Top 10 Turkish Restaurants in Dubai

Top 10 Turkish Restaurants in Dubai – Being a cultural melting pot, Dubai offers amazing variety in its cuisine. What’s more, the city also serves cuisines from every corner of the world. In recent times, Turkish cuisine has gained worldwide popularity. Moreover, the succulent Iskender Kebabs and the supple Kunafas make digging into Turkish food absolutely delightful.

Several restaurants are dotting Dubai serving delectable Turkish cuisine. Apart from the cosy ambience, these restaurants are known for the lip smacking food they serve. Also, it has helped them earn a lot of appreciation from discerning foodies as well as those eager to try out the delights of Turkish cuisine.

We have carefully picked the top 10 Turkish restaurants in Dubai serving mouthwatering Turkish food. If someone wants to get a Dubai Visa from Turkey, they can simply get it through Travel Saga Tourism.

Top 10 Turkish Restaurants in Dubai:

  1. Gunaydin

Tucked away in a cosy corner of the bustling Souk al Bahar, the Turkish food Gunaydin serves is just excellent. Furthermore, you’ll be surprised to know that Gunaydin started as a butcher shop in Istanbul. After tasting success in Turkey, the owners set up this magnificent fountain-side restaurant serving delectable meat. The braised ribs and the Tomahawk are a must try. No delight for vegetarians here though. However, several Indian restaurants in Dubai serve delicious vegetarian dishes. You can check out the top 12 Indian restaurants in Dubai.

  1. Sirali

The most recent offering for Turkish food lovers in Dubai, the dishes served at Siraili are unquestionably authentic and good. Also, what sets this restaurant apart is the unique and innovative way the presentation of the food is done here. A lot of time and effort is put into marinating the dishes here; no wonder then that the steaks dripping in cheese simply melt in your mouth.

  1. Hayal

The beautifully decorated Hayal on the St Regis Downtown Dubai’s mezzanine floor is a five-star rated property. The word ‘Hayal’ means daydreaming and the food served here is truly what you dream of. The delectable food served here has a unique twist, and the wonderful ambience creates the perfect environment to savour the Adana Kebab cooked with great care.

  1. Sultan Saray

Don’t let the minimalist look of this restaurant put you off one bit, for the food served here is mouth watering. Located on the busy Al Thanya Street, the staff here welcomes you with a lot of warmth. The menu here showcases the great variety of the delicious preparations served here. No matter how fussy you are about your food, the meaty Doner Kebabs are sure to delight you.

  1. Lezzet Turkish Restaurant

The wonderful Lezzet Turkish Restaurant sure does impress even the choosiest of foodies with its delectable food. What we found truly pleasing is the relaxed and homely atmosphere and we absolutely loved the place for its extremely reasonable prices. The mezze dips served here on soft breads leave you asking for more. No less tasty are the mouth watering steaks and grills.

  1. The Istanbul Flower

The Istanbul Flower is a hit among foodies in Dubai courtesy of its juicy kebabs. Gorging on them is sheer bliss and we bet you’ll be hard pressed to come across any kebabs better than the ones served at the Istanbul Flower. What you’ll also love is the relaxed and casual atmosphere that allows you to breathe easily and enjoy your food. No problem if your spoon clangs against the dish, there is no elitism here.

  1. Turkish Village

The Dubai Festival City’s Turkish Village boasts of an ambience that makes you feel like you are dining like a sultan. If the weather is fine, we suggest that you take a table by the shimmering waters of a pool on the terrace. The clay pot meats along with the crunchy salads make the Turkish Village one of the most popular restaurants serving Turkish cuisine in Dubai.

  1. Ruby

Ruby is the place to be if you’re passionate about meat. This cosy restaurant specialises in stakes and they truly are special. Additionally, the restaurant opened only recently on Al Wasl Road and the lovely al fresco terrace combines with the beautiful interiors in wood creating a delightful place to enjoy your dinner. The steaks, lamb, kebabs and other meat cooked on charcoal are surely a real treat.

  1. Zou Zou Dubai

Serving both Turkish and Lebanese food, Zou Zou is another restaurant that draws foodies with its wonderful food. While there are branches at Dubai Mall and Dubai Hills, we chose to drop by the one at Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai after hearing about its warm hospitality. The fusion menu here certainly makes Zou Zou even more interesting and the views of the ocean make digging into their smoky meats absolutely delightful.

  1. Asil

The word Asil means noble in Turkish. The people behind Asil are indeed doing a noble job serving a mouth watering fusion of Turkish, Lebanese restaurant and Moroccan delights. The décor at the restaurant is breathtaking with rich fabrics and majestic chandeliers adorning it. You may choose to enjoy your food on the terrace as you take in undoubtedly stunning vistas of the Arabian Sea. Do try the hummus and the kebabs.

The top 10 Turkish restaurants in Dubai chosen by us have made Turkish cuisine so very popular in the ‘city of gold’. Enjoying delectable food in the plush and cosy ambience of these restaurants is truly delightful. Furthermore, we have picked two restaurants that are easy on the pockets as well even though the food served is no less tasty.  Here is a list of the top 10 Emirati Cuisines. Dig into the kebabs and the salads for a dinner to remember. Turkish cuisine has its flavour in the food. People who love Indian cuisine should also try the list of the top 12 Indian restaurants in Dubai. If trying all the Turkish dishes makes you wish to visit Turkey, get your Turkey visa from Dubai through Travel Saga Tourism.

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