Dubai Diaries: Perfect 2 day guide for solo travellers  

Are you tired of your boring family vacation plans? Or don’t want to wait for your friends to cancel another trip? As your fun should not wait for others it’s the right time to take a solo trip to the magnificent city of Dubai!

Dubai’s modern day infrastructure, safe environment, diverse culture, numerous activities, accommodation choices, and iconic attractions suitable for solo travellers make it an excellent choice for you to visit.

So, here is a perfect 2 day guide for solo travellers: 

Day of Sightseeing and Shopping

For your 1st day in Dubai, you should go sightseeing and shopping in Dubai. Discover iconic landmarks and attractions of the city and don’t forget to take pictures to make your friends jealous!

For the morning you may choose from the following sights:

    • Burj Khalifa: Explore the tallest building in the world. Feel on top of the world when you visit At the Top of Burj Khalifa. Moreover, take a moment to soak in the mesmerising views of the city.
    • Dubai Mall: Situated under the towering building of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall is a shopper’s paradise. Also, don’t forget to buy Camel milk chocolate, Arabian coffee, oudh, bukhoor, pashmina shawls etc. 
    • Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood: If you’re looking for an authentic Arabic experience, you should visit  Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Moreover, take a walk alongside Dubai Creek. So, explore how Emiratis lived in older times.
    • Souks of Dubai: If you want to feel like Aladdin whose wish has just been granted by the Genie then you should definitely visit the Gold Souk of Dubai for an ultimate shopping experience. Indeed, shopping malls, boutiques or stores cannot match the intensive vibe of the souks. Also, the markets take you to a new era and place with their vivid colours, interesting scents, and lively crowds.
    • Cheesecake Factory: Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, visiting Cheesecake Factory at the Dubai Mall is a delight to your taste buds. Consequently, the menu offers 200 different selections made from scratch every day. 
    • Half day Dubai City Tour: Explore the city with Travel Saga’s Half day Dubai city tour. Also, you’ll be accompanied by a well versed English speaking guide. Plus, if you feel you need company you may book the sharing tour. You’ll visit the landmarks of Bur Dubai and New Dubai. Thus, you get to experience the best of both worlds. 

For the evening, get amped up cause you can not miss this special opportunity:

  • Evening Desert Safari: Nothing’s more perfect than exploring the desert at the end of the day on this solo trip. Certainly, submerge yourself in the tranquillity of Arabian nights, under the sky full of stars. Also, some other activities at the Evening Desert Safari include Dune Bashing, Camel rides, photo sessions in traditional Arabian attire, BBQ dinner, and belly dance performances. 

Day of Adventures

You dedicated 1 day to relaxing and exploring the glamorous city of Dubai. So, now is the time to gear up for a day of adventures.

For the morning you may choose from the following exciting activities for your day 2 of travelling solo:

  • Dubai Autodrome: It is Dubai’s premier motorsport entertainment venue. You can try different driving experiences here. Also, it has a laser tag centre for you to channel your inner John Wick.
  • Indoor skydiving: This indeed is a safer and cheaper option than outdoor skydiving. Additionally, it consists of a vertical tunnel that is controlled by various simulations. Subsequently, you experience a smooth free fall without any potential risk. Sky Diving Indoor In Dubai It is a perfect activity for solo travellers.
  • Water Sports: Feeling adventurous? Dubai allows you to add a splash of water to your dry life. Try various water sports in Dubai. Some of them which you can try are flyboarding, parasailing, wakeboarding, jet pack riding and many more. 
  • Ski Dubai: Located inside the Mall Of Emirates, Ski Dubai should be on your list. Moreover, instructors help you learn skiing. Indeed, you’ll ski like a pro in no time. Also, you can meet Snow Penguins and have one on one interactions with them. For the evening, remember to relax and unwind. Make the most of your evening surrounded by water.
  • Dinner Cruise: It is a wonderful way to enjoy Dubai’s magnificent skyline after dark. You get to sail through the lavish neighbourhood of Dubai Marina, in a luxury Dinner Cruise . In addition to that, you unquestionably get entertained with the most delicious meals.

Safe and Sound: Dubai’s reputation for solo travellers

Dubai is very safe and sound for solo travellers. Moreover, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. In addition to that, Emirati princes roam in the city without heavy security just to show how safe the country of UAE is. According to Forbes, Dubai ranks No. 1. It was given the highest scores for safety and walking alone at night. Also, on TikTok, Dubai scored high on gender equality and the absence of legal discrimination. 

Tips and Tricks for Solo Travellers

  • To ensure a seamless journey, contact Travel Saga for all your Dubai visit visa needs.
  • Make sure you list all the important items you want to take on your trip and check them off when you repack your luggage.
  • Make your experience seamless with Dubai Pass.
  • You will receive a SIM Card as soon as you land in Dubai. Make sure you recharge it. 
  • If you want to make friends on this memorable trip then opt for sharing tours. 


Now you know why Dubai is the best destination for solo travellers. Undoubtedly, it’s risk free and easy to travel in this city. So, don’t worry, catch the next flight to Dubai! 

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Q. Can I walk alone in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai is very safe and secure. Indeed, you can certainly walk alone in Dubai.

Q. Can I visit Burj Khalifa after midnight?

The timings vary depending on the day you’re visiting Burj Khalifa. At The Top timings for the weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) are 10 AM to midnight, with the last entry being at 11 PM. However, during the weekends (Friday and Saturday) it is open from 8 AM till midnight, with the last entry being at 11 PM.

Q. Can I go on a tour with other people as a solo traveller?

Yes, you can go on a tour with other people. In order to do that, you may opt for a sharing tour rather than a private tour.

Q. Is Dubai good for a solo trip?

Yes, it is becoming more and more common to see other solo travellers in the UAE, both male and female. As an easily navigable city, Dubai is a great place to solo travel.

Q. How to travel around Dubai without spending money?

You can travel cheaply in Dubai by Dubai Bus. Buses are a low-cost option to explore the city. You can hop on a bus at all of Dubai’s airport terminals, with routes intersecting every major neighbourhood. 

Q. Do I need a visa to travel to Dubai? 

Several travellers from most countries can enter Dubai without a visa, but make sure you have the necessary paperwork before you travel.

Q. Is Dubai safe after midnight for a solo traveller?

Yes, Dubai is safe after midnight. Even for a solo traveller.