourite Red attire and enjoy an evening that will have you singing, “Long live all the magic we made!” It’s time to gather for the ultimate Taylor Swift union, where the echoes of her songs will make us feel 22 all over again. See you there, Swifties! 


Dubai unquestionably being a hub of entertainment, and having many talented artists provides us with non stop amusement and joy. Moreover, with the rising number of people developing an interest in performing arts, it’s better to stay updated and have prior information about the upcoming shows in Dubai. You can make prior bookings to avoid disappointment.

Worried about how you’ll reach the venue on time? Contact Travel Saga for transportation services.


Is visiting Dubai Opera free?

  1. No, it is not free, however, the ticket price of Dubai Opera starts from AED 250.

Can I visit again to Theatre Shows in Dubai with the same ticket the next day?

  1. No, in any case you can not visit with the same ticket at any theatre or show again.

Is there a dress code we need to follow for Dubai Opera?

  1. No, however, it is recommended to wear formals. 

Are there any special discounts on the tickets?

  1. No, travel saga does not provide any discount on tickets. However, you can check the official website of the venue for any discount on the tickets.

Which Theatre has the biggest screen in Dubai?

  1. Roxy Cinemas in Dubai Hills has the biggest screen in Dubai.