Dubai In September 2024

Dubai In September

Dubai is a multifaceted city, which gives an ultimate holiday vibe. Kids or adults, the city caters to the entertainment needs of everyone. Exclusive amusement parks, innovative architecture, and opulent shopping malls- what you imagine is real in Dubai. Besides, let’s not forget the list of activity options and authentic Emirati cuisine you can try here. However, weather plays a major role when it comes to holidays.

Dubai is a year-round travel destination, but summer in the city is extremely intolerable. Therefore, it becomes difficult to explore outdoor destinations when you visit Dubai. However, September is comparatively more comfortable than the previous months (July and August). Moreover, the city remains less crowded, which is a plus if you want to enjoy a peaceful vacation.

Why Visit Dubai in September?

  • One of the biggest advantages of visiting Dubai in September is less crowd. Therefore, you can satiate your shopaholic soul. Besides, you will get awesome discounts in the malls.
  • September is the off-season in Dubai, which means you will get attractive offers on flight tickets and accommodations.
  • This time of the month is best to participate in various evening and midnight activities.
  • The attractions in the city witness less crowd, which means you can enjoy your holiday without any rush.
  • As it is a corner of peak season you can experience the newness of all the attractions which are getting ready for the peak period.

Weather in Dubai in September

September brings a few days of somewhat humid weather to Dubai. However, it is not too intense, like July and August. The temperature stays around 38° C, and the chances of rainfall are minimal.

Top Tourist Places in Dubai to Visit in September

You might not find too much of a crowd in the city as September is the off-season. Therefore, the favourable situation makes it easy to enjoy your vacation. Here is a list of some of the top tourist places in Dubai to visit in September.

  • Al Bastakiya (Bur Dubai)

Time travel back to the ancient times of Dubai when revolution didn’t kiss the city’s feet. Al Bastakiya is located in Bur Dubai’s eastern side and will take you to the golden era of the Middle East. The ancient quarters you find here are home to the Persian merchants who sell pearls and textiles. Besides, the fascinating buildings with corals, limestone, and creek are more like preserved structures.

  • Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House

The list of exquisite museums in the city is never-ending. Dubai’s Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House is worth visiting due to its spellbinding essence of Arabian architecture. Sheikh Saeed’s father used it as a residential area during its initial construction phase. Today, the building turned into a museum that houses priceless historical photographs and necessary documents. Therefore, visitors will get enough information regarding ancient Dubai from the exhibits (visual proofs and reminiscences).

  • Jumeirah Mosque

The fascinating beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is world-famous. However, Jumeirah Mosque Dubai is another noteworthy icon after Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is living proof of Islamic architecture. Made with stone and adorned with appealing engravings- the mosque is a work of art. Besides, the 2 marvellous minarets will instantly catch the attention of admirers. However, you must take a guided tour of the mosque if you want to know more about the Muslim religion.

  • Burj Al Arab

Dubai is famous for its groundbreaking structures, and Burj Al Arab is one of them. It is perched on an artificial island and is the epitome of beauty and luxury. The mind-blowing ‘sailing-ship design’ looks breathtaking, when marvelled at from a distance. Furthermore, the luxurious services and magnificent views from the rooms make it one of the most expensive hotels in the city. Visit inside the Burj Al Arab with a guide to get a closer look at luxury.

  • Kite Beach

Visit the famous Kite Beach, which features white-grainy sand, crystal blue water and kite surfing. Located on the southern side of Jumeirah Beach, it is ideal to enjoy some moments with your loved ones. Therefore, you can go for a water dip or soak in the sun on the beach. Furthermore, it is the hub of thrilling water activities- kitesurfing, parasailing, etc.

  • Ski Dubai

Try Ski Dubai and escape the summer heat and discomfort. It is the only snow park in Dubai that features real snow. Besides, there are exclusive snow activities like skiing, toboggan runs, zorbing, etc. Furthermore, you must interact with the cute little penguins to enhance your experience.

  • Experience the Dubai Desert Safari

Though it will be a little hot outside, the desert gets cooler in September evenings, Desert Safari can be your go-to option to explore the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and experience the local culture and heritage during the tour.

  • Visit Water Parks in Dubai

One of the best ways to spend time in September month in Dubai, visiting water parks in Dubai. The city has some of the best water parks such as Atlantis Water Park Dubai, Wild Wadi Water Park, and Legoland Water Park.

Final Words

September in Dubai is one of the best times to visit this Arabian magic land. Desert safaris, shopping, water parks- you can enjoy everything without worrying about the crowd or burning a hole in your pocket. Make sure you contact Travel Saga Tourism before visiting Dubai to ensure a hassle free trip.