Is alcohol illegal in Dubai?

Alcohol illegal in Dubai

Dubai has a reputation for being a party city in the Middle East. However, many travelers tend to forget that they’re nevertheless in this part of the world where the United Arab Emirates actually operates under Sharia regulations which makes the consumption of alcohol illegal. However, despite this restriction, many of the parties held in this place of Dubai happen to be quite boozy, and you’ll find lots of bars right here where you’ll come across various types of cocktail menus; the only thing is that you have to keep in mind several regulations and that’s all!

Alcohol illegal in Dubai

Here we will throw light on the topic of whether alcohol is illegal in Dubai. The regulations in this regard changed significantly in the year 2020 on the 7th of November under a federal law modification.

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not a criminal offense anymore, and no license will be needed for travelers or residents.
  • It is imperative for an individual to be at least 21 years of age for drinking alcohol legally in Dubai, and in case anybody is caught selling liquor to somebody considered to be underage, he is going to be punished.
  • It will be possible to consume alcohol only in licensed public areas or privately.

Drinking regulations for travelers in Dubai

  • According to the licensing regulations, venues serving alcoholic beverages must be attached to private clubs or hotels.
  • In Dubai, the legitimate age for drinking happens to be 21 years.
  • It is not legal to drink in a public place or industry. It and one cannot also be intoxicated in public spaces.

Where will it be possible to locate licensed premises?

Almost every single hotel in Dubai is known to serve alcoholic beverages from a restaurant or bar. However, there are some restricted few that have been designated “Family” or “dry” and will not have any bar on-site.

Clubs, like sporting clubs, as well as purpose-constructed amusement sites, might also have licenses for serving alcohol, and they can cater as amusement hubs in and around the city. However, it will be imperative to consume the alcohol that has been purchased on the premises.

Drinking regulations for expatriates in Dubai

Non-Muslim expatriates in Dubai will be allowed to buy alcoholic beverages from specialized outlets in case they have an alcohol license.

How is it possible to get hold of an alcohol license in Dubai?

In case your age is more than 21 years, you are generating a minimum of 3,000AED every month, you have a residence visa, and you happen to be a non-Muslim, it will be feasible for you to make an application for an alcohol license that will allow you to purchase alcohol from any licensed trading outlets. These outlets can be located throughout the city, and you can find them easily on Google maps.

One can apply for the license at African + Eastern and MMI Liquor outlets, and you will require copies of your visa, passport, as well as Emirates ID (there is no need for any labor contract, tenancy agreement, and salary certificate) together with a 270AED application fee plus passport photos.

It is a fact that the alcohol purchased by you in these outlets can be heavily taxed and, consequently, do not be caught by surprise in case you are visiting your buddies in Dubai and they request you to stock up with your duty-free limit for them!

Is it the fact that individuals go to jail for getting intoxicated in Dubai?

An individual can be arrested in Dubai for any general case instead of drinking in itself. However, the cops can make an attempt to add some additional charges like drinking or intoxication without any licenses. The good thing here is that you should not violate any regulations in Dubai and never get yourself intoxicated heavily.

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