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This oasis was declared a heritage site by UNESCO in the year 2011. The place underwent a lot of restoration work and a series of pathways were created for this tourist attraction. The oasis covers an area spanning 1200 hectares. The scenery is amazing and unique. The place educates you on the life of the farmers and their contribution to agriculture over the decades. If you are on the lookout for a nice and quiet place then this oasis is the place you should visit.

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Things to see In Al Ain Oasis

Here is a list of some attractions that are bound to grab your attention right away. Are excited already? Take a read.

1. Fertile Soil

The oasis has fertile soil almost everywhere and that is why the oasis has so many palm trees growing on it. The place also has many fruit gardens and it is a place worth visiting. The landscape of the place is very beautiful.

2. Eastern Fort

This place can be located in the eastern portion of the tourist attraction. This place has a great amount of historical significance with the oasis, which is also referred to as Sultan Fort. This was made by Sultan sayed in the year 1910. This is a landmark building of the Al Nahyan Era.

3. Miniature Oasis

This is one attraction within the oasis that should not be given a miss, it is a perfect replica of the original fort along with the structures, systems, and pathways. This replica also tells us how the irrigation system operated back in the day. Another fun activity is clay modeling, perfect for kids to indulge in.

4. Eco-Centre

This place was created to educate visitors and appreciate the contribution of the farmers toward the ecosystem. This place also has a host of fun activities that tourists can indulge in. this place showcases the history of the oasis perfectly well.

5. Falaj Irrigation System

This irrigation technique goes back 300o years and is widely used all over the UAE. This system uses deep underground passages to transport water from far places. This is used to provide irrigation to agricultural land throughout the year. This irrigation has two variants Dawood and Al Ain.

Activities To Indulge At The Al Ain Oasis

Here are some fun activities to indulge in at the oasis. Have a look.

  • As a tourist, you will find several rental stalls where you can get pedal cars or rental bikes. These stalls can be found at the entrance. You will have to pay the rent by the hour.
  • The oasis has many trees, particularly the ones that bear fruits. You can take your time to identify them and click pictures. You will find rare trees and plants that bear fruits resembling lemons, bananas, pomegranates, figs, and mangos. There are tons of plots that grow sugarcane in this oasis.
  • Want a guided tour of the oasis? Great sign with a tour and you will be assigned an experienced guide to take you all over the oasis and explain the history that follows the oasis.
  • If you do not mind walking, then take a slow walk all over the oasis as it is worth it. The scenic surroundings will leave you mesmerized for hours together.

When Should  You Visit Al Ain Oasis?

The ideal time to visit this place would be between October to April, as the weather will be quite pleasant. You can take your time and walk around the oasis exploring it at your own pace.

Things Remember Before You Visit Al Ain Oasis

  • Before you depart this place you must find out about the weather conditions you do not want to encounter dust storms or heavy rain
  • If you are visiting this place during religious festivals, you must wear proper clothes to show respect for the culture
  • Do carry sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat while visiting this place
  • Plan your travel to the oasis early on during the day to avoid traffic

How To Get To Al Ain Oasis?

This oasis is roughly 159kms away from Abu Dhabi and it is connected properly by road. If you are a tourist when you can avail yourself of the services of a rented car but it may cost extra. You also have the option of taking the bus that departs from Dubai. The journey will take about 3 hours, but the ride is comfortable.

So,  this is all the information you need to know about this historic and magnificent oasis. A trip to the UAE is not complete without a visit here.

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