Indoor Activities in Dubai for family

Adorned with world-class facilities and top-notch attractions, Dubai is a place to look for. There are various attractions and destinations to visit in Dubai that can thrill anyone’s psyche to the extreme. There are adventure sports like Kite surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, rock climbing, sky diving, and much more. For kids and adults, the city also has outstanding indoor activities to pass the day and enjoy their leisure time in Dubai. Let us check below the 15 best indoor activities to indulge in while staying in Dubai with your loved ones.

Top 15 Indoor Activities in Dubai

Let’s explore the top 15 Indoor things to do in Dubai with Travel Saga Tourism.

1. Underwater Zoo and Aquarium in Dubai Mall

One of the main indoor activities to engage in while staying in Dubai is the aquarium built within Dubai Mall. Individuals can move through toughened glass tunnels surrounded by water that gives the thrill of checking all the marine life there. There are various aquatic animals on display which include otters, crabs, sea horses, sting rays, and others. Tourists can also check the divers hand-feeding the sharks and groupers there.

2. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is another realm that encloses a 20,000 meter long snow-covered region for people to get the taste of snow sports. This is an indoor complex and houses various activities like skiing, snowboarding, and even snow tubing. Individuals can enjoy their time watching the live penguins and even head to Avalanche Café for a warm beverage.

3. Bounce Al Quoz

Bounce Al Quoz is a place where you can take your family for a bouncing day to pass by. Yes, all you need to do is bounce here on the trampoline and land using your skills. This a must-go place for kids and families while enjoying the various bouncing platforms present in the region.

4. Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is a mind blowing architecture that resembles a photo frame and was constructed in Zabeel Park in Dubai. The building itself is recalled as the largest frame in the world with an elevation of 150 meters and a breadth of around 96 meters. It serves as an observatory, and monument and even has a museum within the premises. Visitors can get a brilliant view of the skyline with the distinct parts of the city and walk around the museum to learn about the history of the city.

5. Dolphin shows at the Dolphinarium

Another important indoor activity to engage in while visiting Dubai is the Dolphin and seal shows at the Dolphinarium, Dubai. The Dolphinarium is located near Dubai Creek and conducts a 45-minute indoor dolphin show for revelers to watch. Visitors can be amazed by the different tricks these marine creatures pull up and also the physical strength that they carry. Kids and adults can have an amazing fun time watching the aquatic animals here.

6. Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussaud Dubai is pretty renowned all over the globe and it has its own museum in Dubai as well. The museum is a hotcake among youngsters as they get to watch the wax figurines of their favorite artists or athletes within the museum. The place is always jampacked with visitors and tourists from all around the world.

7. iFly

iFly is another architectural marvel that takes the adrenaline rush to a new level. This is mainly a place to skydive without jumping off an airplane. iFly has a vertical wind-blowing tunnel installed that makes people fly while wearing the proper equipment.

8. Museum of the Future

Visitors can check Museum of the Future located over Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. This museum provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technological advancements in Dubai. Moreover, it even showcases the future enhancements that will be happening in the UAE in the years to come.

9. Storm Coaster

Looking for a burst of energy while staying indoors? This place might just be for you. The Storm Coaster is the fastest indoor roller coaster constructed in Dubai and it accelerates at a speed of around 77 km per hour.

10. Autodrome, Dubai

The Autodrome in Dubai is another place for revelers to enjoy the sport of go-karting! indoors. The massive complex accommodates a 600-meter-long air-conditioned circuit for race lovers. Enjoy your time riding the karts and spending time with your family here.

11. Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink is present in the Dubai Mall and is a place for people to hang by. Shopping might put you in a dilemma and thus you can skate through the mall for fun. The ice rink can accommodate around 200 people at a time and individuals can choose their timings accordingly.

12. The Green Planet

Green Planet Dubai is known for its lush green and displays various trees from around the world. This place is a must for nature lovers and they can indulge in the tropical thunderstorm shows during the 1 PM and 5 PM timing slots. This really makes you feel in the middle of a rainforest while enjoying the flora and fauna there.

13. 3D Backlight Mini Golf Course

Individuals looking to spend some me-time with friends and families can visit this place for a dose of fun. This place has various mini golf courses and the complete structure is painted using neon lights. This creates a surreal atmosphere within the complex and lets you soothe your senses. The courses are pretty mind-boggling and would need a bit of practice to ace oneself in it.

14. The Sky Views Observatory with Glass Slide

The Sky Views Glass Observatory provides a stunning view of Dubai’s skyline with the high rises in the backdrop. This place also holds a glass elevator that takes you to the 219th floor for an obstacle-free aerial view of the city. The observatory also has a glass slide that makes you move past a floor in a jiffy. Apart from these, the place also houses a 25-meter-long glass floor to walk around without interrupting the beautiful sightings around.

15. IMG World of Adventure, Dubai

IMG World of Adventure in Dubai is the only indoor theme park available in Dubai that houses various rides and attractions for visitors. From enormous roller coasters to haunted mansions, this place is a must for families and kids together. Visitors can also check the various cuisines available at the dine-ins here while cooling off at the water rides at this place.


The above are 15 distinct indoor attractions to check out while visiting Dubai with your loved ones. Tourists can enjoy their time visiting Madame Tussauds or checking out the dolphins at the Dolphinarium. Apart from all this, Dubai is a place that can surprise anyone with its varied destinations and uber attractions throughout the day. Do visit our page for more information on tourist places in Dubai & kids’ activities in Dubai.