Heritage Safari Dubai

Heritage Desert Safari

Well, the heritage safari Dubai tour gives you access to experience the rich Emirati culture. Here you will ride in a stunning Land Rover through the amazing golden sand dunes. Moreover, you will get a chance to experience desert heritage safari camps in the desert and spend quality time with your loved ones. Overall, Heritage Safari Dubai comes with a lot of opportunities to explore awe-inspiring activities. So book your Heritage desert safari Dubai tour with Travel Saga Tourism.

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4 Categories of Heritage Safari Dubai Tours

For all those people who are excited about nature safari and Emirati culture, it’s time to go for the 4 sorts of heritage safari tours. All these heritage safari tours include amazing activities and experiences. So, it’s time to take a look at the 4 different heritage safari tours –

1. Heritage Falconry and Nature Safari

As stated by the name nature, here you will find plenty of birds and falcons of prey. All these birds are a part of the Arabian tradition and history. Also, when you go out in the golden sand dunes in a luxury Land Rover, you will experience the fantastic Royal falconry tricks. By doing so, you will learn falconry techniques and ways to use them. Moreover, you will feel amazed experiencing the falcon sitting on your gloves. In addition to this, in the morning time, you will be served an Emirate breakfast.

2. Heritage Bedouin Culture Safari in Vintage Land Rover

Want to experience the amazing Bedouin life for a short time? This heritage safari Dubai tour brings you a lot. Here you will experience amazing things and spend quality time in a perfect set up. On this Bedouin Culture Safari tour, you will go to the Bedouin village where you can enjoy living the life of Bedouins. 

Moreover, in desert heritage safari camps, you will meet storytellers and you can get a chance to meet falcon and saluki dogs. Overall, you will experience how the Bedouins live in harsh deserts and how they face obstacles in real life. Not only this, you will also enjoy several types of cultural performances and create lifelong memories. 

3. Heritage Dinner in the Desert Dubai

By option for the particular heritage safari Dubai tour, you will get to know how life was in the 1950s in Arabian deserts. The best part is that you are provided with an expert conservation guide which will tell you everything about desert life. Additionally, you will see the amazing vintage cars that were used at that time on these tough terrains. 

Furthermore, you will be taken to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve where you can capture amazing moments. Finally, you will get access to a stunning show where you see falcons performing, and at last, experience the Bedouin. So, finally, Heritage Safari Dubai and 6 Emirates tour will give you a marvellous experience. 

4. Dubai’s Evening Heritage Safari by Vintage G-Class

If you are a G Wagon lover, this tour type is mainly for you. Travel Saga Tourism brings you the evening heritage safari, at Al Marmoom Oasis. Here you will get a 40 minute ride in a luxurious vehicle. At this time, you will explore the beauty of amazing desserts and learn enough about the different animals. Additionally, you can take Travel Saga’s transportation services accordingly.

The professional guide will tell you everything about the Dubai desert conservation reserve. Moreover, when going through the village, you will see a group of women creating different things, and learn the lifestyle of Bedouin. Finally, at the end of the day, you will enjoy a tempting dinner in the desert heritage safari camp while enjoying the fabulous cultural performances. 


Overall, the Heritage Safari Dubai comes with amazing and beautiful experiences. By choosing Travel Saga Tourism, you will explore a plethora of amazing tourist places in Dubai with your loved ones. Also, experiencing the stunning places, animals and culture in the desert heritage safari camp will help you to make great moments and capture them to make the Dubai trip remarkable. 


Q. What is a heritage desert safari Dubai?

A heritage desert safari Dubai is a peek into life in the Arabian desert. It has adventure, culture, history and traditions of ancient Arabian communities. In this safari, you explore the traditional side of Dubai. 

Q. Is Heritage Desert Safari Dubai suitable for all ages?

Of course, it is suitable for all ages. The desert safari is a family friendly excursion. However, certain activities like Dune buggy and Dune bashing may not be suggested for certain ages or people with specific medical conditions.

Q. What should we wear on Travel Saga’s heritage desert safari Dubai tour?

One should prefer lightweight, breathable and comfortable clothes. Additionally, carry sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen for protection against the desert heat. For footwear, consider wearing closed toe shoes that help in walking on the sand.

Q. What is the age criteria for Dune bashing?

There is as such no age restriction for the dune bashing experience. However, expecting women, infants and people with back or neck problems should avoid this activity. 

Q. What is the best time to go for a heritage desert safari Dubai?

For almost any activity in Dubai, October to April is the best time. That is because these months have cool and pleasant weather compared to the hotter months the rest of the year.

Q. Do we have the option of taking a heritage desert safari Dubai in the evening?

Of course, yes! Evening Heritage Safari is one of the best heritage desert safari Dubai tours. On this safari, you can enjoy a drive in a vintage car and also enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner in the desert. 

Q. Is Heritage Desert Safari Dubai suitable for solo travellers?

Certainly, it is. Solo travellers can experience adventure and peace of the desert in solitude. It is also a great way of meeting and interacting with fellow travellers.  



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