Heroes of Travel Saga: Serving Just the Best

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Travel Saga Tourism is known for its services in the UAE and customised tours. Moreover, the booking of visas, transportation, and other activities are all done with meticulous attention to ensure a pleasurable trip for each traveller. Travel Saga’s varied selection of options appeals to a wide range of tourists, whether they are looking for a thrilling adventure, a luxurious getaway, or a cultural trip. 

We dedicate each moment to ensuring that our guests have a safe and secure trip. We have highly sorted in-house transportation services and professional guides. Let’s not wait anymore and dive into the details.

Travel Saga’s Premium Services

Travel Saga’s premium services aim to offer an unmatched vacation and travel experience when you visit Dubai. With our luxury yacht rentals, in-house car ensemble, and knowledgeable guides, we take care of every detail of your trip to make sure you travel in luxury and style. Travel Saga is dedicated to realising your travel fantasies. Whether you’re sailing the boundless seas, taking breathtaking drives, or touring less-known places.

Our Car Ensemble

We have a wide range of cars fit for all tours and excursions. When you plan on travelling with your family and friends, we give you numerous options such as KIA Grand Carnival, Toyota Previa, and H-1. These exceptional 7 seater cars ensure a safe and comfortable travel for you and your family. 

Moreover, we have a 14 seater Toyota HiAce. When you opt for a city tour such as the Dubai city tour or the Abu Dhabi city tour, you’ll surely feel like an MVP (most valuable player/person) travelling in this extraordinary vehicle exploring the city like never before. Consequently, we have 7 Toyota Land Cruisers: this SUV turns into a beast on the sand dunes. So, you get a memorable experience on your Desert Safari tours. You will feel the rush of adrenaline as you climb and descend sand dunes at changing speeds.

Lastly, we have our own 33 feet yacht. Treating yourself and your loved ones to a luxurious yacht cruise on Dubai’s tranquil waters is the ideal way to reward yourself. Enjoy a fantastic time by taking photos, dancing to the music, and using it as a fishing boat too. 

You can host 7 to 8 guests on this luxury yacht. Additionally, you get a captain with a crew member to assist you at all times. They are highly trained professionals. Furthermore, you can opt for a Land & Sea Tour which is a combination of the marvellous tourist attractions and an exuberant yacht tour in Dubai

The Vital Role of Our Tour Guides

Our tour guides are committed experts who bring Dubai to life. Here is a list of the reasons why Travel Saga’s tour guides must be your first choice:

Local Expertise

Our guides are experts in Dubai’s history, heritage sites, and off-beat attractions. Employing impressive storytelling skills, the people make the most boring landmarks come alive, making it informative and fun! 

Positive Feedback

We have 2 official government-licensed tour guides and 7 safari guides. They are recognised for their exceptional services and have the best reviews from all our past customers. They are the unsung heroes of our company who dedicate themselves to providing outstanding experiences to everyone. When you opt for Dubai tourist attractions you can indeed witness this.

Personalised Tours

Regardless of whether you are interested in modern Dubai architecture and contemporary sights, ancient history, or even food tours, we adjust our itinerary accordingly. This treatment ensures that as a visitor, you get the best out of your time in the region.

Safety and Convenience

Traffic and the feeling of getting lost in a busy city like Dubai are not easy to manage. Our tour guides are knowledgeable about cultural norms and laws to make sure that your visit is safe and does not involve any mishaps. Additionally, we have 7 dedicated tour drivers who know the hook and crook of the city and you can even explore some hidden gems in Dubai.

Efficient Use of Time

Our guides will escort you to the attractions at the right time, by avoiding large groups of people and often crowded places.

Why choose Travel Saga Tourism?

If you want a VIP travel experience with the most devoted specialists then travelling with Travel Saga will be the ideal choice for you. With us, you get a spectacular experience which will force you to keep coming back to Dubai. Our well versed tour guides will leave an unforgettable impression of the city on your mind. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to the city of gold. There is a lot to explore, from exciting beaches to action packed theme parks and water parks. Finally, how can we forget to mention the world famous Desert Safari? Traverse the vast desert land with us. 

Customised Itineraries

Every traveller has different interests and preferences, and Travel Saga is aware of this. For this reason, we provide special itineraries that are made to satisfy your unique needs. To guarantee that every trip is unique, our knowledgeable guides collaborate carefully with you to create a travel itinerary that emphasises the experiences you want to have. 

Whether you want to travel from one Emirate to another, enjoy fine cuisine, or become fully immersed in Arabic customs and culture, our experts will design a customised itinerary that makes your dreams come true. To list a few examples, we provide Dubai to Sharjah transfers, Dubai to Ras al Khaimah transfers, etc.

Dedicated to Brilliance

At Travel Saga, we take great satisfaction in our dedication to providing brilliant service in all aspects. You can travel worry-free because our cars are professionally kept to the greatest standards of cleanliness and safety. With the newest navigation and safety technology on board, you can be sure that your trip on the water will be both pleasant and safe.

Are you lacking in Vitamin D? D for Dubai! Get the best travel experience with Travel Saga Tourism. Book your tour now.


To sum up, travelling across Dubai with Travel Saga Tourism ensures a remarkable and unique experience. Our wide range of transportation services, which include a selection of opulent and comfortable cars, along with the knowledge of our qualified guides, guarantee that every second of your trip is exciting, entertaining, and educational. We stand out from the competition because of our commitment to individualised trips and careful attention to detail, which gives you a memorable and fulfilling travel experience.