Dubai Marina Waterfront – An Ultimate Tour Guide for Tourists!

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Before beginning with anything, it’s time to know what actually is Dubai Marina Waterfront? It’s a stunning picturesque and luxurious residential palace. It’s located along a 3 km canal in Dubai, UAE. For the tourists, it’s a well-known destination. Its impressive skyline, plethora of amazing activities, great restaurants and many shops make it a perfect tourist site. 

Not only this, the Dubai Marina Waterfront will also be popular for its gorgeous modern architecture, outdoor entertainment and yachts. Overall, it’s a perfect place for you and your loved ones to spend some quality time and add more spice to your Dubai trip. Moreover, some of the finest and most popular tourist attractions are Dubai Marina Mall, plenty of luxury yachts, many international dining options, a stunning Dubai Marina Walk, and many more.

Top 5 Things To Do in Dubai Marina Waterfront

Once you learn a little bit about the Dubai Marina Waterfront, it’s time to engage in several enjoyable activities. So, the top-notch 5 activities to experience at these destinations are listed below –

  • Dhow Dinner Cruise

Are you ready for some quality time on a Dhow Dinner Cruise while enjoying the Dubai Marina Waterfront? Also, at the same time, you are going to enjoy the city’s skyline at night time. In other words, you are going on a journey through the New Dubai on a traditional wooden vessel-shaped cruise. Here you will enjoy the buffet dinner where you can enjoy a lot of international dishes. In addition, you will also experience stunning dance performances and soothing live music. Moreover, it’s a perfect place for photography enthusiasts.

  • Jet Ski Tour

For all the water sports lovers and thrill-seekers, a jet ski tour is a perfect adventure activity for you to enjoy. The journey begins with a guide who teaches you everything about a particular activity. After that, you are going through a high-speed journey all over the waterfront. As a result, you will not only explore plenty of attractive sights but also enjoy jet skiing at a prime location. Overall, it’s perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy an adventure sport along with exploring stunning locations.

  • Yacht Charter 

By having a private yacht charter you will explore the luxury life of the Dubai marina. Certainly, it’s time to enjoy the most luxurious life in the pristine water. Now, when you are going for a yacht charter, it comes with a professional captain and crew. After that, you can spend some enjoyable time at the lounges, experience fishing with your hands and get a sunbathe on deck. It’s completely perfect for couples, for friends to party, and cherishing for your family. The finest things included in onboard amenities include entertainment systems, luxury bedrooms, and a kitchen. So, it’s the best way to enjoy everything at the Dubai Marina waterfront.

  • Flyboarding

Do you want to know what’s the adventurous activity in the Dubai Marina? Well, it’s flyboarding in dubai which will give you the most amazing adventurous experience. In this activity, you are going to ride on a jetpack and enjoy it like a superhero. As a result, by going high into the sky you will explore plenty of great locations. Instructors will help you to enjoy the specific time perfectly. For adventure lovers, it’s the finest activity that will give you a mind-blowing experience.

  • Banana Boat Ride

If you want to try something new that will give you a stunning experience, let’s go for the banana boat ride. Certainly, it’s the best option for the groups who are seeking for laughter and fun at a time. The banana-shaped boat is tied behind a speedboat. When it zips across the water, the riders try to stay on by holding it tight.


Finally, you can add enough spice to your tour by performing these activities in Dubai Marina Waterfront. Also, it’s the best way to create lifelong memories with your family or friends. Overall, Dubai Marina Waterfront gives you a mind-blowing tour experience which is certainly unique. 

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