Hidden Gems of The UAE

Hidden Gems 

Begin your journey and experience visiting the hidden gems in Dubai. For all the tourists who want to make their Dubai trip absolutely unforgettable, it’s time to go for hidden gems in the UAE. Moreover, Dubai is a perfect example of modernisation. As Dubai is popular for its luxurious life, it has a lot of beautiful attractions for everyone. Ranging from the amazing deserts to the great skyscrapers, you will find everything. So, to add more spice to your Dubai trip, you should go for these hidden places in Dubai and get more memories. 

Al Ain Oasis
8 hours50
Al Ain
Al Ain Oasis Tours Get ready to experience a journey through time and discover the wonders of nature. Join us for this amazing Al Ain Oasis Tour, an oasis of greenery...
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Al Rafisah Dam Sharjah
6 hours20
Al Rafisah Dam, Sharjah Known for its stunningly beautiful scenic beauty, the Al Rafisah Dam in Khor Fakkan in Sharjah is a popular tourist destination. Moreover, the reservoir of the dam,...
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BAPS Swaminarayan Temple
4 hours50
Abu Dhabi
The oasis of spirituality in Abu Dhabi welcomes people from all over the world to soak themselves in spirituality and global harmony. As a result, visit this Hindu stone temple...
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Jebel Hafeet
8 hours50
Jebel Hafeet, Hajar range
Jebel Hafeet -Al Ain Mountains  The former ruler of Abu Dhabi, the late Sheikh Zayed’s home, Al-Ain has a geography that’s distinct and markedly different from the town of Abu Dhabi....
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Najd Al Maqsar Heritage Village
8 hours50
Najad Al Maqsar
Najd Al Maqsar Heritage Village Sharjah When you go hiking up the Hajar Mountains, you come across an ancient heritage village that has houses built with palm fronds. This is...
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Shees Park in Khor Fakkan
8 hours50
Shees Park ,Khor Fakkan
Shees Park Khorfakkan The UAE is largely popular as a land of deserts. However, the country has recently focused on creating spaces filled with lush greenery. So, with this mission being...
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Love Lake Dubai-Al Qudra, Dubai
8 hours50
Al-Qudra, Dubai
Love Lake Dubai- Al Qudra, Dubai Dubai is a city that never fails to surprise you and grab your attention. With each passing year, the city gives more tourist attractions. Contrary...
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Hidden Gems in Dubai | UAE

Are you ready to explore hidden gems in Dubai? If yes, then let’s begin your journey of visiting the amazing places one by one. As a result, it will add spice to your Dubai tour and make it more fantastic than before.

1. Love Lake Dubai – Al Quadra Dubai

Talking about Dubai, it’s a glamorous city that catches everyone’s attention. Among all the beautiful attractions it brings, Love Lake Dubai is the best one. Certainly, when it comes to the natural beauty, Love Lake is the best attraction to experience. You can explore the amazing and exquisite flora and fauna here along with clicking pictures as special moments. Also, tourists mainly visit the particular lake for picnics or camping. So, it’s one of the best places among all the hidden gems in Dubai. 

2. Jebel Hafeet

For all the mountain lovers, it’s a perfect and one of the hidden places in Dubai. The Jebel Hafeet is the third largest mountain range in the UAE. visiting its top is a top-notch attraction that will make you feel amazing. Moreover, you can catch the best views from the top of the mountain of the beautiful Oman and Al Ain. Mainly, it’s perfect for the people who want to travel through long winding roads and who love camping. So, it’s perfect for experiencing the Jebel Hafeet weather, mountain roads, and tombs out there. 

3. Al Ain Oasis Tour

Travel Saga Tourism brings you the best Al Ain Oasis tour. It’s a stunning oasis that is present in the centre of the desert. By opting for this particular tour, you will be able to experience the miniature oasis, stunning falaj irrigation system, and west gate exhibition. Certainly, it’s a perfect place to enjoy nature and experience 147000 date palm trees. Moreover, you will find more than 100 vegetation varieties. So, it’s best for the people out there who love to enjoy nature. 

4. Najd Al Maqsar Village

Looking for something unique? The Najd Al Maqsar Village is here to experience. This stunning ancient village has plenty of houses that are made from palm fronds. The best part about the village is that here you will get the best views from the Khorfakhan Mountains and the Wadi Shie valley. Also, the key highlight of the particular place is Kalba Conservation Reserve for a Walk. So, to go for a particular tour and explore hidden places in Dubai, it’s time to deal with the Travel Saga Tourism experts. Also, you can contact us for more information on these hidden gems in the UAE. 

5. Shees Park in Khor Fakkan

Talking about Shees Park in Khor Fakkan, it’s completely filled with greenery. Certainly, it is perfect for tourists who are interested in camping. Moreover, you can experience the mountain walkways and the park’s waterfall. These are the perfect places to capture amazing moments with your loved ones. Apart from these things, you can enjoy barbeque, have fun at the outdoor theatre and roam around the park. 

6. Al Rafisah Dam Sharjah

Well, Al Rafisah Dam Sharjah is mainly popular for its scenic beauty. People who visit must visit a particular place to enjoy nature and stunning views. As the dam is human-made, it attracts so many beautiful birds. Also, it has the Hajjar mountains as the backdrop. Not only this, tourists can also experience boating here. It’s a perfect place to visit with your family members and loved ones. Overall, the key highlights of the dam are the waterfall, kids’ play area, walkway, restaurant, and the stunning Hajjar mountains. 

Conclusive Words

So, all these are the hidden gems in Dubai and hidden gems in the UAE that are worth visiting during the trip. By getting an experience of all these beautiful places, you will make a plethora of stunning memories with your loved ones. Also, by choosing Travel Saga Tourism, you will explore the hidden places in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with great ease. 


Q. Can we go to Love Lake at night?

Yes indeed, Love Lake is open 24 hours a day for its visitors, you can choose whenever you want to visit. 

Q. How do I get to Jebel Hafeet and what makes it a must-visit spot in the UAE?

You can only access Jebel Hafeet by private car, taxi, or bicycle. No public transportation is allowed up the mountain. It is roughly a 40-minute drive from Al Ain and almost a 2 hour drive from Abu Dhabi. Most tours to Al Ain include a stop at Jebel Hafeet. Moreover, it is a must-visit stop. It is Abu Dhabi’s highest, and the UAE’s 2nd tallest peak. In addition to its altitude, the mountain is famous for its route and the incredible views surrounding it. You can indulge in many activities here too.

Q. What are the unique features of Al Ain Oasis?

Oasis is fed by a traditional falaj irrigation system located in the middle of the city. Al Ain Oasis preserves a culture and a way of life going back thousands of years. It covers 136 hectares and is the largest oasis in Al Ain.

Q. Can I visit Najd Al Maqsar Village and experience traditional Emirati culture?

Yes surely, Najd Al Maqsar Heritage Village will look as if it resembles a mediaeval European settlement. On the hill, you can find a stone tower that stands as a testament to ancient times. So, visit this beautiful traditional village, visit Sharjah and experience the ancestral heritage of Emirati culture.

Q. What activities can I enjoy at Shees Park and why is it popular among locals?

There are many activities which you can enjoy at Shees Park such as BBQ, walkways, artificial waterfall, outdoor theatre and play area for kids.

Q. Is there any dam in the UAE?

Al Rafisah Dam is a scenic escape located in Sharjah. This picturesque destination boasts tranquillity and scenic charm, making it a perfect spot for those seeking a peaceful retreat from city life.

Q. Are there any guided tours available for exploring hidden gems in the UAE?

Yes, guided tours are available for exploring hidden gems in the UAE. You can choose from across different languages and tours. You can also avail of a tour guide with a car.

Q. What is special in Love Lake?

Love Lake in Dubai is known for its 2 interconnected heart shapes, which create a picturesque and romantic setting. Moreover, it’s located in the Al Qudra area, and it’s a perfect getaway for those seeking calmness.

Q. How can I make the most of a day trip to Al Ain?

Wander through nature and history at Al Ain Oasis. Consequently, flock to the iconic oasis and absorb the beauty of the UAE’s first curated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, roam around shaded pathways spread across 1,200 hectares and discover over 147,000 date palms of almost 100 varieties.

Q. What is the most beautiful landscape in the UAE?

Some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UAE are Al Ain Oasis in Abu Dhabi, Najd Al Maqsar Heritage Village in Sharjah, Love Lake in Al Qudra Dubai, Jebel Hafeet in Abu Dhabi and more.



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