Al Sufouh: The Black Palace Beach

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For lovers of peace and solitude, the perfect beach to spend a sunset at is Al Sufouh Beach. This is also known as the hidden or secret beach because of the narrow sandy path between the royal palace of Sufouh needed to reach the beach. Al Sufouh Beach is very peaceful and not very crowded. However, amenities like shops, food outlets, locker rooms, toilets, etc are not available at this beach. So, you have to be prepared accordingly. As the beach is between Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab, you can enjoy the iconic view while relaxing at this beach. Fishing is also a popular activity here, so you can carry your fishing equipment and enjoy fishing on this beach. 

About Al Sufouh Beach

Hearing the name of the beach, many questions naturally arise. About its location, why is it named so and why is it special, etc etc. So, here we address all your queries and if you still have questions, you can always reach out to Travel Saga Tourism by email.

Where is this Secret Beach?

The beach is located in the Al Sufouh area. This area falls near the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. Because of its hidden location, you will have to put effort into finding this beach. However, after discovering it, you will feel this was the peaceful escape you needed for so long.

Why is the Name Black Palace Beach?

The name of this beach is because of the Black Palace nearby. It infact is a beautiful villa belonging to a royal family in Dubai. Although, entering the palace is strictly restricted but you can enjoy the view from outside. Also, the beach is so quiet and calm that you can easily enjoy the views and sunset without crowds. 

What Makes Black Palace Beach Special?

Among plenty of well developed, popular and highly crowded beaches in Dubai, Al Sufouh Beach remains untouched and pure. It has a natural beauty and raw essence. Compared to other popular beaches in Dubai, this one is not as developed. It doesn’t have shopping outlets, food stalls, or other amenities. But, that paves the way for less crowd and more of a me time opportunity for visitors. The golden sands look beautiful at sunset and sunrise, crystal blue waters reflect light and all these under the blue sky is the perfect nature click you can save in your camera as well as memories. 

Family-Friendly Fun

According to popular opinion, Black Palace Beach is for those who want solitude. However, it is also a very family-friendly beach. So, you can take your family or close friends to the beach and relax. The water level of this beach is quite shallow, making it ideal for little kids. Simply carry your picnic pack and visit the beach to spend a holiday in peace. For more family friendly activities you can check out the things to do in Dubai Mall as well. 

Things to Remember

While being at Al Sufouh Beach, you should abide by some basic rules. No matter how secluded and empty the beach is, you should not swim topless here. Maintaining the cleanliness of this natural beauty is important, so you must not litter here. Also, because of its location, there are some residential campuses nearby. One should not infringe their privacy at any cost. Additionally, make sure to keep the noise levels in check because it is a public beach. 


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