7 Days of Dubai – A Perfect Way to Inhale Peace and Exhale Stress!

If you are looking for a perfect place to relax and get rid of your hectic life, nothing is better than Dubai. Yes, you heard absolutely right. By spending 7 days in Dubai you will feel amazing and relaxed. It’s only because Dubai gives you a lot of beautiful excursions and wonderful Artificial islands. Ranging from the modern infrastructure shopping malls to extraordinary attractions, it’s a heaven for the tourists. 

By spending a week in Dubai, everyone feels like they are on cloud 9. In other words, Dubai is a mixture of luxury, captivating and adventure experiences. In addition to this, from the stunning pristine beaches to the marvellous skyscrapers, Dubai has something special for everyone. If you are also the one who wants to experience Dubai’s beauty, it’s time to craft a 7 day tour and plan the must visit places to get a whole new experience. 

Day 1

After arrival in Dubai, firstly, you are going to a classy hotel and settle down well. Afterwards, it’s time to go to Dubai Marina. Here you can enjoy walking and watch the stunning towering skyscrapers and marvellous yachts. Next to this, you will enjoy dinner in one of the best restaurants where you can find international cuisine and experience the amazing waterfront views. By doing so, you will get enough rest and refill yourself for the rest of the days to experience the glam city, Dubai.

Day 2

Moving to the second day, it’s time to visit the Dubai Mall and afterwards the Burj Khalifa. The Dubai Mall is a fantastic spot for everyone. Here you find all sorts of entertainment and fun activities that will make you feel amazing and stress free. Also, here you can take your kids to give them a stunning experience by entering the Play DXB. 


Moreover, you can explore a lot of shops, restaurants and fun options. Now, it’s time to go for the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. Through it, you can enjoy the city skyline and panoramic views. Moving to the next, Dubai Fountain is the best spot to spend a lovely evening which is at Burj Khalifa’s base.

Day 3

Here comes the 3rd day and it’s time to explore Old Dubai. To begin with, the wonderful wind-towered buildings are there. Next to this, you have to visit the Dubai Museum that is present in the Al Fahidi Fort. Certainly, it’s the perfect place to see the insights of the city’s past. Afterward, by using the traditional boat (abra), you have to cross the Diera Creek and explore stunning markets of Diera which include Gold Souk and Spice Souk. By doing so, you will enjoy your 3rd day in a perfect manner and create remarkable memories.

Day 4

It’s the fourth day and the fun activities of Desert Safari are waiting for you. Moreover, it’s best to maintain a good gap from stress by performing thrilling acts like camel riding, sandboarding and dune bashing, etc. Next to this, you will enjoy a fantastic sunset that will give you a unique experience. Afterward, you will head to traditional Bedouin Camp and have a delicious dinner. Importantly, you will experience the live shows like Belly Dancing & Tanura show  while enjoying the tempting dinner. 

Day 5 

Beach day is here and it is the best way to get relaxation in the most beautiful beaches. Among all the beaches, Kite and Jumeirah beach are the most popular ones which provide you with crystal-clear waters and soft sands. Not only this, here you enjoy the stunning water sports like parasailing, jet-skiing and many others to enjoy the entire environment. Next to this, it’s time for a beach side lunch along with your loved ones and create epic memories.

Day 6

Cultural Immersion is the next thing that is waiting for you on the sixth day. Now, you have to visit Sheikh Mohammed Centre to know about the Emirati Culture and learn the cultural understanding. Also, you will enjoy Emirati cuisine, participate in the activities and get familiar with the local ones. Furthermore, you should visit the Jumeirah Mosque which is for everyone and enjoy its glorious architecture. Moving further, it’s time to visit Alserkal Avenue to enjoy the vibrant scenes and then move ahead to enjoy stunning galleries, studios and many more things. 

Day 7

How can you forget about the wonderful Artificial Palm Islands? Yes, on your seventh day, you will visit the stunning artificial islands like Palm Jumeirah, Deira Islands and Palm Jebel Ali. By experiencing these amazing islands, you will know that these islands are homes to residences, luxury hotels and resorts and outstanding beaches. Certainly, you can spend quality time here accordingly and get proper relaxation. 


Finally, that’s the end of your awesome 7 day Dubai tour and it’s time to go back to your hotels and get rid of the glamorous Dubai. Therefore, spending 7 days in Dubai is like experiencing heaven. 

Stop wasting time anymore and book an outstanding 7 days Dubai tour with us. Visit Travel Saga Tourism to book a perfect Dubai tour now. 



Q.What is the estimated price of a 7 day Dubai tour?

It should be noted that the price range of 7 days Dubai tour packages differ according to the inclusions. It depends on you what type of 7 day Dubai tour package you are going with.

Q.Which months are perfect to visit Dubai for a 7 days tour?

So, talking about the most appropriate time to visit Dubai for a wonderful trip then November to February months are advisable. It is only because in these months, the weather is completely pleasant and there will be a lot of events. 

Q.What are the finest attractions to visit throughout your Dubai trip?

Talking about the finest attractions then Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Creek Park Bird Show and Dolphinarium are the best. Along with it, the Palm Islands and Desert Safari are also there that will give you a fantastic experience.

Q.Is visiting the Burj Khalifa worthy enough?

Obviously, Burj Khalifa is the iconic skyscraper of Dubai and it’s the world’s tallest building. Having an experience of the Burj Khalifa is filled with stunning and panoramic views.

Q.Is it possible to visit all three Palm Islands in a single day?

Yes, you can visit all 3 Palm Islands in a single day according to your plans. However, if you want to spend more time enjoying these islands, you have to make your plans accordingly.

Q.Is the 7 days Dubai tour package expensive?

Well, the tour package to Dubai is not expensive as it gives you a unique and mesmerising experience. Every single penny you spend for the Dubai tour package is worthy enough because you will visit stunning attractions. 

How to Make the Most of Your Valentine’s Day 2025 on a Private Yacht

you in search of something romantic on this valentine’s day for your partner? If yes, then renting a private yacht in Dubai is the perfect option. It’s the right way to do something special for your valentine and make your entire trip amazing. Private yacht charter is the best way to experience romance, have fun and perform several unforgettable activities with your better half. 

You only have to rent a private yacht and make a perfect plan to fill your valentine’s day full of romance and adventure. In addition, you can enjoy great activities on the private yacht including fishing, snorkelling and kayaking. Moreover, you can visit several wonderful islands and enjoy beautiful views. 

Plan a Candle Light Dinner

Once you rent a private yacht on valentine’s day for your partner, it’s time to do something special. That is why, a candle light dinner is a perfect surprise for your valentine. It’s because having a perfect dinner date with your partner in the beautiful private yacht makes your night memorable. we Also have Valentine’s Day Yacht Party which you can also enjoy on sharing basis

For the same, it’s advisable to inform the crew beforehand as to get the attractive decorations and ambience. In addition, you can go for the meals that might cost you extra, but it makes the entire process unique like never before. As it’s a private yacht, you can design it accordingly.

Access to Marvellous Sunset

Watching a fabulous sunset with your partner on this valentine’s day and on a private yacht is the best thing ever. By experiencing the sunset and watching different colours make your partner special and it takes your journey to the next level. 

You can experience the stunning sun disappearing in the waves leaving the red shades behind. By holding each other’s hand and sitting on a yacht, you can enjoy the sunset time. By experiencing this beautiful sunset view with your valentine, you can elevate your private yacht experience. 

Have Fun with Your Better Half

You know what’s the biggest flex of renting a private yacht for Valentine’s day? Well, you can do anything to have fun with your partner or entertain. From all kinds of relaxing activities to enjoying romantic music, it’s a perfect way to fulfill your fantasies. Above all, you can sing for your partner, dance with them and enjoy several entertainment shows. 

However, theze shows are only there if you request but they are a complete pack of entertainment and fun. On the other hand, you can also watch movies with your partner and make every moment special. Moreover, you can also cook for your loved one and surprise them with their favourite meal. 

Enjoy Beautiful Sights

When you get access to a perfect private yacht with your valentine, it’s time to embrace the beautiful views or experience amazing places. The best way is to find a perfect place to sit in your yacht and then watch the stunning places as the yacht moves. 

Some of the fine things that you can see are waterfront apartments in JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residences), Bluewaters Island and Ain Dubai. In addition, you can enjoy the largest artifical island, Palm Jumeirah. Also, there are some yachts that have a flybridge which can give you access to several unobstructed views. 

Have a Nice Private Time

Yes, among all the activities you do, spending private time with your better half is completely different. Doing so will make your valentine’s day unforgettable. When you hire a luxury private yacht with your valentine, there’s a perfect bedroom where you can spend quality time with your better half. Overall, it’s perfect to spend a marvellous day out on the yacht far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Cut a Cake for Your Special One

Yes, cutting a cake for your loved one is a mind-blowing idea to make them feel special. Also, it’s a perfect valentine’s day gift. Certainly, order a delicious cake for your loved one in advance and cut it along with hearing the sound of waves. As a result, you will have a fabulous moment which you and your partner will cherish forever. 

Conclusive Words

To conclude, it’s better to rent a luxury private yacht and decorate it perfectly for a marvellous valentine’s day. Always look for the most reputed company to rent the best private yacht charter and make this valentine’s day memorable.

So, are you planning something special for your valentine? Just rent an amazing private yacht on this valentine’s day by Travel Saga and give your partner an outstanding surprise. 


Q.Is cooking allowed on the private yacht?

Ofcouse, cooking is allowed on the private yacht. You only have to inform the crew before about all the requirements so that they can manage everything. Certainly, you can now cook tempting meals for your loved one and make them feel special.

Q.For how many hours you can rent a private yacht?

In truth, the timings of the private yacht you rent is based on yacht rental services you pick. It’s because there are some private yachts that are available for several hours, whereas some yachts for the entire day. It completely depends on you which private yacht rental services you choose.

Q.What are the popular locations in Dubai for private yacht rentals?

Among all the locations present out there in Dubai from where you can rent a private yacht, Dubai Marina remains the most popular. Moreover, you can rent a private yacht from Dubai Harbor, Marasi Marina, Jumeirah, Pier 7 and Dubai Marina Walk. 

Q.Are catering services on offer with private yacht rentals?

Yes, catering services are completely available on private yacht charters. You can perform all sorts of activities like organise engagements, weddings, birthday parties and celebrate anniversaries. 

Q.Which sightseeing locations are covered in a private yacht charter?

More importantly, all the popular locations are covered in every private yacht ride such as Bluewater Island, Dubai Marina, the JBR, Atlantis the Palm and the Palm Jumeirah. 

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Visiting Dubai with your Valentine in 2025: 6 Budget Friendly Places to Visit

Talking about Dubai, it’s a mind-blowing place for couples. Dubai is the right place to enjoy an amazing time and activities with your partner on Valentine’s week in 2024. Plenty of tours and packages are present out there for couples to make their trip memorable. 

Also, if you don’t want to spend enough money and enjoy the glam city of Dubai this Valentine’s week, you must look for the perfect romantic deals. However, there are several places present in Dubai where you can enjoy a lot on an affordable budget, but it’s crucial to go for the best deals to fulfill all your dreams with your partner. 

6 Budget-Friendly Places to Visit with Your Valentine  

Are you ready to know the amazing romantic deals for Valentine’s Day? If yes, then here are the finest 6 affordable deals to grab with your partner on Valentine’s Day. All these places are beautiful enough to make your every moment special and experience the beauty of Dubai perfectly. 

1. Aura Skypool:

Firstly, Aura Skypool is an awesome place for couples to enjoy stunning views like Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab. The Aura Skypool has an amazing 700 sqm pool. On this Valentine’s Day, you can experience swimming with your partner at a height of 200 m. Not only this, but the Aura Skypool also features a chic lounge along with a fantastic international menu that includes Pan-Asian flavors and tempting sharing plates. Also, here couples can enjoy peaceful yoga classes and relaxing massages to get a whole new experience. 

2. Guerlain Spa:

If you want to get an immense and relaxing experience with your partner in Dubai, there is no place better than Guerlain Spa. Here you are provided with fantastic, innovative, and old-age traditional massages. One of the best parts about the Guerlain Spa is that here you get amazing spa facilities. In addition to that, you can also enjoy awesome weather under the roof and sunbathing in the water. This place promises to provide sustainable services to all its clients. So, it’s a mind-blowing place to visit with your partner and make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable. 

3. Hutong:

Want to make your every moment amazing this Valentine’s Day in Dubai? Let’s enter Hutong as it’s a perfect place for couples to enjoy this classic bar, restaurant, and terrace. Also, if you and your partner are cocktail lovers, then it’s an amazing place to taste outstanding drinks. Apart from Valentine’s Day, it’s a perfect place for everyone to enjoy all occasions. The outdoor terrace in Hutong is the best place for couples on Valentine’s Day to capture their beautiful moments and experience stunning views like never before. 

4. Koko Bay:

Here’s another outstanding place for couples to celebrate their moments perfectly on this Valentine’s Day. The Koko Bay contains a stunning beachfront ambience with Balinese style décor. One of the best parts about this particular place is that it offers a satisfying taste in every bite. All the dishes here are made with love and passion to provide the customers with a unique experience. That is why Koko Bay is a perfect place not only for couples but for families and friends as well. 

5. Jun’s:

Among all the wonderful places to spend your Valentine’s Day, Jun’s is the most appropriate one. It is handled by the Chinese-Canadian chef named Kelvin Cheung. If you want to take your partner on a perfect lunch date on Valentine’s Day, Jun’s is a must-go option. Overall, it’s a perfect place to eat and spend quality time with your better half. Moreover, from all sorts of cuisines to amazing drinks, couples can grab everything at the Jun’s. 

6. Billionaire Dubai: 

Lastly, an amazing place for you and your partner is Billionaire Dubai. For all those couples who want to experience the best dinner show, it’s a must-grab opportunity for them. For all the party lovers, it’s a sizzling place where couples can dance and have fun together. The dinner show is the perfect place for enjoying the nightlife in Dubai. Apart from that, here customers get a wide range of delicious food items to eat. 

Final Words

Finally, these are the finest places in Dubai where couples can spend their Valentine’s Day, 2024. Also, here they get amazing deals that are budget friendly and make their entire Valentine’s week memorable. Couples only have to finalise the most appropriate place among all these and grab the suitable deals accordingly.we have also organised one of the best Valentine’s Day Yacht Party  In this way, they don’t only take their partner to the right place in Dubai but also make their Valentine’s week amazing like never before. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s book an unforgettable journey in Dubai for the upcoming Valentine’s with travelsaga.com. 

For more information, contact – +971 4 268 4645


Q. Where to celebrate Valentine’s week in Dubai?

So, some of the finest places to spend your Valentine’s week in Dubai are Bombay Bungalow, Mogao, China Bistro, Old Castello, and Ce La Vi. These places have stunning activities to offer couples on Valentine’s Day.

Q. What are the perfect gifts for your partner on Valentine’s Day?

Some special gifts to give your better half on Valentine’s Day: an amazing cake, a stunning party at the classic bar, and take them for the Burj Khalifa tour, etc.

Q. Is Dubai an affordable place to spend your Valentine’s Day?

Talking about Dubai, it’s completely a budget-friendly place for couples. However, there are all sorts of places, deals, and activities present that are cheaper and costly enough.

Q. What are the activities to do on Valentine’s Day?

The top 3 activities to do in Dubai this Valentine’s Day with your partner are desert safari, dinner dates, and enjoying stunning bars.

Q. What are the top 5 Indian restaurants in Dubai for dinner dates on Valentine’s week?

Well, if you are looking for the best 5 Indian restaurants in Dubai to visit during Valentine’s week then Tandoor Tina, Rang Mahal, The Crossing, Amala, and Flavours of India are the perfect options. 

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dubai gardne glow

Dubai Garden Glow – A Guide to the City’s Hidden Gems!

Garden Glow in Dubai is one of the most popular attractions. Furthermore, it is popular for its amazing themes and the unique experience it offers. This amazing theme park is a perfect place for emerging artists to show their artwork. Till 2023, 9 seasons have been completed in the Garden Glow. 

It mainly has 5 stunning sections :

  • Art Park
  • Dinosaur Park
  • Glow Park
  • Magic Mark
  • Ice Park

Above all, the best part about Glow Garden Dubai is its seasonal spots and its perfect visual art illusions. For all the tourists, it’s a wonderful site where they can experience lots of amazing themes. In other words, Garden Glow is a perfect world not only for enjoying separate sections but also for getting enough knowledge. 

5 Stunning Attractions at Garden Glow Dubai

Above all, entering the Dubai Garden Glow is like stepping into heaven. Several gorgeous attractions win your heart and make every moment memorable. Here is the list of some fine attractions worth visiting in Garden Glow in Dubai : 

Magic Park

Here you will experience gorgeous optical illusions which are made up of geometric shapes. On the other hand, a room is there in the magic park where everything is set upside down. To experience the anger without getting harmed, sit in the dinosaur’s mouth, for instance. Through this park, you will make your visit wonderful like never before.

Happy Forest

It’s a perfect showcase for wildlife and nature. Above all, the materials used in it are completely recycled fabrics. In Happy Forest, the vibrant flora, charming landscapes, and catchy installations give you joy. It’s all corners of lush greenery that spread happiness all over. Also, it leads to many beautiful events and extends to wildlife encounters. 

Ice Park

Ice Park is an art created by 150 talented artists. They used 5000 tonnes of ice to create the entire park, which displays the arctic world and most importantly the iconic monuments like Burj Al Arab, local animals, and Burj Khalifa. Inside the Ice Park, the temperature remains -7 degrees Celsius to -8 degrees Celsius. In this way, you get thrills and chills accordingly along with enough knowledge about global warming. 

Dinosaur Park

If you are looking for a family attraction, nothing better than Dinosaur Park. It is one of the best ways to enjoy sightseeing in Dubai. Also, it’s the largest theme park in the world having animatronics dinosaurs of 100 life size. Thus, all the artistic dinosaurs present there give you a virtually real experience. Everything is settled in the Jurassic Park Style and they all appear to snap, growl, blink, and breathe. In addition to this, there is a dinosaur museum that shows their skeletons replicas along with a dino lab which showcases their life from hatching to extinction. 

Water Set

For those who want to grab a magical vibe, it’s the best marine themed park. After that, here you will experience stunning varieties of fish including glowing jelly fish and seaweeds. Moreover, you will see the performances of different fishes to music. 

Glow Garden Dubai: The Green-Energy Garden

Glow Garden Dubai aims to support global warming issues. Thus, everything present in it is eco-friendly and gives visitors a unique experience. Moreover, the recycled material and energy-saving bulbs make this beautiful garden sustainable and also, it’s a better source of education.

The theme park has multiple attractions that are perfect for all ages of tourists ranging from younger ones to older ones. In addition to many attractions, for your food cravings, street-style food is also available including the best ones such as pizza, ice-creams, and hot dogs.   

A Complete Overview 

  • Location – Zabeel Park Gate No. 6 & 7, Zabeel Area – Dubai – UAE
  • Highlights – 100 life-size dinosaurs to explore, stunning installations and sculptures, and a fantastic ice park to experience sub-zero temperatures.
  • Price – For adults (age3+): the price range differs according to the packages & Child (age below 3): Free
  • Opening Hours – 4 pm-12 am

5 Exciting Facts About Dubai Garden Glow

  • Garden Glow uses energy-saving light bulbs of over 10 million. Also, the engineers use recycled luminous fabrics to make all the great things in the park.
  • The dinosaur park is the largest themed park in the world.
  • All the materials in the installations are recycled fabrics which shows sustainability and environmental value.
  • A magical wonderland is present there that has night light shows which work according to the enchanting music.
  • The garden glow in Dubai follows different themes according to all seasons.

Let’s dive into the world of marvelous activities and enhance your knowledge through the attractive themes in Dubai Garden Glow. Book your Dubai Glow Garden tickets now – www.travelsaga.com/

Call Us At: +971 4 268 4645


1.What are the different ways to go to Dubai Garden Glow?

Visitors can make use of metro, taxi, and bus services to reach Garden Glow in Dubai. The nearest metro station is Al Jafiliya station. b Transportation by bus depends on the location and taxis are public as well as private.

2.What are the Timings to Enter the Glow Garden? 

The timings to enter the glow garden in Dubai are between 4 pm to 12 am. However, sometimes the timings are based on shows and seasons.

3.Which hotels are present near Dubai Garden Glow?

Some of the finest hotels that are located near the Glow Garden are Rove Trade Centre, Cote d’Azur Hotel – Monaco, and Conrad Dubai.

4.Which are the best restaurants near Garden Glow?

Bull & Bear, Play Restaurant & Lounge, Feast Restaurant, C Restaurant, and Canary Club are some restaurants present near the Dubai theme park. However, there are some food stalls as well where you can have meals. 

5.What is the suggested time to spend in the park?

Well, the suggested time to spend in the Dubai Garden Glow attraction is around 2 hours. During this time duration, people can visit places like Dinosaur Park, Magical World, and Ice Park to raise their experience.

Indian restaurants in Dubai

Looking for An Amazing Indian Restaurant in Dubai? Here’s a List of the Top 12 Indian Restaurants!

Are you in Dubai and looking for the best restaurants to have some delicious meals? If yes, then stop your research right now. It’s because here you will find the best 12 Indian restaurants to explore a lot of new things to eat. So, stop worrying about enjoying Indian food in Dubai and choose one of the best restaurants among all the perfect ones. 

Before beginning with the top-notch Indian restaurants, let’s talk about the popular items to eat in Dubai. To name some, the most-liked foods in Dubai are Harees, Luqaymat, Thareed, Madrouba, Meat Biryani, and Oozie. All these Dubai foods have a great fan base from all over the world. However, Indian restaurants offer lovely food for tourists to fulfil all their desires. 

Top 12 Indian Restaurants in Dubai to Look For

Well, Indian cuisine is popular enough all across Dubai. Similarly, if you want to taste an explosion of every Indian dish, it’s a perfect time to enter the best Indian restaurants. After that, you can simply find the perfect combination of Indian herbs and spices. However, you can also get Indian food online through these 12 Indian restaurants in Dubai. In this way, you can enjoy Indian cuisine while watching the great Dubai attractions. So, let’s begin the journey to know about the best Indian restaurants in Dubai – 

Indian restaurants in Dubai

Patiala Restaurant & Bar:

It’s located in the Souk-Al-Bahar near Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain. This particular Indian restaurant is named after the beautiful city of Punjab, Patiala. Moreover, here you will find a relaxed ambience, awesome interiors, and delicious food. In addition to this, the best part is the display kitchen in which the guests capture all the activities that are performed to make old recipes. Also, a classic lounge bar is there to experience some modern cocktails. Overall, it’s the best Indian restaurant where tourists can find all sorts of food and classic drinks to enjoy. 

  • Address – Level 3, Souk Al Bahar – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Hours – 12:30 PM-12:30 AM
  • Phone – +971 4 451 9151
  • Rating – 4/5

Indian restaurants in Dubai


The stunning name of this Indian restaurant is made from the French word Très meaning very and Ind, which is short for Indian. True to its name, the particular restaurant is a mixture of classic Indian flavours. However, you can also enjoy lots of signature drinks here ranging from cutting-edge mocktails to modern-style soft drinks. So, without getting confused anymore, let’s enter Trèsind for perfect dining and enjoy luscious food items. Therefore, it’s a perfect place for tourists to visit in Dubai to enjoy all sorts of traditional dishes and drinks. 

  • Address – One&Only Royal Mirage, Arabian Court – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Hours – 12-11:45 PM (Open all days)
  • Phone – +971 4 374 6661 / +971 5 6420 9754
  • Rating – 4.5/5

Indian restaurants in Dubai

Indya by Vineet:

For all those people who are looking for a funky and fun poolside restaurant, Indya by Vineet is the perfect place. Here, you will find amazing and charming staff that provide services with a smile. The best part about this Indian restaurant is that you can enjoy all types of meals. Also, it reminds you of street food as well. The dishes that are used here are colourful and also the dress code Indya by Vineet follows is smart casual. Also, it’s a perfect restaurant for gin lovers, and chops and sips. The Restaurant Is Located one the best Locality , here is the list of top best things to do in Dubai Marina. 

  • Address – Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa – Al Mamsha St – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Hours – All days 12:30-3:30 PM, 6-11:30 PM except Wednesday (2:30-3:30 PM, 6-11:30 PM)
  • Phone – +971 4 316 5550
  • Rating – 5/5

Indian Restaurants

Bombay Brasserie:

Are you looking for an Indian restaurant that is well-decorated, the perfect size, and the right place to eat, Bombay Brasserie is the best in Dubai. On the whole, it offers an electric menu that will help you to get access to all the delicious varieties of eatables. Moreover, talking about the food items then you will find almost everything ranging from tempting biryani to lobster curry and perfectly crafted cocktails. In addition to this, Bombay Brasserie is the best restaurant to enjoy Indian cuisine in beautiful Dubai. 

  • Address – Burj Khalifa St – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Hours – 12:30-3 PM, 6 PM-12 AM
  • Phone – +971 4 438 3222
  • Rating – 5/5 

Indian Restaurants

Mint Leaf Dubai:

When it comes to Indian food, every person has their preferences and tastes. At Mint Leaf Dubai, you are provided with marvellous Indian food of all varieties. It remembers the exact taste you are looking for. Also, you can experience freshly caught seafood and enjoy the taste of blending spices. It’s the perfect spot to experience exciting flavours and the best collection of ingredients. Apart from the same, cocktail lovers are also provided with many options. Ranging from sweet mixes to fruity drinks, every sort of drink is available in Mint Leaf Dubai. 

  • Address – Emirates Financial Towers – 15th Floor, South Tower – DIFC – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Hours – 12 PM – 1 AM
  • Phone – +971 4 706 0900
  • Rating – 4.5/5

Indian Restaurants

Indego by Vineet:

It’s also the finest Indian restaurant in Dubai where all types of meals are prepared using a Clay Oven, stew pot, griddle, and grill. Here you can enjoy private dining at a beautiful terrace and perfect Dubai Marina. Moreover, several great crafted cocktails in a stunning bar. Mainly, it’s rich in all types of street food which is perfect for the Indians. Some of the finest foods that you can grab in Indego by Vineet are Pav Bhaji, papdi hay, Shahi sheermat Korma sauce, and Almond Chicken. Here you are provided with a sharing-style menu where you find a lot of Indian dishes to enjoy. 

  • Address – Grosvenor House Dubai – Al Emreef St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Hours – Monday – Friday (7 PM-12 AM), Saturday & Sunday (1-4 PM, 7 PM-12 AM)
  • Phone – +971 4 317 6000
  • Rating – 5/5

Tandoor Tina: 

If you are looking for high-quality food, bright flavours, and fresh and fire cooking, Tandoor Tina is a perfect Indian restaurant in Dubai. Inside the beautiful restaurant, you will experience stunning Jaipur pastel pink hues. At the same time, the finest aspect about Tandoor Tina is that its terrace is a complete garden with enough seating space and includes an al fresco kitchen. From ranging to a perfect lunch to a delicious menu, visitors can find everything they want to eat. Also, in Tandoor Tina, a fine drinking menu is present where you can enjoy all sorts of classic drinks. 

  • Address – Tandoor Tina 25hours Hotel One Central – Trade Center St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Hours – Friday 12 PM – 1 AM, Saturday 1 PM-1 AM, Sunday 1 PM-12 AM, Monday – Thursday 12 PM-12 AM
  • Phone – +971 4 210 2500
  • Rating 5/5

The Crossing: 

Talking about The Crossing, it’s a home of stunning secret Indian family recipes. The dress code here is smart casual. Also, along with delicious food, you will get a stunning wide range of drinking options too. In The Crossing, there’s a mixture of Northeast Indian food is present along with the food from Rajput kitchens. Visitors can book their table online and also; they can order the food of their taste accordingly. Given these points, even the interior is well structured and everything is perfectly managed to give visitors a whole new experience. To clarify, the menu contains a diverse food option which gives Indians their home country experience in Dubai. 

  • Address – H Dubai – 1 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Hours – 12 PM-1 AM
  • Phone – +971 04 491 9695
  • Rating – 5/5

Rang Mahal:

Rang Mahal is a perfect Indian restaurant to experience casual dinner with your friends and family members. All the recipes present here are delicious. To be specific, the most popular ones are Minced Lamb Kabab, Mangalorean Ghee Roast Prawns, and many other household recipes. In the same way, plenty of beverages are present there for visitors. It’s the finest way to enjoy all types of heritage dishes. Tourists also find the Navratan menu in this Indian Rang Mahal restaurant. It also contains a fantastic bar where folks can enjoy several types of classic beverages accordingly. 

  • Address – JW Marriott Marquis Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Hours – All Days 6 PM – 12 AM (except Saturday – 6:30 PM – 12 AM)
  • Phone – +971 4 414 3000
  • Rating – 5/5

Carnival by Trèsind:

Want to experience Indian cuisine flavours? Just go for Carnival by Trèsind. It’s a classic Indian restaurant in Dubai and it’s the best in UAE. It’s not only a place to eat but also a perfect combination of flair, creativity and fun. A perfect lunch set to a classic beverage menu; you will find everything here. Also, there’s a “Special Sunday Family Menu” that you can enjoy with your loved ones. On the other hand, it’s a perfect place for the Carnival experience as it offers a variety of Indian food that is tempting. 

  • Address – The Buildings by Daman – 312 Al Sa’ada Street – Za’abeel – DIFC – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Opening Hours – All Days (12 PM – 1 AM)
  • Phone – +971 52 242 4262
  • Rating 4.5/5

best Indian restaurants

Bombay Borough:

In Bombay Borough, you will find stunning dishes from the popular regions of India, where you can find dishes on the Indian menu with a twist. Also, you will get a great bar to enjoy your favourite drinks. The interior used in Bombay Borough is Indo-chic. Firstly, a gully kitchen is present for the off-shoot delivery. Secondly, from dosa pockets to classic biryani, tourists can order anything they want and enjoy the Indian taste in Dubai. In addition to this, there’s also a dine-out option that allows visitors to enjoy the tasty food in the open air. 

  • Address – Bombay Borough, Gate Village, Building 3 – towards DIFC Parking – opposite Gate District 2 – Trade Centre – DIFC – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Hours – Friday & Saturday (12 PM-1 AM), Other Days (12 PM- 12 AM)
  • Phone – +971 54 995 8296
  • Rating 4.5/5

best Indian restaurants


First of all, Armani/Amal gives you an unforgettable eating experience. Here you can experience the true Indian taste. In the perfect menu of Armani/Amal, you will find all sorts of classic regional Indian dishes. On the other hand, tourists can enjoy stunning views while eating like the Dubai Fountain and Downtown Dubai neighbourhood. Moreover, all Indian cuisines are completely fresh, and also a complete list of beverages and selected teas available. Moreover, tourists can see the live traditional cooking methods. Above all, it’s the best restaurant to enjoy the taste of aromatic curries to popular Indian cuisines.  

  • Address – 673C+W8M, Burj Khalifa, Level 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 
  • Hours – Monday to Saturday – (6:30-11:30 PM), Sunday (closed)
  • Phone – +971 4 888 3010
  • Rating – 4.5/5

Conclusion for Indian restaurants in Dubai

Overall, all these Indian restaurants in Dubai give promising services to tourists. In the list of the best 12 restaurants, it’s easy to pick the perfect one to match your taste and preferences accordingly. To sum up, Every Indian restaurant in Dubai comes with a different style, seating arrangement, and exciting activities. So, if you are in Dubai and looking for the best quality Indian food, these restaurants are the perfect way to follow your plans. 

So, just stop your search here and visit www.travelsaga.com to get a tailor-made packages for Dubai. For more information, contact us at – +971 4 268 4645


  • Which are the best Indian restaurants in Downtown Dubai?

Now that you are in Downtown Dubai, some of the best Indian restaurants where you can go with your family, partner, and friends are Bombay Brasserie, Armani/Amal, Patiala Restaurant & Bar, and J’s Kitchen. 

  • Which are the most popular Italian restaurants in Dubai?

Talking about the finest and classic Italian restaurants in Dubai then Naught Pizza Dubai, Sette, Miracolo Restaurant and Bar, Vanitas, and Alorro are the best ones. 

  • What are the places to enjoy a romantic dinner in Dubai?

Varq, Vanitas, Clay Dubai, Benjarong, Ba-Boldly Asian, Khyber, and White Orchid restaurants are the most popular restaurants in Dubai that are perfect for dinner dates. 

  • What are the new rules for Dubai restaurants?

Well, wearing a face mask is necessary for the staff members in all the Dubai restaurants. Also, they should provide the customers with masks during their entry. In addition to this, hand washing is a must for the staff members before and after serving food to them. 

  • Which is the best place in Dubai to find stunning Indian restaurants?

One of the finest places to find the classic Indian restaurants in Dubai is Dubai Marina, because, most of the best Indian restaurants are present here. As a result, people find a classic menu of cuisines and drinks to get a stunning experience.  

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Dubai Fashion Week 2024

Dubai Fashion Week: A Comprehensive Guide to All the Latest Trends

Dubai Fashion Week 2024 is the best-anticipated event in the fashion calendar of every year that Dubai hosts. It has become a classic global platform for designers, fashion enthusiasts and celebrities to show their talent and creativity regarding fashion and all about the glam. It is completely a prime event in the Dubai fashion calendar which is mainly organised to bring the Arab Fashion Week’s legacy to the next level. It’s a perfect place for all the editors, luxury brands, designers and fashion enthusiasts to meet and find out what’s trending in the industry.

It’s the third edition of Dubai Fashion Week that will take place in the Dubai Design District from 4th to 8th February 2024. One of the exciting features of the Dubai Fashion Week is that it hosts at all the iconic locations like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Opera and the Dubai Mall. All these places not only offer a stunning backdrop but also make the entire fashion week experience amazing.

In this fashion show, luxurious fabrics, traditional Middle Eastern elements and bold colours are the inspirations for fashion enthusiasts. In addition to this, Dubai Fashion Week 2024 is a great way for designers to expand their reach by connecting with investors, buyers and retailers. Due to this, Dubai Fashion Week has become completely different from all fashion events globally.

5 Highlights of Dubai Fashion Week 2024

Do you know the specialities of Dubai Fashion Week? If no, then it’s time to dive into the 5 fine highlights that will make you understand what makes this show a perfect place for designers. So, let’s begin with some of the fine highlights without wasting a single minute anymore –

1.Evolving Talent Showcase in Dubai Fashion Week 2024:

Well, it’s a fine place for fashion lovers to show their talent, skills and creativity. Every designer with stunning ideas regarding fashion gets a great chance to do something creative. It’s mainly for the local and regional designers to bring up something new and contribute to the fashion industry. However, all activities that take place here by considering sustainable fashion. So, it’s the right spot to show the talent and get ready for positive outcomes.

2.A Lot of Business Opportunities during Dubai Fashion Week 2024:

Yes, you heard right. The Dubai Fashion Week comes with ample business opportunities. It’s only because the designers and fashion lovers out there get a chance to meet with a lot of new people including buyers, celebrities and retailers. By making good connections with them, they can make the chances to expand their business or get multiple benefits. Due to this, ranging from the designers to everyone present out there make a strong network and enhance chances to expand their business. Due to this, the economic growth of the fashion sector gets good growth.

3.Classic Fashion Showcases:

The first word that pops up in the mind when you hear Dubai is its luxury. The platform here you find is perfect for showcasing new fashion innovations. Also, the high-end fashion houses show their trending and latest collections at the time of Dubai Fashion Week 2024. It’s a perfect place for upcoming designers or fashion enthusiasts to catch plenty of new ideas and improve their fashion skills by capturing amazing moments. Moreover, by meeting with a lot of new people, it becomes easy for newbies to enhance their experience and implement it in their work.

4.Beautiful Venues:

Dubai Fashion Week is a perfect place to enjoy a lot of iconic venues. All the beautiful places perfectly match the vibe of the particular event. All the editions held before took place in stunning locations like the Dubai Mall, Dubai Opera and Burj Khalifa. By visiting all the emerging places, designers get energy that helps them to perform optimistically in the event. As a result, they get many chances to get positive outcomes and finally move forward towards growth.

5.A Place to Make Connections:

It’s not only an event to show all your skills, creativity and talent towards fashion, but also helps people to engage with celebrities, retailers and buyers. Doing so will help them make great connections which help them in their businesses, expanding their reach and enhancing the overall experience. Also, here you will experience technological advancements, interactive displays and digital presentations. Overall, Dubai Fashion Week is the finest place to emerge into a whole new era of fashion.


To conclude, Dubai Fashion Week is an everlasting fashion event that not only contributes to the sustainable advancements and innovation but also gives business opportunities to fashion lovers. The Dubai Fashion Week is always a great source of inspiration for all fashion enthusiasts. All of these designers together show their unique talent and do something creative to push the boundaries of fashion. In other words, together these individuals are taking fashion to a whole new level globally.


Begin your exciting journey to enjoy Dubai Fashion Week 2024 with travelsaga.com and get an immense experience. For more information contact us at – +971 4 268 4645



  • Who is the Founder of Dubai Fashion Week?

Well, talking about the Dubai Fashion Week is co-founded by the (d3) Dubai Design District and Arab Fashion Council.

  • When did the Dubai Fashion Week Begin?

It was founded on the 7th of February 2023. The show starts in New York, London, Milan, and Paris and finally it ends in Dubai.

  • Is Dubai known for its Fashion?

Yes, Dubai is well-known for its high-end luxury. It is also known as the fashion hub of the Middle East. The fashion show here is anchored by the Iconic Dubai Mall.

  • Who are the guests in Dubai Fashion Week?

This time the guest of honor is Carolina Herrera. Apart from it, some special guests are Lana Albeik, Rosemin Madhavji and Sara Sampaio.

  • Why Dubai Fashion Week is the Best Place for Fashion Lovers?

The reason why DFW is a perfect place for fashion enthusiasts is that here they get better opportunities for their business. It’s because at DFW they connect with retailers, buyers and celebrities.

Play DXB Dubai mall

Play DXB Dubai – A Perfect Place to Experience Stunning VR Ride

For all the fun lovers, it’s time to enter the best indoor theme park, where you can enjoy several emerging activities. The Play DXB Dubai Mall is the finest place for those who want to experience an exciting virtual reality ride. It’s another fantastic way to jump into a whole new realistic world of gaming. 

So, if you are with your fellas hanging around Financial Center Road-Downtown Dubai-UAE , it’s a great chance to experience a mind-blowing VR world in Play DXB Dubai Mall. The Play DXB Dubai includes VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) through 18 stunning rides to give users an immense experience. To provide the users with a whole new never like before fun, it offers all genres like horror, leisure, adventure, and many more.

Fine Activities to Go for in Play DXB Dubai

By entering the beautiful Play DXB, you get access to multiple fun activities that make you feel like heaven. Ranging from action, horror, thriller, and many more genres, you will experience a complete gaming package. So, let’s embark on the primary activities that you are going to enjoy in Play DXB Dubai Mall.

  • The Raft in Play DXB Dubai mall

It’s the first and most amazing 4-player game. So, in the Raft, players have to escape from supernatural nemesis. The only way to attain a win is by joining all the forces. During the game play, players need to board a raft along with their friends. Throughout the entire journey, players have to travel through the heart of the swamp and fight scary creatures. To live throughout the game, players should battle them.

  • APE-X

It’s a fantastic game in which players get a mind-blowing experience. The entire game is familiar with the King Kong story. Also, with Starbreeze’s StarVR headset, they can experience the massive weaponised ape-like reality. Their target is to escape from the lifelong captive of the creator. Players should stick to the skyscraper until the end and fight battles against battle bots and drones.

  • John Wick Chronicles inside Play DXB Dubai mall

Are you a big fan of John Wick? Imagine you are going to take revenge for your dog’s death like the John Wick story. Make this epic game-play curious by enjoying the next-level battle. Yes, John Wick Chronicles allows you to enjoy exactly the most amazing battles in the virtual city. Here gamers have to play a role like John Wick where they have to battle against the powerful assassins. Therefore, by using the VR, players can feel like the hitman and use the submachine gun accordingly. It’s the perfect way to feel John Wick’s actions in the real world.

  • The Walking Dead VR Outbreak

Have you heard about The Walking Dead? Well, it’s completely the same. Players here are attached to a wheelchair in a medical center. In this virtual reality game, players have to engage in several battles with zombies. Here, players’ only aim is to get rid of these creatures. It’s a complete package of spine-chilling and scary games that take your gaming to the next level.

  • PAYDAY: The VR Heist

Ready to rob a bank? Come over to PAYDAY. This stunning shooting game’s journey starts with stealing the cash from a bank in Washington DC and shooting the officers. Players have to join and collaborate with some popular teams of Chains, Dallas, Wolf, and Hoxton. So, get ready for an immense shooting action!

  • Burj Drop

For all the brave game lovers, it’s time to enjoy the fall down from the highest peak. In the Burj Drop game, players have to perform the job of window cleaners. They are hanging to the top of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa and experience the breathtaking journey slowly. Moreover, when users feel the drop, it’s completely terrifying and gives them a realistic experience.

An Overview

Play DXB is the perfect arena for gamers mainly for the young ones. Also, it’s suitable for people aged 14-40 who visit Dubai to make their vacations memorable.

  • Entry – Free of cost
  • Ride’s Price Range – 15 AED to 45 AED
  • Duration – The actual period for the tour is 3 hours. It also depends on the users. 
  • Tickets Price – The fixed ticket price for Play DXB is 200 AED
  • Opening Hours – From Sunday-Wednesday, the timings are 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM, From Thursday-Saturday, the timings are 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM
  • Address – Dubai Mall – Financial Center Rd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

A Few Things to Remember in Dubai’s Attractions

Some of the key things to bear in mind are as follows –

  • Height and size are considerable factors along with the age restrictions. To know such things, it’s necessary to check the ride instructions.
  • Users are not allowed to bring food and beverages to all the attractions.
  • Play DXB is a no-smoking zone. 
  • Users should not leave any type of commodity in Play DXB. For any type of loss or damaged activity, the authorities are not responsible.

To enjoy all sorts of amazing activities in the Play DXB Dubai Mall, players should meet all the above-mentioned requirements and follow the instructions. 

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your exciting journey with Travel Saga Tourism now. Have fun in the wonderful Play DXB Mall Dubai and create memorable moments – Contact Us to Start Your Adventure.

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