Dubai Shopping Festival 2024-2025, All you need to know

Dubai Shopping Festival 2024-2025

Dubai has always been a shopper’s paradise, with distinct goods and items available to buy at cheap prices and discounts. All this is due to the annual month-long DSF event organized at the city premises here in Dubai. It is to be noted that the Dubai Shopping Festival is not a massive fair or exhibition. It is not conducted around a single location. Moreover, it is a month-long annual event organized by Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), with shop owners and retailers around the city providing huge rebates and discounts. Various daily raffles, a fireworks show, and vivid entertainment options are available for the DSF event held in Dubai each year. A few important details and things to do at the DSF event are articulated below for the readers.

History of the Dubai Shopping Festival

The beginning of the Dubai Shopping Festival dates back to the days when shopping malls were not even that prominent in the Dubai region. The DSF started in 1996 under the administration of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, who is the vice president of the UAE and the emperor of Dubai. This step was taken to uplift Dubai to a new scale within the tourism sector and rope in more customers to enhance their economic position in society. It is a one-of-a-kind festival organized in Dubai that can be divided into three distinctions. These distinct sections comprise shopping, entertainment, and awards for the customers. The Dubai Shopping Festival also saw the opening of the Al Ghurair Mall and the City Center in Deira Creek Dubai Deira Mall, with a direct connection to the DSF participation here in Dubai.

Apart from the malls, open-street retailers, Dubai Gold Souk, and heritage marketplaces have participated in the DSF event ever since the start of the event. 121 Lexus GS300 cars were offered to lucky customers during the inaugural year of the DSF event here, and a total of 43 kg of gold bars were circulated for the prized winners here in Dubai. Various shows, concerts, and live performances from famed artists across the globe are conducted around the city, with themed carnival shows and sporting events like Dubai Meydan Racecourse horse racing events.

Dubai Danat Al Dunya

Every year, the DSF event brings extreme glamour and fame to the Dubai vicinity with the exclusive fireworks show conducted at that time. The inaugural year of the DSF marked the single hit “Dubai Danat Al Dunya” by Rashed Al Majed, which was promoted here during the DSF in 1996. Till then, the DSF has been hosted each year to celebrate the wonderful time here, apart from 2006, which marked the death of the ruler Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid here in Dubai.

Things to Check out at the Dubai Shopping Festival 2024-2025

There are numerous things to check out around the Dubai Shopping Festival event here in Dubai. A few of the distinct ones are portrayed below for checking purposes.

Music Shows and Concerts

The Dubai Shopping Festival is known for the numerous shows and live concerts conducted around the city to entertain visitors here in Dubai Festival City Mall. Varied famous artists from around the world have performed here at the Dubai location, such as A.R. Rahman, Whitney Houston, Bryan Adams, Jethro Tull, Zakhir Hussain and Sonu Nigam. This year, the event will see the likes of artists like Sole DXB performing a hip-hop dance and music concert for the conclusion of the 50th year of the hip-hop revolution in the world. Apart from that, many Bollywood artists like Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Abhijeet, and Udit Narayan will be performing centre-stage on December 10 at DSF this year.

Shop at Discounted Rates in Dubai Shopping Festival 2024-2025

Individuals visiting the DSF event can shop at discounted rates at various shops and stalls around the city. Many malls and retail outlets have partnered with the DSF. They have brought in raffles, prizes, and huge rebates on the goods and items available on their store shelves. Gadgets, electronic appliances, textiles, fabrics, commercial goods, and even groceries are available at low prices in the branded stores and malls here in Dubai. Individuals need to look out for distinct offers and contests for the day around the various shopping areas and retail shops around the city of Dubai.

Check out Raffles and Contests

Numerous raffles and contests can be checked around the mall premises or shop stores participating in the DSF each year. This allows individuals to receive top-notch prizes and awards through a lottery system around the location here. Many high-end cars, along with gold bars and coins, are provided as gifts to lucky customers here in Dubai. Individuals can also take part in the competitions and avail huge discounts. Get deals on items and goods available at the stores and shops around the city of Dubai.

Indulge in the Distinct Dining Arrangements

Individuals opting to visit the Dubai Shopping Festival can enjoy the various dining treats. Also, the dishes are available at the food counters and outlets around the city. Varied multi-national cuisines can be checked out here at the lavish food joints. Some restaurants and lounges offer huge rebates to their customers on certain dishes during the DSF event here. Specially curated cuisines and dishes are also available for the foodies here. Try along the line of food outlets during the DSF event in Dubai.

Glance at the Fireworks Show 

Another amazing activity to engage in during the DSF event in Dubai is to check out the vivid fireworks show conducted around Dubai during that time. The show continues for over 30 days, with various fireworks displayed at the distinct premises around. The glittering sparkles and stars also add colour to the DSF event here in Dubai. Also. they make for a worthy view to behold during this time of the year.

How do I Reach the DSF Event in Dubai?

The DSF event in Dubai can easily be reached using public buses and private cabs around the region. It is to be checked which location is conducting the event before travelling down to the said place. Metro lines like Red Line and Blue Line Dubai Metro can also be used to reach places. Just like Palm Jumeirah and Sheikh Zayed Road for checking out the shops and stores around the place.

Dates Announced for the Dubai Shopping Festival 2024–2025

Dubai, UAE: According to reports announced by the festival organizers, Dubai Festival and Retail Establishments (DFRE), the 29th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival will be held between December 8th, 2023, and January 14th, 2024. This year, the suggested planners will be bigger and better than the earlier versions conducted here.

38 days of festival celebrations will held at the DSF here in Dubai. The audience would witness the live performances of the two most profound Arabian artists.  A famous street culture and lifestyle event named Sole DXB is returning this season. They will present an array of dance moves and music streams representing the completion of 50 years of hip-hop music and dance.  DSF will be held from 13 December 2024 to 19 January 2025.

The festivities would also offer live music performances from international and regional musicians. Also, with basketball game events here at the DSF. General talk shows along with opulent dining destinations are constructed around the corners. They serve the best delicacies at the Dubai Shopping Festival location. Visitors can enjoy shopping at the distinct stores and shops. Also, they can attend exhibiting Top Art Galleries in Dubai shows and events conducted around the region.


Dubai Shopping Festival 2024-2025 will also house performances from A-list comedians, and artists. Speakers like Najwa Karam, Omar Khairat, Kazim Al Saher, Majid Al Mohandis, and George Wassouf. An eco-relatable event; Earthsoul Fest will conduct around the DSF premises during the festival time here in Dubai. More details of the event are still under wraps. It will forecast in the coming days before the start of the festivities here at the Dubai Shopping Festival.


To conclude, these are the important details regarding the history of the Dubai Shopping Festival. Also, the things to do around the time here. Individuals can bring their families and friends to the month-long occasion here in Dubai. Enjoy the vivid fireworks show, offers, rebates, and discounts on various goods, and items. Check out commodities available at the stores and shops around the location.