6 Emirates Tour

6 Emirates Tour

Are you ready to explore the amazing 6 Emirates of UAE? If yes, then you are going for a complete tour package of all Emirates including Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and many more. Through this tour, you will visit 6 Emirates of the UAE in one day tour, and see beautiful attractions. For every sort of traveller, Travel Saga certainly offers all types of tours in which they can explore everything. Ranging from the souks to the stunning sights of the UAE. Moreover, by getting our customised tour option you can visit anywhere in the entire region. Our team of professionals help you in planning a perfect trip to give you the best travelling experience.
So, get in touch with Travel Saga Tourism and book your 6 Emirates tour now.
One Day Trip To Al-Ain In Private Car From Dubai
8 hours50
Al Ain
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Hatta Dam: Tour | Wadi Hub | Mountain
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Fujairah East Coast Tour
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Fujairah City Tour from Dubai Dubai offers visitors much more than a glittering skyline and stunning luxury. Tucked away in the northern emirates is the city of Fujairah, gifted with breathtaking...
Al Rafisah Dam Sharjah
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Free Entry
Sharjah Private City Tour
8 hours50
Explore Sharjah Emirate  Sharjah, only a 30-minute drive from the glittering city of Dubai, is famous for carefully preserving its historic landmarks with Arab culture and traditions. Having kept its distinct...

About 6 Emirates Tour

Let’s delve deep into other Emirates tours and the spots you will visit on these tours.

1. Al Ain Oasis Tour

For people who want to explore nature and feel the journey of time, it’s time to go for the Al Ain Oasis Tour. The particular location is present in the middle of the desert. It of course is an oasis of greenery. This amazing place spans over 1200 hectares. Overall, it’s a mixture of history, culture and nature that you can experience on your 6 emirates tour. Al Ain Oasis is located 90 minutes away from Abu Dhabi. Here you will find out how farmers used to work in the earlier times. It’s a perfect place for nature lovers as here they will find over 100 different vegetarian varieties and more than 147000 date palm trees. 

2. Explore Sharjah Emirate – Private City Tour in Car

Sharjah is 30 minutes away from the city of gold, Dubai. It’s a wonderful Emirate of UAE where you will find a plethora of amazing attractions to visit. By going on a Sharjah city tour during 6 emirates tour, one becomes able to learn about its traditions and Arab culture along with the historic landmarks. Moreover, Sharjah is a hub of many great museums, plenty of awe-inspiring sights and many more souks. After that, it’s time to go for the outstanding Sharjah Corniche. Next to it, you will be going to a large King Faisal Mosque which is the biggest one of the mosques. So, the Sharjah tour is a complete package in which you can explore everything and get a unique experience. So, when thinking about going for 6 emirates of the UAE in a day tour, it’s crucial to add a particular one. 

3. Al Rafisah Dam in Sharjah

Here comes another favourite destination of tourists, the Al Rafisah Dam. It’s a place filled with beautiful scenes and the entire lake view attracts everyone. Also, there you find the majestic Hajjar Mountains at which you can take stunning pictures with your loved ones. Furthermore, it’s time to go boating in the Rafisah Dam. Apart from that, there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Apart from that, you will get access to stunning restaurants, an amazing kid’s play area, a waterfall and a walkway. 

4. Fujairah East Coast Tour from Dubai

The Fujairah East Coast tour brings you scenic beauty. It means here you can explore the natural beauty accordingly and spend enough time with your loved ones. However, Fujairah is the UAE’s smallest city, its scenic views and beauty gives you a unique experience than other cities. Also, going on this particular tour will give you access to the Hajjar Mountains. Overall, here you can enjoy walking in peaceful places, spend quality time with your loved ones, and create incredible memories. It’s also the one that is worth visiting during the 6 Emirates of the UAE in one day tour

5. Hatta Tour: Dam | Wadi Hub | Mountain

Here comes the must-grab opportunity for adventure seekers. It’s the Hatta tour package which gives you access to the mountains and improves your journey experience. During the Hatta Mountain tour, you will enjoy several great adventurous activities. Moreover, the package includes the pick-up and drop-off, Hatta Hill Park, Heritage Village, Wadi Hub, Hatta Dam and the best photography point. Overall, you will enjoy the entire tour and add more spice to your tour. 

Overall, you can finish the 6 emirates tour in one day, and create amazing memories with your loved ones. The only thing is that you should contact Travel Saga Tourism and move forward to grab the best tour packages. 


Q. What is the 6 Emirates Tour?

The 6 Emirates tour is a single tour that covers tourist attractions of 6 emirates of the UAE in one day. On this tour, guests can experience a journey through all corners of the UAE and hardly miss out on anything.

Q. How long is the 6 Emirates Tour by Travel Saga Tourism?

The 6 Emirates tour usually lasts around 9-10 hours. Thus, you can explore the whole of UAE in just one day. So, book your 6 Emirates tour in one day with Travel Saga. 

Q. From where does the tour start and where it ends?

The tour starts from the emirate of Dubai and ends in the emirate of Fujairah.

Q. What are some of the attractions we can see during this tour?

Some of the major attractions on this tour are Ajman Museum, Fujairah Museum, Al Badiyah Mosque, Al Ain Oasis, etc.

Q. Is the 6 emirates tour family friendly?

Of course, yes! This tour is suitable for people of all ages and thus is a family friendly experience. 

Q. Are pick up and drop off services included in the tour?

Yes, pick up and drop off at a centrally located hotel or place of residence in Dubai is included in the tour.

Q. Is there a dress code for the cultural and religious attraction on the tour?

Yes, everyone is expected to be in modest clothes and cover their knees and shoulders at places of cultural and religious importance. 

Q. Are children allowed on the 6 emirates tour?

Yes, children are allowed on the tour. Children below 2 years of age can enjoy this tour for free with their parents. However, children above the age of 2 years will be charged same as adults. 



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