Deira Creek

Dubai is a magical destination for visitors and tourists from around the world. Indeed, they can indulge in the vibrant destinations and cuisines available around the city premises. Among the particular destinations to visit around Dubai, the Dubai Creek in the Bur Dubai area is quite popular. The place is in contrast with the modern parts of Dubai and resembles important traditional and cultural folklore around the destination. The audience’s interest piques as they explore a variety of distinct activities and discover the best markets to visit.


The Deira Creek area has a history of pearl trading and fish farming, being the oldest part of Dubai. The Deira Creek served as the waterway to link to other parts of the country and resume trade processes along with it. Even today, commercial goods and items are sold along the areas here, with various early heritage sites across the location. Individuals can also spend their time checking the distinct museums and art galleries, along with the options of devouring sumptuous delicacies and refreshing beverages around the food outlets available in the Deira Creek region.

Things to do in the Deira Creek Region

There are various activities to conclude while spending time in the Deira Creek region of Dubai. A complete list of the distinct ones is provided below for the readers to look at.

Deira Creek Dhow Cruise

Individuals visiting the Deira Creek region can check out the Dhow Cruises conducted by operators along the Dubai Water Canal here. The dhow cruises are mainly traditional boats decorated for partners and couples. You can indeed enjoy the tour with the vivid sights and scenes of the Bur Dubai neighbourhood along with the appealing Dubai skyline in the distance. Individuals can choose the distinct dishes to taste here. Moreover, revel in the live music and dance performances conducted on these dhow boat rides here in Dubai Creek.

Visit the Souks around the location

One of the most important activities to indulge in here is to visit the distinct souks or marketplaces available around the location. Individuals can check the Gold Souk around for some gold jewellery to purchase at international rates or visit the Spice Souk to check the distinct spices and herbs available to create the most delectable cuisines from here. A perfume souk is also available around the corners of Deira, which has small to mid-sized shops and stores selling distinct perfumes and fragrances from around the world.

The top restaurants and food outlets available along the Deira Creek location

Visitors and tourists can opt for food tours around the location with various operators. They may also find one themselves. Visitors longing to try Emirati dishes can enjoy them at the Al Bait Al Qadeem restaurant near the location. Individuals looking for Japanese and Spanish cuisines can try Miyako and The Boardwalk. Food courts are also available around the Deira City Center area.

The best time to visit the Deira Creek 

The best time to visit the Deira Creek region is during the winter months. During summer, one should avoid visiting Dubai because it can be uncomfortably hot.

How do I reach Deira Creek from Dubai?

The Dubai Creek is around 5 kilometres away from the Deira City Center area. You can reach by using public and private transport. The closest metro stations along the Dubai Creek region are the Union metro station, the Deira City Center metro station, and the Gold Souk metro station along the Green Line. Individuals opting for public buses can avail of the Line 53 bus. Then travel to the Dubai Creek location from Deira City Center.

Wrapping up

To end with, these are a few distinct details and things to do at Deira Creek here in Dubai. Individuals can bring their loved ones. Also, enjoy the various heritage sites and museums on the dhow cruises here in Dubai. Moreover, various food stalls and outlets are found in the landscape of the place. They serve the most lavish dishes at reasonable prices here at Deira Creek in Dubai. Dubai Dolphinarium is also very close if you wish to see the dolphin show with your kids and then the Creek Park Bird Show.

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