Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

The Dubai Creek

Dubai is a lively destination for all and has an unending list of amazing attractions and prominent landmarks along the way. People visit Dubai to learn about the traditions and cultural heritage of the place, along with checking out the historical landmarks around them. Various activities can be concluded here, including thrilling and adventurous rides, desert safaris, skydiving, helicopter rides, and more. With all the attractions and enchanting locations to visit in Dubai, the Al Fahidi neighbourhood is an esteemed tourist location for visitors to check out here. Let us delve into the history of the Al Fahidi neighbourhood along with the distinct places to visit here.


History and Introduction

The Al Fahidi neighborhood is an urban site that reflects the aura of the 19th century. The place is located in the Bur Dubai region and was referred to as the Bastakiya during earlier times. The place is itself a heritage site and has traditional houses, art exhibition halls, and museums spread across the region. The structures here are made of plaster, gypsum, teak wood, palm trunks, and leaves. Also, huge wind towers were erected on the edges. These wind towers were constructed in a way to take in the cool air from the outside and naturally act as an air conditioner for the rooms inside. The streets around the Al Fahidi region are lined with traditional food stalls that offer a wide range of Arabian cuisines and refreshments to their customers.

Points of Interest in the Al Fahidi Neighborhood

There are various heritage sites and museums to visit while spending time in the Al Fahidi neighborhood in Dubai. Some of the important ones are presented below for the readers to check out.

Bastakiya Quarters

There are around 50 houses available to check in the Al Fahidi region, and the Bastakiya quarters are one of them. These quarters are constructed using mud bricks, gypsum, plaster, teak, and palm wood, along with corals. The quarters are attached to wind towers, providing proper circulation of air through the rooms inside. Individuals opting to visit the Bastakiya Quarters here can try the abra ride down Dubai Creek to get a distinct impression of the mud huts available around the banks of the place here in Dubai.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is a notable place to visit while taking time to explore the Al Fahidi neighborhood in Dubai. The museum is also an iconic site that acted as a fort in earlier times. The museum was renovated and constructed here in 1971 after the place was transformed into a prison for accommodating prisoners. The place is not used as a museum to exhibit various early artefacts, relics, armoury, weapons, protective armour, tombs, and more. A dhow boat is constructed around the premises here that focuses on the early pearl and fish farming activities of the local people here.

Coins Museum

The Coins Museum is another place in the Al Fahidi neighborhood that exhibits 470 distinct rare coins along the museum premises. The place has eight distinct rooms that depict the trading and utilization of these coins during the Caliphate era. Individuals can check the distinct attributes of the coins here, along with the markings and calligraphy etched on the surface. Interactive sessions with digital magnifiers help to understand the distinct characteristics of the coins. They were used by the early Emirati folks here at the Coins Museum in Dubai.

Coffee Museum

The Coffee Museum is a distinct place to enjoy in the Al Fahidi region. It has over 300 varieties of coffee beans and seeds available on display at the museum. Individuals can check the traditional usage of coffee in the Arab region and the history of refreshments in Emirati culture here.

Textile Market

The Textile Market is an excellent place to check if you are looking to purchase some traditional fabrics and textiles from the Arabian market here. There are traditional rugs, carpets, abayas, shirts, and wall hangings available around the area. Also, they are on sale with attractive price tags. Individuals can utilize their bargaining skills here to buy some of the best textiles available around the place here in Dubai.

The best time to visit the Al Fahidi neighborhood

The best time to visit the Al Fahidi neighbourhood is from October to March, as the temperature remains relatively cool and pacifying during that time. Summers get burning hot here, so touring around the Al Fahidi region should be avoided at all costs.

Entry fee and timings to the Al Fahidi neighborhood

Entry is free for visiting the Al Fahidi region, but the timings differ for the places here to visit. The Dubai Museum here has an entry fee of 3 AED for visitation purposes. Moreover, it is is open from 8.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. from Saturdays to Thursdays. Fridays are also open, but the timing is between 2.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. Similarly, the Coffee Museum and the Coins Museum do not charge any entry fee, and the timings are between 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. respectively. The places remain closed on Fridays here.

How can I reach the Al Fahidi region conveniently?

The Al Fahidi district is located in the Bur Dubai area. So, you can reach their by taking bus lines 103 and 104 from Dubai. Private taxis and cabs can also be rented here to reach the area here in Bur Dubai. The nearest metro station to reach the place is the Al Fahidi Metro Station. Additionally, the Burjuman Metro Station is in the vicinity.

Bottom Line

In summary, these are the top few places to visit in the Al Fahidi neighbourhood in Bur Dubai. Also the prominent history of the place. Individuals can take a trip to the place with their close ones. Moreover, they can enjoy the traditional and cultural heritage exhibited at the museums around the area here in Dubai.

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