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Shees Park Khorfakkan

The UAE is largely popular as a land of deserts. However, the country has recently focused on creating spaces filled with lush greenery. So, with this mission being the driving force, the authorities in the UAE came up with the Shees Park located in Khor Fakkan amidst the Hajar Mountains. Experience the beauty of Shees Park Khorfakkan by clicking on stunning Shees Park photos and planning your visit to Khorfakkan Shees Park by securing your Shees Park tickets in advance with Travel Saga.

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What to Expect at Shees Park Khorfakkan

The park, equipped with the necessary amenities and facilities was opened to the public in October Shees Park Khorfakkan 2020 and it’s an ideal destination to visit during your Sharjah city tour. The park is in Wadi Shees, Khor Fakkan in Sharjah’s outskirts. Even though it’s in Sharjah, it takes less time to reach Shees Park from Dubai. While it takes around 45-60 minutes to reach the park from Sharjah depending on your location, it takes only 30 minutes to reach there from Dubai by rental cars.

So, to reach Shees Park, you’ll need to drive along the Emirates Road (E611) towards Sharjah. You’ll then have to drive on the exit to Khor Fakkan Road. Furthermore, take the ramp for the Shees area after driving on the Khor Fakkan Road for around 70 kilometres. You’ll then need to continue straight to the Masafi Road from the roundabout to reach Shees Park.

Note: Entry into the Shees Park is free.

Things to do at Shees Park

Spread across a mammoth 11,362 square meters, the Shees Park also offers lots of activities for a fun-filled outing.

1) Admire the Waterfall in the Park

One of the most pleasing things to do at Shees Park is to admire the human-made 25 feet high waterfall cascading into a lake. So, the waterfall and the lake create truly picturesque scenery with the Hajar Mountains in the backdrop worth capturing on your camera.

2) Take a Stroll along the Mountain Walkways

There are all of 506 meters of mountain walkways and paths, each one truly beautiful that is perfect to take a relaxing walk along. The mountain terraces in three levels lead to a central viewing deck, a spot that welcomes you with stunning vistas of the entire park and the mountains.

3) Have a barbecue

The Shees Park comes with a zone dedicated to barbecuing. However, you can’t be assured of finding a pit as there’s quite a rush, especially on weekends. There are also shaded seating areas where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends and enjoy your fun-filled picnic in the outdoors.

4) Take Your Kids to the Play Area

There’s also a large play area surrounded by shaded seating featuring see-saws, slides, swings, and more your kids are sure to have a fun time at.

5) Stroll Through the Park

After you’ve enjoyed the company of your family and friends at the picnic, you can take a relaxing walk through the beautifully landscaped lawns and gardens, especially during the winter.

6) Catch a Show at the Outdoor Theater

The park has an open-air amphitheater that can seat up to 70 people where you can also enjoy watching some fun shows.

The Shees Park also has restaurants/cafes, parking facilities, and toilets.

Some Important Points

  • You can barbecue only at the designated zones
  • No dogs are allowed
  • Camping, playing football, hunting, horse riding, shisha smoking, and swimming aren’t allowed here
  • Vehicles are to be parked only in the parking area

So, you can contact Travel Saga Tourism to visit Shees Park Khorfakkan. We have private transfer services, so you can book our transportation services to visit this park.  Moreover, we can also arrange a private chauffeur driven car for you.


Q. Where is Shees Park Khorfakkan located?

Shees Park Khorfakkan is located in Wadi Shees, Khor Fakkan, on the outskirts of Sharjah.

Q. Is there an entry fee for Shees Park Khorfakkan?

No, entry to Shees Park Khorfakkan is completely free.

Q. Can I find Shees Park photos online?

Yes, Shees Park photos can be found on various tourism websites and social media platforms showcasing its beauty and amenities.

Q. What activities can I do at Khorfakkan Shees Park?

At Khorfakkan Shees Park, you can admire the waterfall, take a stroll along the mountain walkways, have a barbecue, let your kids enjoy the play area, stroll through the park, and catch a show at the outdoor theatre.

Q. Are Shees Park tickets required for entry?

No, Shees Park tickets are not required, as entry to the park is free.

Q. When is the best time to visit Shees Park Khorfakkan?

The best time to visit Shees Park Khorfakkan is during the winter months when the weather is cooler and more pleasant.

Q. Can I barbecue at Shees Park?

Yes, you can barbecue at Shees Park, but only in designated zones and if there’s a pit available. Arrive early as there can be a rush, especially on weekends.

Q. How long does it take to reach Shees Park from Dubai and Sharjah?

It takes around 30 minutes to reach Shees Park from Dubai by car, and 45-60 minutes from Sharjah, depending on your location.


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