Get Ready for a New Experience: Flying Cup, The Beach JBR

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Have you heard about this wonderful experience before? If not, then don’t worry, as we are here to help you out towards this. Firstly, folks must know that Flying Cup Dubai is a top-notch attraction when it comes to Dubai. A majority of tourists from all over the world experience this amazing site during their visit. Along with it, many other popular things to do in Dubai are present, like a hot air balloon, an evening desert safari, and a Dubai Marina Yacht Tour. 

So if you are also the one who is looking forward to it, it’s time to catch some news first before dealing with it. Certainly, it’s a fantastic place, 40 metres above ground level. Here, you can enjoy beverages at a high level while watching the amazing views. Moreover, you can eat food and capture amazing moments with your loved ones to keep the awesome memories. Also, you can explore the city from height when the cup rotates to 360 degrees. 

During this activity, you can click selfies with your favourites while enjoying the views of Palm Jumeirah, Ain Dubai, and the beach opposite the JBR. Overall, this amazing place takes the entire experience to a whole new height. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for an incredible journey. 

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Enjoy the Flying Cup with 4 Different Offers

Once you decide to go for the most amazing JBR Flying Cup Dubai, it’s time to know the 4 offers. Mainly, the 4 different offers include pizza in the sky, hot-dog in the sky, popcorn in the sky, and VIP experiences. So, it completely depends on you to choose the right offer accordingly and finally move forward to enjoy something new. Not only this, but the best part about this Flying Cup in Dubai is that you will get a chance to enjoy the special events. 

In simple words, the Flying Cup allows you to create tailored events. So, whether it’s your birthday party, night out with friends or family party, you can easily get a unique experience. Overall, Flying Cup at the Beach JBR is something that you should opt for to get an incredible experience. Just connect with Travel Saga Tourism to book the Flying Cup at the Beach JBR right now and do something special for your loved ones. 

3 Major Highlights of the Flying Cup

So, it’s time to check out the highlights of this amazing activity or experience before actually dealing with it. After knowing the highlights, it will be easy for you to decide whether to go for Flying Beach or any other activity during the Dubai city tour

    1. Have you heard about fine dining Before? If yes, then you will be going to experience something fantastic this time. By entering the Flying Cup Dubai, you will enjoy dining 40 metres above the ground. So, it would be a great experience for the newbies.
    2. Enjoy the mouthwatering beverages and dishes while having fun in the air as the cup rotates at 360 degrees. In this way, you will get a whole new experience while creating lifelong memories with your family, friends or partner.
    3. Get ready to enjoy the spectacular views of Bluewater’s islands and other beautiful sites while sitting on the comfy seats of the Flying Cup. 

So, all these highlights are enough for you to understand how exciting the entire Flying Cup Dubai journey was. Moreover, if you are looking for another great experience in Dubai, shared yacht tours, private yacht tours, and Dhow Cruise Dubai are the best.


Overall, the Flying Cup at the Beach JBR is something that you should never miss. By entering this amazing experience with your favourite ones will give you everlasting memories.

So, just stick to the plan and connect with Travel Saga Tourism to get Flying Cup tickets now. It’s your time to get the best Flying Cup experience in Dubai.