Crossroads of Civilizations Museum

Crossroads of Civilizations Museum

The historical and Cultural Crossroads of Civilizations Museum is located in Dubai.  This one happens to be a private museum located in Dubai. It was founded in 2014 and it showcases the rich history of the city. The Crossroads of Civilizations Museum is located in the Shindagha Historic District and explores the spirit of the historical dimensions of the civilizations that play an essential role when it comes to the progress of human beliefs and values. These values are responsible for encompassing the aesthetic and positive aspects of the individuals who were known for their artistic talents.

Details of the Crossroads of Civilizations Museum

This museum is within a historic center known as the Museum Group TMG. The Crossroads of Civilizations Museum consists of some rare manuscripts, books, and prints that you will find to be interesting and you can also visit Museum of Future in Dubai. All these depict the very best of all the civilizations that reflect the legality of the city as a crossroad of global trade routes plus a cultural link between Africa, Asia, and Europe. It showcases the manner in which the characterization of UAE and Dubai happens to be a natural development and achievement of the historic interplay of travelers across the globe, the traders, and the Bedouin.

The museum’s vision and mission

The mission of the Museum is to focus on the significance of global values such as tolerance and respect by showcasing the historical role played by them in helping humanity. On the other hand, the museum’s vision is to bring individuals together by means of proper historical connections and positivity.

Things to see at Crossroads of Civilizations Museum

The museum has been segmented into 3 divisions, namely, Civilizations, Manuscripts, and Weapons. These segments depict the best tradition of Dubai as well as the UAE. This museum showcases the beauty and bounty of history civilizations through its assortment of cultural, art, and literature paraphernalia. It is known to store several interesting elements which we have mentioned below.

1. Galleries

Here, you will come across a number of galleries that have been classified in an innovative way. The extensive range of artifacts, manuscripts, letters, as well as autographs from various kings, travelers, and explorers are maintained right here. You will also find the works of some sultans and military generals in this museum which have been kept in a secure manner. There are several permanent galleries such as the following:

  • Historical Royal Gallery
  • Historical Manuscripts Gallery
  • Old Books Gallery
  • Traditional Guns Gallery
  • Multi faiths
  • Palestine and Holy Gallery
  • Swords and Daggers Gallery
  • Explorers Gallery

2. Collections

This museum likewise houses several iconic collections such as the following:

  • Ceramic – You will come across many innovations in various crafting methods. One particular notable work consists of a Hercules vase which was created before the rise of Alexander the Great to power.
  • Glass – You will also come across various glass artifacts here from different civilizations in a protected manner.
  • Stones – Roman armor, antique statues, and sculptures have been engraved on stones and rocks.

3. Sitarah

The Crossroads of Civilizations Museum also stores the Curtain of the Door of the Kaaba. These had been dispatched to Mecca in the year 1543 by Suleiman, the well-known Sultan. He was known to be a great patron of art and culture.

Various exhibitions are held in the museum quite often for enhancing the knowledge of the visitors. They likewise have an isolated document zone for them in case they would like to know more about the history. There are lots of reports and records right here which function as a storehouse for students who visit this museum for learning about the history of the UAE and why you should visit 7 Emirates of UAE and other civilizations.

Location of the Museum

This museum is positioned on Al Khaleej Road, UAE you can also visit Al Baraha on that road. It is located in the Shindagha district’s traditional area which is referred to as a historical district in the city of Dubai.

Entry Ticket Price

The entry fee per person is AED 30 which allows accessing all three museums.


This museum is open to the public from 8 AM to 8 PM from Saturdays to Thursdays.