A Complete Guide to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai Desert Conservation Center

The vibrant city of Dubai is considered a benchmark in architectural excellence. While the city’s stunning skyline does draw visitors from around the world, of late there has been a trait among travellers to visit places that teach about the conservation and protection of Mother Earth and her natural bounties. The rising awareness about the need for conservation has triggered a trend among visitors to visit natural reserves and Conservation centres.

Spanning a whopping 225 square kilometres, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve happens to be the first national park of the UAE. Opened in the year 2002, the DDCR is counted among the government’s largest protected areas. Over the last few years, there has been an initiative taken by the UAE authorities that has seen endeavours to protect the desert flora and fauna. The fenced area is today a haven for the region’s threatened animals and plants. One way to experience this is to stay at Al Maha Resort and take a conservation drive in the desert.

Things to Do at the Dubai Desert Conservation Center

The DDCR has a lot on offer and a visit to this amazing place promises a lot of adventure and fun. We have listed the thrilling things to do here. Also, you can visit the best tourist places in Dubai to have an amazing experience.

Going on a Safari

Hop into a luxurious four-wheel drive SUV that takes you on an exciting safari through the vast expanse of the golden sand dunes on a fixed route. Take in unhindered views of the spectacular desert stretching far and wide into the horizon. Enjoy some wonderful moments at a desert camp inspired by the Bedouin way of life. We at Travel Saga Tourism also have a collection of Heritage Safari which One Can Experience In the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Riding on a Camel

Isn’t it thrilling that the ancient form of transportation on camelbacks still survives? Well, you can get a hang of camel ride as you go sauntering on one through the desert at the DDCR. These friendly animals fondly called the ‘ship of the desert’ take you on a trek through the dunes to admire the beauty of a lovely sunset.

Enjoy Exhilarating Falconry 

The intriguing game of Royal Falconry goes back to 13th century Arabia. You’ll have a friendly guide for a company who shall show you the speed and agility of the falcons.  He will also fill you in with interesting anecdotes about falcons like their breeds, the kind of characters they have and how they prey. Call the best travel agency in Dubai to reserve your tour today for Heritage Falconry And Nature Safari

Take a Ride on a Hot Air Balloon

Soar into the skies above the DDCR in a hot air balloon ride. Enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the vast expanse of sand dunes all around. Click away merrily from the gondola of the hot air balloon as you capture stunning vistas forever. Watch the wildlife and the unique vegetation of the Dubai Desert. 

What Makes a Trip to the DDCR Different from the Regular Desert Safari?

Set up with the sole intention of protecting the delicate ecological balance of the Dubai Desert, the DDCR occupies as much as 5 per cent of the UAE’s land mass. This protected area is for the study of techniques and methods that can help protect the delicate flora and fauna of the desert.

The mission is to protect the wildlife, the plants and their natural habitat thereby ensuring that the delicate ecological balance isn’t disturbed.

Now, what sets a trip to The DDCR apart from the regular Dubai Desert Safari? Firstly, the Dubai Desert Safari is only a fun-filled day out in the desert.  On the other hand, a trip to the DDCR is educating about how fragile the desert environment is and what needs for its conservation.

Here, you shall learn about the various endeavours being taken by the UAE authorities. That is to ensure the protection of the Dubai Desert’s flora and fauna.

Secondly, when you go on the Desert Safari, you experience what is more of a party out in the desert. Enjoy entertainment with live performances and many adventure activities that shall keep you thrilled all day.

On the other hand, the DDCR trip is more of a learning experience. Here, you get to know how important It is to protect our ecological balance. At the DDCR, off-road sporting activities like dune bashing do not happen here.  This is to ensure that there is no threat to the flora and fauna here from the noise and pollution caused by the roaring SUVs.


Q. How many types of mammals and reptiles inhabit the DDCR protected area?

Seven species of mammals and five species of reptiles inhabit the DDCR’s protected area. Care is taken to see that not one of them is under any threat.

Q. What kinds of insects and spiders are there at the DDCR?

There are as many as 13 species of insects that inhabit the DDCR. If you are lucky, you may spot some rare beetles, firebrats and silverfish here. You’ll also come across quite a few spiders.

Q. What makes the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve unique?

The DDCR was set up in the year 2002. What makes it unique is the fact that spanning all of 225 square kilometres. The DDCR is indeed among the largest protected areas of the UAE government. It’s also the Emirates’ first national park. Besides, it has the flora and fauna that are unique to Dubai’s Desert. Therefore, this makes the DDCR stand out from other conservation centres.

Q. What’s the best time of the year to visit the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve?

Dubai is a generally hot and humid city. That said, the weather is fine during the winter months from November to March when the temperatures are much milder. This is the best time to visit this place and make a trip to the DDCR.