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Downtown Dubai beckons you with a breathtaking show that combines light, water, and pulsating music. The Dubai Fountain rises up to a height that can cover two football pitches. Yes, that’s eye-popping but true.

Time6:30 pm ( time slots depends on availability )
Child policy3-10 years
LocationSouq al bahar, dubai mall
HighlightsSpectate the magical fountain show on an exclusive Broadwalk in the middle of the lake.
TransfersPrivate transfers can be arranged on additional charges

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It rises to a height of 900ft and it has earned its pride of place as the world’s tallest fountain. You are sure to be left enthralled as the fountain dances to classical as well as contemporary Arabic and world music. Indeed, the Dubai Fountain in Burj Lake is something you can’t take your eyes off.

The Dubai Fountain boasts of a unique and marvelous design. There are five circles of varying sizes. The fountain has two arcs as well.< There are powerful water nozzles shooting up jets of water to great heights. More than 6,600 WET super lights dazzle you. The 25 color projectors bring the Dubai Fountain alive in vibrant colors. You are treated to 1,000 plus expressions of myriad kinds created in water that make a spectacular show. A complete spectrum of colors is provided by 50 color projectors that generate a massive total output of 1.5 million lumens. A whopping 22,000 gallons of water is sprayed into the air at the same time when the performance is on.

The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk

This is a floating platform located inside the Dubai Fountain that’s been opened to the public only recently. The Boardwalk lets you get as close to the spectacular Dubai Fountain’s performance as you can probably imagine. It shows you the spectacle in water from a whole new perspective altogether. You can start taking your walk from the Burj Park or Fountain promenade on the 272-meter boardwalk. The closest point on the boardwalk is at only a mere 9 meters from the water-gushing fountains.

The Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

You go sailing on the Burj Lake when you take the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride. The Dubai Fountain stands on this large lake. The Lake Ride ensures that you watch the amazing fountains from the best seats in town. Admire the visual spectacle of the dazzling fountain dancing to foot-tapping music as you go on a relaxing cruise on board a traditional Abra.

Important Information

  • Hours of Operation: 5:45 pm to 11:30 pm
  • The last boat sets sail just 30 minutes prior to the scheduled closure

Frequently Asked Questions (FQAs) on Fountain Boardwalk

  • How long does it take to enjoy the entire experience of watching the fountain perform, taking a walk on the boardwalk, and sailing on the Abra?

Each performance of the fountain is a session of 30 minutes. You can watch the performance for 30 minutes and then stroll down the boardwalk for a while and then go on the Abra lake ride for 30 minutes. The entire experience should take a little more than an hour.

  • What makes the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk so popular?

The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk takes you very, very close to the action. You get to see the fountains shoot up jets of water from only 9 meters away. Besides, there are a lot of major attractions close by. Strolling along the boardwalk is a joy as you admire the spectacular views of Dubai’s stunning skyline while also admiring the Dubai Fountain’s breathtaking performance.

  • How high into the sky can the Dubai Fountain shoot up water?

It’s the world’s tallest performing fountain. The amazing fountains can shoot up water to as high as a 45-story building. It’s absolutely hypnotizing as you watch the gushing water jets dance to pulsating music as dazzling lights are flashed on them. Here’s a performance you won’t ever forget. After all, you are watching 22,000 gallons of water go up in the air at any given time.

  • Is the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk safe?

Yes, the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk is absolutely safe. The authorities in Dubai are very particular about safety and there are a lot of regulations in place. The authorities make it a point that all the attractions in Dubai adhere to all the safety regulations. Moreover, regular checks are carried out to see that there are no risks. Also, regular maintenance work is carried out at all the attractions, including the Dubai Fountain and its Boardwalk and the Lake Ride Abra.

  • Is food available at the Dubai Fountain?

Food isn’t available at the Dubai Fountain per se, but there are a lot of eateries and exclusive dining options nearby where you can have a hearty meal.

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