All You Need To Know About Pygmy Zoo, Ajman

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Before beginning, everyone should know that Ajman is the smallest among all seven Emirates of the UAE. Despite this, you will find a plethora of amazing and beautiful attractions there. Among all such attractions, Pygmy Zoo Ajman is the most popular. Certainly, this amazing site is a prime location for everyone, where people can visit and spend some quality time with their loved ones. 

In Ajman, it’s the first petting zoo and here you will find all sorts of amazing animals and birds. For parents who bring their kids for a trip, it’s a perfect location where they can enjoy together and create memories. The best part about the same is that here children can enjoy the outdoors and learn enough about animals. Here, tourists will get a chance to explore the different species of animals, birds and reptiles. 

Moreover, some of the finest things visitors can do in the zoo are close encounters, pony and camel rides, and playing with little pups. Additionally, there are many more amazing zoos and theme parks in Dubai and the UAE, perfect for families and all age groups.

3 Things to do at the Pygmy Zoo

Ready to explore the UAE Pygmy Zoo with your loved ones? Here’s a complete list of activities or things that you can do during your visit to this amazing zoo. So, let’s begin the journey by knowing the top 3 things that visitors will enjoy. 

Enter the Bird Enclosure 

Once you enter the Ajman Zoo, it’s time to begin your journey from the bird enclosure. Here you will find amazing and beautiful birds, including hens, ducks, eagles, peacocks, pheasants, ducks, white owls, and ostriches. Having a look or encounter with these birds will leave you awestruck. Now, to make everything more interesting, the zoo allows visitors to feed these birds or interact with them. So, overall, it’s a perfect activity to do during your visit to the pygmy zoo, and it results in creating better memories. 

Play and Spend Time with Adorable puppies

Here comes another reason why the UAE pygmy zoo is the finest place to visit with your family. Adults and kids alike can get a chance to play with the amazing and adorable pups. Due to the dog enclosure, this amazing zoo is popular among visitors and locals. So, people who love dogs but don’t have dogs at home can visit here and enjoy cute little puppies. The popular breeds that you find here are Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Norfolk terriers and many more. Moreover, if you want to enjoy another zoo, there’s a Dubai Zoo Safari Park where you can explore more. 

Capture Photos with An Australian Macaw

It’s an amazing activity to do in the pygmy zoo in Ajman. When you are exploring the zoo, it’s time to capture the amazing moments with animals, birds and reptiles. By doing so, you will create better memories with your loved ones. In this way, this zoo allows you to enjoy and finally make your trip worthwhile. The most amazing Australian macaws and giant parakeets make this zoo popular enough. You can also find these birds or animals at Sharjah Safari Park

Visitors can feed them, interact with them while they perch on their hands, and capture photos. Likewise, at the Creek Park bird show in Dubai, you can also have fun with your family while interacting with birds and animals. Along with that, you can interact with the beautiful and cute miniature animals. Some of the fine miniature animals are dwarf donkeys, turtles, hedgehogs, buffaloes, and Arabian oryxes. Visit the site to get private transportation services and visit the attraction comfortably. 


Overall, the pygmy zoo is something you can spend an entire day with your family and friends enjoying. So, if you are in Dubai and want to experience this amazing Ajman zoo, it’s time to go with Travel Saga Tourism. So, just go ahead and have fun with your family, friends and close ones. 

With Travel Saga, customise your Pygmy Zoo Ajman visit during your Sharjah private city tour. It’s time to create remarkable memories with your loved ones. 

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