An Insight Into Arabian Architecture: Qasr Al Watan

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The grand presidential palace in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is a great architectural marvel. It opened for the general public in 2019 as a tourist spot. Simultaneously, it provides an insight into Arabian architecture and history. A guided tour of the Qasr Al Watan will give you so much information about the nation’s history, culture and traditions, that you will keep wondering. Apart from its grand architecture and aesthetics, the place also has an official value as it is a place for important presidential meetings and foreign delegates. 

Enter the world of Royal Architecture

You receive greetings from the poetic architecture when you step inside the palace campus. Each dome and wall is adorned with beautiful inscriptions and intricate designs. The palace has beautiful artwork on a white granite and limestone facade that reflects sunlight and glows. The domes in this palace are beautiful beyond imagination as if crafted by angels. Its main dome has a diameter of 37 metres. The construction of this majestic building was completed in 2017. Since then, this building has been in use for official ceremonies and conferences. However, in 2019, it became an Abu Dhabi tourist attraction and, to date, welcomes public visitors. 

Haven for History Enthusiasts

Qasr Al Watan is not just for sightseeing and official events, it is also an informative and educational place. There are guided tours, interactive sessions and a library with lots of knowledgeable books. One can experience it all on their trip to Abu Dhabi. Let’s have a look at different sections of this palace.

Informative Exhibition

One can learn about government and governance and a lot more here at the Qasr Al Watan Palace. Additionally, the place provides insight into the UAE’s history, culture, and evolution over time. 

Qasr Al Watan Library

Gain ancestral knowledge here in the famous Qasr Al Watan library. This library has about 50,000 books and majorly focuses on keeping records of the UAE’s development history. These books have preserved the ancient knowledge and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Thus, this library preserves and values these books highly. 

The Palace In Motion Light Show

If texts and exhibitions are a boring form of learning for you, then welcome to The Palace In Motion. It is an entertaining and mesmerising light show telling the story of the UAE’s past, present and future. The show is spectacular, with sounds and lights depicting the tales of Bedouin settlements, pearl divers, and future visions of the UAE.

Things To Do And See At Qasr Al Watan

Other than the palace, experience a refreshing breeze of fresh air in the garden. The gardens are well maintained and in bloom. You may spot butterflies in their blooming flowers. If you are hungry, then try the authentic Arabian food at Qasr Al Watan’s restaurant. You can try refreshments, dates, saffron rice, and a lot more while sitting in a royal arrangement. Walk around the palace feeling like a sultan and take pictures of your royal experience. 


In the end, you are certainly going to feel amused by the excellent Arabian architecture. The palace is, of course, a mix of ancient and urban in a beautiful way. Your visit is surely going to end with a whole album of 100 beautiful pictures with an awesome backdrop. This shining monument is the pride of Abu Dhabi and the entire UAE. Book your Abu Dhabi city tour with Travel Saga Tourism and also avail of the excellent transportation services at an extra cost. Your hassle free journey and glitch free memories are on us. 

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