15 Things Not to Do in Dubai in 2023

Things not to do in Dubai

Dubai is a glorious city that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is also considered the most hospitable and friendly country in the world. The city is a good mix of natural and man-made beauty and it is something to experience. However, certain practices in  Dubai may seem offensive. What are those practices? Keep reading as we reveal it all.

Things not to do in Dubai

Dancing In Public

Dancing In Public

Okay! This may sound strange to you, but if you dance in a public area it will be considered offensive and also you may have to pay hefty fines. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, isn’t it? Yes in Dubai you can only dance in places where they have licenses to allow people to dance, like a nightclub or if you are part of a performing group. Dubai does not even allow people to play loud music in public areas.

Consuming Alcohol In Public

Consuming Alcohol In Public

It is forbidden to consume or be seen with alcohol in public places. If you are caught drunk in public or even seen drinking then you could end up in jail. So, you must avoid doing this if you do not want to ruin your vacation there.


Homosexuality is not allowed in Dubai, so avoid wearing clothes of the opposite gender and going out in public. In the year 2008, 40 tourists were arrested for dressing in clothes of the opposite gender. This is one rule in Dubai that you must follow.

Living Together For Unmarried Couples

Living Together For Unmarried Couples

It is illegal for unmarried couples to live together in hotels. If the couple is discovered by the authorities then they can be deported or even jailed for tihis. So if you are traveling to Dubai with an unmarried friend of the opposite sex it would be wise to live in two different hotels.

Not Miss Out On The Popular Tourist Spots

Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of tourism so do take the time to look around and visit places such as the Burj Khalifa. Take a trip to the observation deck and get a fabulous glimpse of the city below. Take the time to go to Dubai Creek to get a view of the old neighborhood decorated with traditional buildings,  this place will transport you back in time for sure. Once you are done with the tourist attraction, you must finish your Dubai tour with a classic Desert Safari.

Never Ridicule The Royal Family Or The Customs

It is normal to have opinions on the country that you are visiting, but you must not ridicule the royal family of Dubai or their local customs as it is very offensive for them. If you are found guilty of indulging in these things you can be charged a very heavy fine for it.

Do Not Carry Banned Items Into The City

You must pack your luggage very carefully while traveling to Dubai, make sure you do not carry pork or bacon in your suitcase.  Also, do not take magazines with provocative pictures in your luggage as they may offend the authorities.

Do Not Show Vulgar Hand Gestures When You Are Driving

If you want to rent a car in Dubai and drive around, feel free to do that, but do not make any rude or vulgar gestures at any other driver even if they have caused you displeasure with their driving.  Even using abusive words can land you in serious trouble so try and be polite as much as you can.

Do Not Consume Food In Public During The Month Of Ramadan

Month Of Ramadan

Okay, you should be warned that it is not acceptable to be seen eating or drinking water in public places during Ramadan. You can eat in certain restaurants where they have a covered area for eating or better yet you can eat inside your hotel room.

Do Not Ignore The List Of Medicines That You Cannot Carry

List Of Medicines

The whole of UAE is very strict on the kind of medicines that you can carry into the country. They have a list of medicines that you cannot carry. If you do take medicines with you, then they should have a recent prescription to go along. If you break these rules you can go to jail for four years or more.

Do Not Click Pictures Everywhere

Click Pictures

Before you bring out your phone or camera make sure that you find out if that location permits photography. Also, do not take pictures of people without their permission as it is considered very offensive.

Do not Use Abusive Language In Public places

Even if you are terribly displeased about certain things refrain from using abusive words to express yourself as people will get offended very easily.  If you are caught using abusive language in public you could be jailed for your actions.

Do Not Wear Inappropriate Clothes

Women should be very careful about the way in dress in Dubai. Avoid wearing very tight-fitting short and revealing clothes as they are considered offensive. Women should also wear headscarves when they visit religious places. Men should not wear shorts in some places as it may hurt the local sentiments.

Do Not Indulge in Public Affection

Never indulge in public affection as it is very offensive in the UAE. This will get you in jail and spoil your whole holiday. In the past, many foreign tourists have faced this consequence because of their actions and you do not want to suffer the same.

Do Not Extend Your Left Hand To Greet

It is never a good idea to use your left hand to shake hands,  eat in public, or even open doors. As the left hand is often used to clean up in the toilet, using the left hand in public is a sign of disgust for many.

So, these were the 15 most offensive things that you should not practice when you are visiting Dubai. Keep these in mind and you will have a fabulous holiday, remember to respect the culture there and you will receive respect and love in return.

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