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Dubai, an ever-growing metropolis, plan your trip to visit Dubai in April. Dubai was built with superlatives in mind, as UAE people love things that are the biggest, the largest or the tallest! Even the most spent traveller, who may have been to Dubai thousands of times, will find something new to see every time they visit. 

Dubai overpowers anyone with its immense prosperity. You can never have enough of the city. So, to sort out your itinerary, Travel Saga compiled a list of places to see and things to do in Dubai in April.

Climate in Dubai in April 2024

Due to its location on the Persian Gulf, Dubai typically experiences high temperatures in April. As the days go by, it grows hotter; but, doesn’t get too hot and you can still move around easily. So, April is a great month to get visit visa Dubai as long as you pack all the essentials!

Popular Destinations In Dubai In April

Here is a following list of places and activities while visiting Dubai in April;

1. Museum of Illusions

The fastest-developing Museum of Illusions is the biggest one, with over 80 illusion exhibits that will befuddle your mind. Capture photos of the “Upside Down Room” or the “Head on a Platter Room,” and be ready for the deluge of love and likes on social media. Additionally, try walking through the Vortex, inside optical illusion makes you feel that the floor is moving!

2. Dubai Garden Glow

The Dubai Garden Glow is suitable for both types of romantic and family-friend purposes. Naturally energy-efficient, the bulbs create beautiful patterns such as coral reefs with unique birds and jellyfish. Additionally, explore the glittering local sights as you pass through the Disco Tunnels. Also, there is an ice park with many structures and animatronic dinosaurs. So, you can’t miss this place!

3. Burj Khalifa

As we are discussing the outstanding wonders of Dubai, here the Burj Khalifa is an incredible place to see. The building has the fastest elevator worldwide to reach its highest observation decks, the top of the building. The vistas from the top will blow your mind if photography is your passion. So, if you want to view the wonders of this extravagant city, try bringing your tripod and visiting at sunset. 

4. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden, a place made of flowers and holds the Guinness Planet Record for the largest flower arrangement ever. Additionally, explore the Avenue of Love, the most popular photo opportunity site. Also, stroll beneath heart-shaped lattices bursting with petunias and view windmills, houses, and a Mercedes, all flourishing with calendulas, marigolds, tulips, and roses. Additionally, visit the Butterfly Garden, which is constantly aflutter with the magnificent butterflies that call it home.

5. Dubai Parks And Resorts

Take a trip to the mother of all amusement parks. This place has three theme parks in Dubai: Legoland, a Bollywood-themed park, a Hollywood-based Motion Gate, and a water park. Also, enjoy 100+ exhilarating slides with both indoor and outdoor play, for both kids and adults. Additionally, head to the dining avenue to satisfy your hunger with multiple food options.

6. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina boasts of a luxury residential location renowned throughout the world. It is famous for the JBR-located beach, cute little cafes and pop-up handicraft markets located along the water’s edge. Moreover, Dubai Marina Mall is full of gorgeous fashion lines. Expensive yachts dock along the huge marina, where you can enjoy activities like skydiving and jet-skiing. 

7. Dubai Creek

After the opulent Burj interiors, a trip in an abra on Dubai Creek is a must. Allow this desert jewel’s vintage charm to enchant you. From the Bur Dubai Abra Station, try boarding a beautifully decorated roofed boat. For one dirham, you may ride along into the sunset while listening to the call of prayer in the evening. You get the impression that you have travelled back in time. This location is a must-see!

8. Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

This is an entirely new level of hyperbole. The finest of all! You are surrounded by a marine environment that gives you the impression that you are strolling through a massive, translucent water bubble. The breathtaking 48-meter-long tunnel at Dubai Aquarium is truly amazing. Shark diving and cage snorkelling are musts for the daring. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo offers a wide range of activities, of which these are only a few. A virtual reality tour of the Asian and African rainforests is also available.

9. Deira Gold Souk

When in Dubai, visit the Gold Souk like the locals do. Given that Dubai is renowned for its gold, you simply must visit the city’s gold markets. Hundreds of people bustling around, scores of gold jewellery, and many retailers—try to keep up with the frenzy! Starting in the Deira Gold Souk is a terrific idea. Shop to your heart’s content—it’s gold!

10. Al Fahidi Fort

Al Fahidi Fort, also known as Dubai Fort, was constructed in 1787 CE and is situated at the southernmost point of Dubai Creek. Perched atop the now-urban centre of Dubai, the fort functioned as a fortification fortress. Later, during Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s reign, it underwent renovations. Reopened in 1971, it is now a museum including interactive maps and objects that illustrate Dubai’s history. Without question, it’s among the top destinations to see when taking a family vacation to Dubai in April 2024.

11. Dubai Spice Souk

Bright and fragrant, with an overwhelming sense of sight, this is how one recalls the spice souk in Dubai. The scents and tastes in the air can be an amazing experience because there are so many spices in the area. Navigate the market, which offers a typical Dubai experience. Whether you buy it for your friends or yourself, the spice souk will always enhance the flavour of your food. Also, if you enjoy drinking tea, you should get some tea from different parts of the world.

12. Al-Bastakiya

The Al Bastakiya area, designated as Dubai’s oldest residential quarter, is just an abra ride away along the Creek. It is a captivating area with a touch of the past. Rugged buildings in shades of ochre red line the tiny passageways. Moreover, it has hotels, cafes, and lots of seating spots. Sheikhs and their warriors used to prowl the towns, and the quarters still have that enchanted feel about them.

Wrap up 

While planning to visit Dubai in April, do remember to add the above-mentioned places to your itinerary to ensure you have a comprehensively fun vacation in Dubai. Each place will give you a memory that you will cherish throughout your life.

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