Wild Wadi Water Park: Adventurous Stopover In Dubai

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UAE is home to some of the world’s best water parks. So, it might be really difficult to choose from the water parks in the city. Wild Wadi Water park is one of the most popular parks in Dubai. The park welcomes thousands of visitors every year.  Furthermore, located in Dubai’s elite area in Jumeirah, right next to the Burj Al Arab, the Wild Wadi Waterpark welcomes you to a fun-filled day out, indeed a much needed break from the hectic city life. 

The parks offer a variety of rides and slides for visitors of all ages to enjoy. The wild Wadi Dubai is based on the tales of Juha, a famous character from Arabian folklore. There are around 30 rides at the park, those rides are designed and named around the folklore of Juha. 

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Rides you can’t miss at Wild Wadi Water Park

There are around 30 rides in the park. Wild Wadi offers plenty of adventures for thrill seekers. However, some rides in the parks have restrictions. Here is a list of some of the most popular rides at the water park in Dubai.

Jumeirah Sceirah

You can climb into the capsules and feel the floor below you open. So, you’re advised to cross your legs and arms at all times for this ride. 

Tantrum Alley

It’s a four person water slide at the park. So, through this ride, you can slide and splash down the pug hole into a pool. There are 3 downhill tornadoes with pumped up speed in this ride. 

Master Blasters

It’s a roller coaster like no other where you can define gravity. Additionally, you must be prepared for a series of high powered water jets that take you on aquatic roller coasters. This ride is the most popular ride at the Wild Wadi Waterpark

Burj Surj

This ride consists of 2 large sections of downhill waterslides and a looming water bowl. It’s a shared tube ride, where a maximum of 5 people can ride at a time. 

Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon

This is a fun family interactive play structure. It features over 100 activities which include a pair of racing slides and water guns. 

Wave Pool

This is one of the largest wave pools in the Middle East. However, children must be accompanied by parents at all times during this ride.

Action River

Throughout this ride, you can bounce along the waves and take on action-packed river rides. This ride can also be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. 

Juha’s Journey

It is a 360 metre long lazy river. So, you can relax and chill on a tube in this river and take a break from the waterslides. 

More about Wild Wadi Water Park

During the peak season, the queue to the Jumeirah Sceirah will be closed 45 minutes before the closing time. This ride is the most popular in the park. The park is open all days of the week from 10 AM to 6 PM. Gift shops are also there at the park. So, you can shop for souvenirs here. 

Dining Options at the Wild Wadi 

Riding and sliding through the slides can be a very tiring experience. So, to refuel your energy you must need some tasty snacking options. Different family friendly restaurant options are available inside the park. 

  • Surfer’s Burger– To enjoy the classic fast food, it is a must visit. You can have burgers, hotdogs, and other snacking options. 
  • Firecrust Pizza– Who doesn’t like pizza? You can have pizza to end your day on a perfect note after the various water slides. It offers freshly made pizza in a traditional oven. 
  • Dhow and Lagoon Kitchen– If you’re in the mood to eat something healthy, then this is the perfect place for you. You can go for shawarma and salads. 
  • Wave View Cafe– When you need some on the go snacks then visit Wave View Cafe. It has multiple options to eat from like cold beverages, nachos, ice creams, etc. 

Other Waterparks in Dubai

  • Atlantis Aquaventure– This is one of the largest waterpark in the world. This waterpark is a part of the luxurious resort Atlantis The Palm. The park features the largest water slide in the world, the Aquaconda. There are Multiple things to do in Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park 
  • Legoland Waterpark– It is the only waterpark in the world which is specially designed for kids. Legoland Water Park is a perfect place for kids under the age of 12. It is one of the best waterparks in the world. 


Wild Wadi is a perfect place to beat the summer heat in Dubai. So, you must visit Wild Wadi Water Park to discover the plethora of rides, slides, and attractions. Book your Wild Wadi tickets with Travel Saga Tourism. You can also visit our website for more information regarding the water parks in Dubai.