Dubai Street Museum

Dubai Street Museum

This street museum is located in the Satwa district of Dubai. The Jumeirah neighbourhood has seen a major transformation. Indeed, amazingly beautiful graffiti is painted on the walls of the buildings there. Moreover, this zone in the ‘city of gold’ boasts of being one of the most prominent collections of wall art. So, it is called in common parlance, graffiti. Additionally, the walls of Jumeirah sport stunning murals showcasing the UAE’s rich culture, its traditions and heritage.

Dubai Street Museum Is Giving the City a New Look

Various buildings and walls in Jumeirah are today a large gallery of outdoor art. Firstly, this project features public art and has seen the walls of various buildings sporting stunning murals, graffiti, stencils and more. Secondly, an initiative of the RTA, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Dubai Sports Council and Dubai Arts and Culture Authority., the Dubai Street Museum Project has seen mural artists of international repute collaborate with local artists to create works of stunning artistry and creativity.

The many murals portray the history of UAE giving people a glimpse of how life is and how it has changed in the Emirates. An addition of great value to the art and culture of the Emirates, the Dubai Museum Project has enriched the history of art in the many communities of Dubai. An ode to the cultural heritage of the Emirates, the Dubai Street Museum is a popular place to visit among people in the city. You’ll see many of them admiring the graffiti work and taking photographs.

The Launching of the Project

The Dubai Street Museum Project was launched with considerable fanfare. By His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister and also its ruler. The project is a celebration of the uniqueness of life in the United Arab Emirates.

The Dubai Street Museum comprises many initiatives putting the spotlight on how Jumeirah links Dubai’s past with its present.

A Project in Admiration of Dubai’s Founding Fathers

The Dubai Street Museum Project is an ode to the immense contribution made by the city’s founding fathers, Sheikh Rasheed and Sheikh Zayed. A lot of effort went into painting a particular mural featuring the two Sheikhs which took almost a week to complete. Visitors admire the murals. Because there are snippets of life in the Emirates featuring everyday activities by commoners like rowing boats.

There are particularly beautiful murals that look amazingly real like the one of an audio cassette. There are murals showing people in traditional clothes that give tourists a glimpse of iconic Emirati attire.

The Dubai Street Museum Project has come as a boon, a large canvas for the budding artists of Dubai eager to make a mark in the city’s art landscape. Since the project has seen the involvement of iconic mural artists, these upcoming talents have received invaluable tips on their art and effective guidance from the masters.

The project has seen 14 artists joining hands portraying the vibrant future that beckons Dubai and the rich heritage it’s so proud of. The Dubai Street Museum Project features 22 art projects beginning from the Dubai Canal and stretching all the way to the Burj Al Arab. These murals have infused a lot of creativity and vibrancy into the city adding to its charm.

The project is a visual story that captures the past Dubai has emerged from and risen to become a global city. It’s a story of the amazing transformation Dubai has seen from a humble village to an economic and tourism hub. After getting free from this you can have a look at Museum of Future in Dubai.

Locations and Distance from City Centre and Key Areas 

Dubai street museum is just located  at 2nd December Street in al satwa , this is around 5.3 km from Dubai mall and  approximately 7.8 km from bur Dubai and Fahidi street

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