Caffeine Culture at Dubai Coffee Museum

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If it is a museum, then it must be in the old parts of Dubai. Of course, the Dubai Coffee Museum is also located in the Al Fahidi neighbourhood like the Dubai Museum. This museum is a coffee lover’s paradise. So, if you need regular coffee doses or love trying different types of coffee across the globe, or perhaps a javaphile,  you will surely fall in love with the Dubai Coffee Museum. So, what are you waiting for, just connect with Travel Saga Tourism and book our transportation services for an easy visit to the Dubai Coffee Museum.

“ Coffee is a language in itself.”- Jackie Chan 

Coffee Museum: Coffee’s Rich History

Javaphiles often find it interesting to learn about the history and evolution of coffee over time. How did it become so popular? When was the first coffee brewed? How did people customise and create different coffees in different regions of the world? Coffee lovers certainly want to know the answers to all these questions and any additional information that can level up their coffee experience. Dubai Coffee Museum has the answers to all your questions, and some amazing knowledge on coffee to share. So, let’s dive into the caffeinator’s haven, the Dubai Coffee Museum.

The Ambience 

The Coffee Museum is within the narrow streets of Al Fahidi which is an area with a deep connection to traditional heritage. Once you step in, a cosy, comfortable and aromatic ambience embraces you with joy. The place is unique and interesting because it involves international and sophisticated urban interiors in a traditionally designed structure. 

Ancient Artefacts

The Dubai Coffee Museum houses several antiques that depict the story and history of coffee over the years. These artefacts include some old coffee grinders, brewing pots and some historical data on coffee’s history in different regions of the world. You will be delighted to see the ancient Arabic coffee brewing pots and coffee grinders from across the world, especially because of their historical value. That being said, it is evident that it is not only our generation that is addicted to coffee. People from ancient times have found peace in the aromatic seeds of coffee. After all, coffee is indeed a magical drink. 

Interactive Coffee Education

For those who take an interest in coffee making, coffee serving or having coffee for themselves, Coffee Museum loves educating them. One can learn about the various techniques of coffee roasting, coffee grinding and coffee brewing for different tastes and preferences. So, you might have entered the museum without much knowledge on coffee, but you’ll certainly not leave the museum like that. You will carry the useful knowledge of coffee brewing art that you can practice and master later. 

Treat Your Taste Buds With Regional Style Coffee

You were wrong if you thought that the Coffee Museum is all history and exhibition. You can also taste different styles of coffee at the Coffee Museum in Dubai and experiment with your taste. Try the very famous Arabic coffee flavoured with cardamom and taste the authentic coffee taste from the origin place of coffee, Ethiopia. Additionally, try the Japanese coffee prepared precisely by siphon brewing or pour over method. Read Travel Saga’s recommendation for the best coffee places in Dubai

Gifts and Souvenir Shop

If you are a coffee lover yourself, or if you know someone who is a caffeinator, buy some coffee related gifts from the ground floor. You can find beautiful and aesthetically pleasing gift items and souvenirs to remind you of your best coffee date at the Coffee Museum in Dubai. 


Coffee is the favourite drink of the civilised world. Give yourself a treat and visit the Dubai Coffee Museum to immerse yourself in the world of Caffeine. Make sure to buy some unique coffee themes gifts as memories. Make your visit to the Coffee Museum and explore various Dubai tourist places hassle free. Of course, with Travel Saga Tourism’s expert tours and transportation services. Till then, keep brewing and keep sipping on your coffee.