Why You Should Visit 7 Emirates of UAE

Emirates of UAE

There a are a whole bunch of reasons why you should visit all the emirates of the UAE. They each have a distinctive vide and offer unique experiences. They not only boast of luxurious hotels and gig buildings, but they are also blessed with natural beauty and history. So, in this blog we have decided to discuss the flavour of local culture and heritage of each emirate separately so you understand what you will see if you decide to visit. Have I managed to get you excited? Great let us get started right away.

1. Umm Al-Quwain And Ajman

These are two emirates that are not flashy like the others but, they have a lot to offer in terms of tourism. These emirates are blessed with historical sites and lovely beaches. So, if you want to treat yourself to history and natural beauty then a visit to these places is a must.

Visit Ajman Museum as this place will give you a glimpse into the rich history of the UAE. The museum is located in side the grand Ajman Fort. You can also hit Dreamland Aqua Park, this is a fabulous waterpark that has loads of water slides and your kids are going to have a fabulous time here.

2. Fujairah

This is located on the eastern coast of the UAE and it is very beautiful. You are treated to mountains and beaches at the same time and for nature lovers, this is a haven. If you are looking for a quiet time then simply visit one of the beaches in this emirate, you can also indulge in some fun water activities. Fujairah also has luxurious hotels overlooking the beach and mountains, these hotels are equipped with all the modern amenities that you can expect. A tour to fujairah can be the best time in UAE

3. Dubai

Dubai is very famous for its luxurious lifestyle. The city is known for having some of the most beautiful skyscrapers, one being the Burj Khalifa this building is the most talked about structure for its sheer beauty and height. Dubai will give you a glimpse into how the city has retained its traditions and also embraces a modern lifestyle. You will also get to the biggest mall in the whole of UAE and have access to several historical sites. If you want to absorb the Arabian culture & heritage then a visit to this emirate is a must. Try the desert safari tour is must while you are in dubai . The newly opened museum of the future is liked attraction for people these days

4. Abu Dhabi

This is the biggest emirate & capital city in UAE and it is densely populated. The emirate has the most beautiful mosque in whole of UAE called the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the mosque lets people of all faiths to enter, but you have to wear respectable clothes. Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment too, you will find several amusement and theme parks like Ferrari world & warner bros abu dhabi that offer family friendly, entertainment. You will also have access to fabulous hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy cuisines from all over the world.

5. Sharjah

A visit to Sharjah must not be missed out on at any cost as it has many attractions that you will love seeing. You must visit the Museum Of National history, this will give you insight on the history of the UAE. Also, you can sign up for the desert safari trips that will give you the rare opportunity to explore the magnificent beauty of the desert like never before.

6. Ras Al Khaimah

If you wish to take a break from the busy city life, then this is he emirate that you should visit without hesitation. Here you will find many beaches with luxurious hotels, perfect for unwinding and eliminating stress.Do you want to learn about the history? Visit Dhayah Fort as it is a famous ruin. You can also visit many abandoned towns if you are looking for a spooky adventure.

Some Other General Reasons To Visit All The Arab Emirates

In the UAE you will come across many beaches on Saadiyat Islands where you can participate in many fun activities. You can also visit Liwa desert and see the golden dunes and also experience a sunset.

If you love brightly lit cities, then you will find this feature in every emirate of the UAE. All the buildings are lit up with bright lights and if it is a special occasion then you can expect extra lights to be put up all over the city.

For people who love shopping, the UAE is haven for them. It has lovely malls and shops everywhere. You will come across every popular brand at the malls. You can also visit the local souks to buy gold, perfumes, and local spices.

If you are a lover of art, then you will be happy to know that the UAE has a host of art museums where you can see amazing work created by artists from all over the world. Some museums also host art festivals where they show cases exclusive pieces of art.

As mentioned before, the UAE has many attractions for children as it has many amusement parks that are loaded with fun rides and exciting games. Your kids will stay entertained for many hours together.

The UAE is a Muslim nation, but non- Muslims do not have to wear a veil and can also wear two-piece swim wear at beaches and pools. You will also be allowed to drink alcohol in some restaurants and bars. Women can move around the city very freely. The laws in the UAE are very strict so the crime rate is low. You will never feel like an outsider in the UAE.


So, now that we have given you some solid reasons to visit the UAE, it is time you pack your bags and make your travel schedule and head out for a memorable holiday.