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Dubai is one city that never fails to surprise you and grab your attention. With each passing year, the city gives more tourist attractions. Love Lake Dubai at Al Quadra Lakes is one of the most visited place in Dubai in recent years

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Contrary to popular beliefs that Dubai is only known for its tall buildings, the city also has its share of natural beauty. Love Lake is one such place.

This place came to prominence when Prince Hamdan took a picture of the lake and shared it on social media. Are you excited to know more about this wonderful lake? Well, keep reading as we share some interesting details.

Love Lake Dubai Overview

This lake is located right in the heart of a desert and the atmosphere is surreal. This lake is quite far from all the cities, but it certainly works by visiting. So why is this lake known as Love Lake? If you look at the images of the lake taken from the sky, it looks like two hearts intersecting.

If you locate Al Qudra oasis located in Dubai, you will find this lake there. There is no denying that this is a romantic location that will leave you craving for more. The presence of plants and flowers adds to the beauty of this place. This tourist destination has more than 16000 plants and trees and it is simply beautiful. Whether it is a date, a photography trip, or a solo trip, a visit to this place is a must.

Why Should You Visit This Lake

If you want to get away from the noisy city life then this is the place for you. You can have a barbecue here with your friends and family or take a stroll. If you love making vlogs then come here and film your videos as the location is beautiful.

Do you love watching sunsets? Then this lake is the best location and you should not miss out on the experience. So you must reach this place well before sunset to get a good glimpse, take your camera with you and capture a few nice pictures to remind you of the time you spent here. You can go to the lake to have a picnic, spend time with your pet, and indulge in some jogging. The park is not close to residences so you will never find too many people in the area.

What Are The Facilities In Love Lake

This lake is a perfect example of how much Dubai cares for the environment and a better future. The whole area covering the lake and the park is eco-friendly. The tissue boxes and park benches are all created from biodegradable items. You will also see basins created from trees and bamboo.

There is a separate fenced area that is perfect for having picnics, it is equipped with benches, washrooms, barbecue stands, and running water. The park also has 3 separate tracks for jogging. The tracks are made to glow even during low light so you can come here for a run after the sun has set.

You will find a map of the whole lake near the entrance. The badminton court is shaped like a heart and you can use it to play a game or two with your friends or kids. The garden area has a flower bush shaped in the form of a heart and it is filled with red flowers, this place is perfect for taking photos.

The only downside of this area is that does not have restaurants or shops, so you will have to carry sufficient water and food. The park also has no lamps so you have to get your own. You will get access to many park benches where you can get a good view of the place.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Visit

  • The park has no entry fee
  • You must make sure never to litter or else you may be charged a heavy fine
  • You must have access to a car to go to this place
  • Ladies will not be permitted to wear high-heel shoes to certain areas within the park
  • If you are having a barbecue do not throw the remaining coal into the water
  • Stick to the areas designated for having a barbecue
  • This place is not ideal for wheelchair users
  • You must never give food to the birds and fish there
  • If you want to use a drone then you must get permits

What Else Can You See Near The Park

Here is a  list of some other places you can visit near this lake. Have a  read.

Marmoum Heritage Village

When you are in this village sign up for a guided tour as it is very good. They hold exhibitions displaying cuisine and traditional crafts. The professional actors here will also carry out an enactment of the traditional wedding. The village hosts a number of interesting festivals in the winter.

Camel Farm

Get a chance to see a camel in person at this farm. The farm also has other animals like hens and goats. You st take a camel ride as it is very enjoyable and it lasts for an hour. However, you must keep in mind that this farm stays open only during winter.

Desert Conservation Reserve

This is the biggest desert conservation in UAE. The reserve has rare endangered animals like Flamingos and Arabian Oryza. You will also find Saruq Al Hadid which is a really old archeological site. You cannot indulge in desert safaris at this place.

Al Qudra

This is a cycling path visited by cycling enthusiasts from all over Dubai.. this tracks covers 86 km and it is an adventure of a lifetime. Cycling is not just a great exercise, but so the right way to experience the desert. You can also rent a cycle at this place if you do not own one.

How Do you Reach Love Lake?

This lake is found in the Al Salam portion of the desert. Driving down to the lake is not a tough thing as the entire route has signs telling you where to go. You can also use your GPS to locate hearts that overlap and then make a turn. Driving down to the lake is the best way to reach here.

If you would like to go for a Love Lake Dubai Trip then do contact us. We can arrange a private Tour of Love Lake Dubai that includes pickup and drop at your Hotel located in Dubai city.

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